The History of the Death's Head Mask

Posted by Lance Warner on 5 Oct 2015

The youngest member of the "BRAZEN Five" and easily the quietest, Mascara De Muerte IV has already found his way into the hearts of the faithful thanks in part to his incredible high flying maneuvers but also thanks to his obvious work ethic. A work ethic earned thanks to shouldering one hell of a history on his lithe frame. The Mascara De Muerte is a gimmick who's roots stretch back to the late thirties. Take a moment with me and look back at the rich lucha history behind one of DEFIANCE and BRAZEN's hottest new stars.

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Returning DEFIANCE Star Has Words for... well, Everyone!

Posted by Lance Warner on 5 Oct 2015

Find out what returning DEFIANCE superstar Chance Von Crank has to say in this exclusive video! This should be interesting... or perhaps inappropriate... probably both.

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Christie Zane Interviews The Judge, Nicky Corozzo

Posted by Christie Zane on 4 Oct 2015

Click here to listen to my interview with the seven footer Nicky Corozzo as he responds to the challenge laid out by Frank Dylan James at the conclusion of the main event of DEFtv 56!

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DEFtv #56 is LIVE!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 27 Sep 2015

It's Go Home Show weekend at the Wrestle-plex before the DEFIANTS of the craziest bunch in professional wrestling do their thing on payperview once again at Acts of DEFIANCE!... Hit the jump to find out what went down!

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Joint Statement Released by DEFIANCE and The Family Keeling Talent Agency

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Sep 2015

It is true that the recent legal issues between The Family Keeling Talent Agency and DEFIANCE are all over! Today, a joint statement has been released by DEFIANCE and TFKTA co-owner and representative, Thomas Keeling Sr. Check after the jump for the official statement including the fates of former DEFIANCE World Trios Tag Champions, Team HOSS!

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Downtown Austin Hosts BRAZEN Double Shot

Posted by Lance Warner on 16 Sep 2015

The Mohawk located at 912 Red River in Austin hosted a two night BRAZEN supershow... I'll just say this, if you haven't been following Eric Dane and Angus Skaaland's developmental experiemnt, you might want to at least check out night two becasue... well, read on faithful. You don't want to miss this one.

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Rumors Answered!

Posted by Lance Warner on 10 Sep 2015

Who was the new mystery signing for DEFIANCE? What former World Champion has come aboard our organization?  And more news than you can shake a stick at regarding the recent visit by The Family Keeling Talent Agency and DEFIANCE! You know the drill here.  More after the jump!

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