"My guys are gonna beat on this roster like Phil Spector after a night of drinking."

- Junior Keeling

1. Dusty Griffith
2. Dan Ryan
3. Kai Scott
4. Tyrone Walker
5. Curtis Penn





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Post-Homecoming POWER RANKINGS

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 20 Aug 2014

That's right, we're back on our home turf and it's time to get back to the grind! First thing's first is letting not only the DEFIANTS on the roster know, but the media and the DEFIANCE Faithful at large, just who stands where on the Road to Championship Glory and a DEFIANCE title belt!

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A sit down with the CDC.

Posted by Defiance Spy on 17 Aug 2014

Today we here at DEFcom were able to catch up with the Crimson Dragon Clan in between training sessions to talk about their recent issues and subsequent win over the Osaka Street Cutters, how they came to be a team, and whats in the future for the team.

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Claira St. Sure FIRED?!

Posted by Lance Warner on 17 Aug 2014

According to a memo sent from Edward White's offices, Claira St. Sure - former FIST of Defiance, former Trios Tag Champion, and War Games winner - was unceremoniously fired via FedEx by White.

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The Era of Kai Scott: A Retrospective

Posted by Darren Keebler on 17 Aug 2014

Kai Scott started his professional wrestling career in 1996, and didn't win his first World Title until 2013.  With his reign as DEFIANCE World Champion now in the record books, I decided to take a look and compare it to the other notable title reigns in DEFIANCE history.

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Breaking News: Team HOSS Issues Open Challenge For DEFIANCE World Trios Tag Team Titles!

Posted by Lance Warner on 15 Aug 2014

The title says it all!  The reigning champions, The Hostile Order of Strong Soldiers, aka Team HOSS have issued an open challenge for their very belts and will defend on the first show of DEFIANCE’s next tour.  Read on for more details after the jump. 

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Posted by Lance Warner on 13 Aug 2014

The End is near my friends... The end of DEFIANCE's year long journey across the world arrives at its final destination... Hit the jump to find out what went down!

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Assembling the 'Heroes

Posted by Lance Warner on 6 Aug 2014

We're not too far away from the Grindhouse: AMERICA pay-per-view hitting the Hulu airwaves live from New Orleans, and the DEFIANCE talent is starting to arrive in the Big Easy little by little. In addition to various promotional appearances taking place over the course of the coming days, production meetings and final preparations have been happening all week.

This may be the reason for my receiving the following text message today...

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