The Jane Katze / Eddie Dante connection, what gives?

Posted by Lance Warner on 24 Apr 2015

At the conclusion of the God-Beast's run-in with two time FIST of DEFIANCE Bronson Box, The Wargod was in uncharacteristically good spirits despite the double count out decision. With Mushi still struggling to breath and Box barely standing, The Original DEFIANT tucked a business card into the hand of the manager of his opponent, Eddie Dante. Angus being the first to state the obvious... is Bronson Box recruiting for Jane Katze's "Katze & Associates" group?

Also... what the hell is Katze & Associates really?

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The Count of DEFIANCE?

Posted by Dave Felcher on 21 Apr 2015

I recently received a note from an unattributed author, hit the jump to find out what it was.

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DEF*MAX Tracker - 'Round One'

Posted by Lance Warner on 21 Apr 2015

With round one in the books, where do the DEFIANT Ten stand? What's upcoming? Find out after the jump...

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DEFtv #48 - DEF*MAX Night One... IS LIVE!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 21 Apr 2015

Following in the aftermath of AFTERSHOCK, DEFIANCE Wrestling pushes through with the first night of the DEF*MAX tournament, which includes some HUGE first 'round' matchups to kick off the event!

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And The Fan Responds...

Posted by Lance Warner on 20 Apr 2015

Though the altercation took place more than two weeks ago, the fallout from Jake Donovan’s fan encounter at Big Pie Pizza in New Orleans is still being felt.

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Is this thing on?

Posted by Dan Ryan on 19 Apr 2015

An event as big as the DEF*MAX Grand Prix needs hype. And who better to hype an event than the Ego Buster?

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Curtis Penn's Blog

Posted by Curtis Penn on 19 Apr 2015

There was only one positive thing that came out of EFG's BattleMania and that was Curtis Penn has found a new medium to insult the DEF*MAX Grand Prix participants on. Come one, come all and read Curtis Penn's Blog.

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