Eric Dane’s "Secret Wrestling Project"

Posted by Lance Warner on 28 Jul 2015

When DEFIANCE founder Eric Dane handed the day to day running of the promotion to his longtime girlfriday Kelly Evans many began speculating what Dane’s role would become within the company… well, beyond owning the place. Time rolled on, with Edward White locked away “who was in-charge” became less and less important. As Dane showed up on shows around the country many thought that was that, he was hitting the circuit for one last lap. While that was certainly part of it, there has been rumblings of a dual purpose to The Only Stars “last ride.”

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Kelly Evans threatens LAWSUIT over Southern Heritage Title belt!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 21 Jul 2015

In light of yesterday's release announcements, the question on everyone's mind was about the Southern Heritage title, both physically and its status with the final champion being gone from the promotion. Well, today we found out...

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DEFIANCE Spring Cleaning (in the dead of Summer)

Posted by Lance Warner on 20 Jul 2015

Earlier this morning several members of the DEFIANCE roster were given their immediate releases! The most notable of the group is the CURRENT Southern Heritage Champion, David Noble! Follow the jump for more details!

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Huge Match & a Surprise for DEFtv #53!

Posted by Lance Warner on 17 Jul 2015

Straight from the desk of Kelly Evans, who just passed along for me to you, the DEFIANCE Faithful. Find out more by hitting the jump.

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Posted by Angus Skaaland on 30 Jun 2015

What a night! Grudges fought. Grudges settled. Championships were on the line. And of course the DEFIANT Grand Prix came to close with the FINALS of the DEF*MAX tournament. Hit the jump to find out what happened!

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The Mystery Man of DEFIANCE is Here to Stay?

Posted by Dave Felcher on 27 Jun 2015

An ominous new message has been received from our mystery quote meister... Hit the jump to find out more.

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DEF*MAX Tracker - Maximum DEFIANCE Edition!

Posted by Lance Warner on 27 Jun 2015

We are days away from the highly anticipated Maximum DEFIANCE pay per view, where the innaugural DEFIANT Grand Prix Champion will be crowned!

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"Bitchiness? Yeah, got that covered."

- Kelly Evans


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