Ascension EXTRA: SoHer KING

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 4 Feb 2016

Ascension EXTRA Scene: cVc Confronts Curtis Penn

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Confirmed: Murray Brothers Sign with DEFIANCE

Posted by Lance Warner on 3 Feb 2016

Ex-United Toughness Alliance fan favourite Cayle Murray was publically announced as a DEFIANCE signee at Ascension last night, but he won’t be coming to The Big Easy alone.

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DEF Superstar Rushed To Hospital After Main Event

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 3 Feb 2016

The wrestling world is still buzzing after the WILD conclusion to the four way Ladder War main event of DEFIANCE’s Ascension pay per view. One winner means three losers, and nobody lost more brutally than the superstar that required a trip to the local ER due exclusively to an excessive loss of BLOOD during the match...

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Posted by Angus Skaaland on 2 Feb 2016

After weeks of waiting, the most DEFIANT crew in pro wrestling look to blow the roof off the Wrestle-Plex tonight as they ASCEND to even greater heights!.. Hit the jump to find out what's about to go down!

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Posted by Mushigihara on 23 Jan 2016

The stars at night were big and bright in Houston, TX where the BRAZEN project of DEFIANCE Wrestling set up shop in the Houston Indoor Sports Arena for an event called TEXAS TURMOIL! The fans were greeted by none other than FIST of DEFIANCE contender and Houston native “The Ego Buster” Dan Ryan as he took pictures, signed autographs, and hobnobbed with his hometown fans, and as the crowd filed in, there were more than a few audible chants of “OSU!”, the familiar catchphrase of BRAZEN’s most recent and most prolific addition, “The God-Beast” Mushigihara, who was scheduled to lock up with the Southern Bastards’ MASSIVE Cowboy in a Texas Death Match that was sure to be as violent as they come.

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BRAZEN Brings The Heat!

Posted by Lance Warner on 20 Jan 2016

This week, DEFIANCE brings the action to you not once, but TWICE! Coming off the back of DEFtv #60, the BRAZEN roster were not going to sit idly by and be outdone! At a special houseshow held at Tallahassee, Florida's Sportatorium Complex, a sell-out crowd of just over 1,100 came pouring in and Angus Skaaland put on another successful show.

The main event saw a teacher/student rematch from DEFtv #59 when former DEFIANCE World Champion Dusty Griffith and his protege, Howlin' Joe Wolfe took on Team HOSS member Aleczander The Great and Flex Kruger! Check after the jump for the night's results and the latest goings-on for all things BRAZEN! 

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For: Troy, From: Katze & Associates

Posted by Jane Katze on 20 Jan 2016

The following video, care of Katze & Associates, is for Lindsay Troy.

Personal message from Jane Katze:

"I hope Bronson breaks more than your goddamn leg you filthy cu... "  *pfffft*   

Message...erm... cuts off. (Language, Jane, language.) 


Continue on for a few choice words from Ms. Katze's star client, one of the four competitors offering themselves up to the meat grinder that is the LADDER WAR at Ascension... also the only person on the active roster that can claim to have not only taken part in but WON said match before... the Bombastic Bronson Box.

- Lance Warner

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"You want to stand on my road and be a roadblock? Throw some tacks on the pavement? Grab your goons and put fists to flesh? Wish granted. You, and everyone else, will learn the hard way that you don't come for me unless I send for you."

- Lindsay Troy


1. Eugene Dewey
2. Dan Ryan
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