A Special Interview w/ Dusty Griffith & Eugene Dewey

Posted by Lance Warner on 28 Mar 2015

Lance Warner sits down with the DEFIANCE World Heavyweight Champion, Dusty Griffith and the FIST of DEFIANCE, Eugene Dewey for a special interview before they clash in a winner takes all main event at AFTERSHOCK: The Revival.

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Jonny Booya will not go into that quietly goodnight

Posted by Lance Warner on 21 Mar 2015

Jonny Booya may have come up short in his match for the FIST of DEFIANCE - hell, he might have been pinned by a nerd - but if you expected that Big King Cool would suffer this outrage with dignity, you haven't been watching DEFIANCE.

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DEFtv #47 - IS LIVE!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 10 Mar 2015

DEFIANCE is racing towards their next paperview, AFTERSHOCK: The Revival and before all of that happens, we went over the top with one hell of a go home show... HIT THE JUMP TO FIND OUT ALL ABOUT IT!

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Southern Heritage Title defense announced for DEFTV #47!

Posted by Lance Warner on 9 Mar 2015

You thought DEFTV #47 was already stacked with both the FIST and the World Title on the line? Well, Kelly Evans has made this twofer a hattrick!

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A former Trios champion set to return?!

Posted by Defiance Spy on 9 Mar 2015

News on a possible return from a former DEFIANCE Trios champion has the dirtsheets ablaze with speculation...

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Kelly Evans Books an... Interesting Match for DEFTV47!

Posted by Christie Zane on 9 Mar 2015

In shocking news today, Kelly Evans announced a match that could rock the very foundation of a blossoming couple here in DEFIANCE! Click the link and check it out!

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A new challenger emerges! ...in training?

Posted by Defiance Spy on 7 Mar 2015

Indy star signs with DEFIANCE, set to report to Wrestle-Plex

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"So the Dos Equis pitchman dumps you and now you're offering me a place in the LBC?"

- Lindsay Troy


1. Dusty Griffith
2. Dan Ryan
3. Eugene Dewey
4. Frank Holiday
5. Jonny Booya





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