DEFtv #46 - IS LIVE!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 23 Feb 2015

DEFIANCE is two weeks away from Aftershock, what will happen in the land of DEFIANTS as we continue charge towards the first paperview of the Kelly Evans Era?

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Troy Matthews arrested!

Posted by Dave Felcher on 23 Feb 2015

DEFIANCE "star" gets pinched in Atlanta!

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DEFIANCE reaching out to past stars...

Posted by Dave Felcher on 23 Feb 2015

And not for the reasons you might think!

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BREAKING: BDH Members Suspended, Trios Title Match in Jeopardy

Posted by Lance Warner on 23 Feb 2015

We have some late breaking developments here at the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex and, I'm sorry to report, it's not good news.

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Match Announced for DEFtv46

Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Feb 2015

The office of Kelly Evans has noticed the mayhem caused by "The God-Beast" Mushigihara in recent weeks, and has announced a match for the upcoming episode of DEFIANCE TV meant to put him up against some "real competition."

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DEFIANT's Intentions Made Clear

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Feb 2015

Our resident reporter Lance Warner caught up with the man at the center of one of the biggest ‘WTF’ moments from DEFtv 45. Wanna watch?

Yeah you do.

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Tyrone Walker's Twitter and Instagram hacked!

Posted by Dave Felcher on 16 Feb 2015

All the sordid details just a click away!

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"Maybe Oxford doesn’t prepare people for such challenging life situations as --- reading the correct city on your itinerary, flying to the proper city for your event. My God, Blaine, you’re standing there in your candy cane panties giving me a VERBAL UNDRESSING…… from the wrong city. How did this happen?? Who can you fire?"

- Dan Ryan


1. Dusty Griffith
2. Dan Ryan
3. Eugene Dewey
4. Frank Holiday
5. Jonny Booya





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