Jason Natas To Run The BRAZEN Gauntlet

Posted by Lance Warner on 19 Oct 2016

Jason Natas successfully defended his DEFIANCE Onslaught Championship against Frank Dylan James at MAXIMUM DEFIANCE. The win brought The Anti-Superstar’s win streak to an impressive five-in-a-row, but a multitude of concerns have been raised over the DOC division’s future. A slew of roster departures have left the division drastically short of numbers, and with Natas, FDJ, Bronson Box, and Andy Murray being the only active wrestlers who fit the DOC mold, competition looked thin on the ground.

Fortunately, Angus Skaaland has the answer.

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A DEFIANT Documentary

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Oct 2016

It has today been announced that DEFIANCE crew members have spent the past few weeks filming footage for a new behind the scene documentary series that’s set to debut as part of this weekend’s UNCUT 14 show. Here are all the details…


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Post-MAXMIMUM DEFIANCE Personnel Report

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Oct 2016

MAXIMUM DEFIANCE is officially in the books, and it was another hard-hitting night of action from the DEFIANCE crew.

Some scores were settled, new rivalries blossomed, and existing fires were stoked. The DOC and SOHER titles were successfully defended, but we have a brand new FIST of DEFIANCE in Lindsay Troy, and the DEFIANT landscape has been forever altered.

As usual, DEF's latest PPV extravaganza came with a body count. Here's all the latest info:-

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Corruption & Collusion?

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 17 Oct 2016

Have honor, fairness, and balance been stripped from DEFIANCE's referees? Potential evidence into match fixing? Has Kelly Evans launched an internal investigation? 



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Posted by Lance Warner on 14 Oct 2016

Click here for violence.

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From the office of Jane Katze; "Concerning My Current Clients"

Posted by Jane Katze on 11 Oct 2016

As the nation sits in awe of the sheer stupidity and gal of the "republican" cretin running for president, his lewd comments about laying his tiny little paws on women's bodies without their consent taking everyone by surprise somehow. This is a reality women face every day in the workplace, especially workplaces dominated by MEN. I've clawed through PILES of misogynistic pricks in tailored suits for years doing my job. I was a wrestler, I've been in the ring and experienced kicking and fighting my way into the limelight, shouldering past beasts twice my size. So... when my all-star client stopped listening to my sound business advice? I decided I needed to speak up... a point needed to be made.

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Furious Front Office

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 5 Oct 2016

Many in the DEFIANCE backstage have been talking about the recent actions by James Witherhold (Perfection) and him no showing his match on DEFtv72 which has upper management furious.



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"... the list of competitors who have tested me, left indelible marks on my life and career NONE but you, Lindsay has left a mark so lasting. Cancer Jiles quite literally popped my eyeball out of my FOOKIN’ head and still... still you manage to find a way to occupy a very rare and precious place in my rogues gallery, Ms. Troy."

- Bronson Box


1. Lindsay Troy
2. Curtis Penn
3. Mikey Unlikely
4. Jason Natas
5. Bronson Box



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