DEFtv #57 - IS LIVE!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 24 Nov 2015

The DEFIANT crew is back with another run starting off with episode 57, which featured the return and debuts of a number of man talented new DEFIANTS, including a special surprise looking to challenge for gold... Hit the jump to find out more, exclusively on Hulu Plus!

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DEFSpy Exclusive: "God's and Monsters"

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 6 Nov 2015

I've been a bad boy again, fiddling with these wonderful cameras... figured I'd cut out the middle man (fuck you Warner, you little creep) and post this little clip myself. So... incase you plebs haven't heard, The God-Beast has had a bit of work visa troubles. Troubles that led to him not being booked for the loop of shows leading up to ASCENSION. So, you see... Mushi and his silver tongued manager had a little meeting last week with Kelly and a few other front office muckety-mucks to discuss the big man's future.

The eyes in the sky never lie, DEFIANTS.

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An Introduction to Titus Campbell & Thomas Slaine

Posted by Lance Warner on 4 Nov 2015

It’s been no secret that Eric Dane’s BRAZEN project has taken DEFIANCE by storm recently with their featuring on the main roster, but beyond names such as Felton Bigsby, Levi Cole and Reinhardt Hoffman, who have quickly become well known in households across the country, there lies a talent pool so deep and so vast that Moses himself would have trouble parting it.

I’ve managed to get some time with two such wrestlers from that talent pool, “Wingman” Titus Campbell and Thomas Slaine, who have been signed to the BRAZEN project as trainees, but they are far from inexperienced when it comes to being in the wrestling ring.

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SPECULATION - DEFtv & ASCENSION - What's Next for the DEFIANT Crew?

Posted by Dave Felcher on 3 Nov 2015

Lots of chatter of what's to come for the good ship DEFIANCE, and I'm here to give you the low down what I've been hearing around the offices down here in NOLA... Hit the jump for more.

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ASCENSION - The Next Level

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 2 Nov 2015

What is the DEFIANT crew up to next? Where do we go from Acts of DEFIANCE? Here's a little taste of what's to come, get yourself a hint by hitting the jump!

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Acts of DEFIANCE Fallout - Dusty Griffith Meltdown

Posted by Dave Felcher on 27 Oct 2015

What happened with Dusty Griffith after his epic encounter with Bronson Box? More importantly, what was the former world champion's reaction to the surprise return of Team HOSS, who assaulted him after that very same match? Dave Felcher has the scoop, find out more by hitting the jump!

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Another exclusive right here first on!

Posted by Christie Zane on 25 Oct 2015

Another interview with yours truly! I get to have a little time with Andy Sharp to talk about what's next for his career, including a match made RIGHT HERE! WITH ME! Also, does he have something to say regarding Curtis Penn's recent comments? Check after the jump thingy and find out!

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