"Do you people know he's STILL complaining about the Intercontinental Title match?? For a history lesson, and boy are we going back to a time of irrelevance here... but the guy, he wanted me pretty bad. He had this whole 'you're beneath me' vibe going while at the same time speaking my name every time he opened his mouth. It's Scott's way of playing hard to get, like we're in third grade and all my insults really means I like him. Then he'd run over and punch me in the shoulder and hide so that presumably I'd then find him and he'd try to kiss me in the bushes."

- Dan Ryan

1. Dusty Griffith
2. Dan Ryan
3. Kai Scott
4. Tyrone Walker
5. Curtis Penn





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Wade Elliott Benched

Posted by Lance Warner on 12 Sep 2014

It looks like DEFIANCE’s resident “Bad Dog” will stay chained to the porch this week.

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DEFtv #40 IS LIVE!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 3 Sep 2014

DEFIANCE opens the Wrestle-Plex for it's maiden voyage with the first show after the epic conclusion to the Guerilla Grindhouse World Tour... GRINDHOUSE HOMECOMING!

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Grand unveiling of the new DEFArena

Posted by Eric Dane on 29 Aug 2014

With the Grindhouse World Tour over and no further touring plans in place for the immediate or even intermediate future, the rumors have been swirling as to future plans for DEFIANCE's location.  Large scale construction in New Orleans and DEFIANCE principal investor Edward White purchasing a multi-million dollar historical plantation home have fanned the flames.

DEFIANCE owner Eric Dane and Edward White announced a press conference regarding all this. 

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The Socialite Buys Some Property

Posted by Lance Warner on 24 Aug 2014

Ed White becoming a resident of NOLA?

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Follow up with Jake Donovan

Posted by Jake Donovan on 22 Aug 2014

Jake Donovan attends anti-bully rally, then spares a few minutes to speak to DEFcom 

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Post-Homecoming POWER RANKINGS

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 20 Aug 2014

That's right, we're back on our home turf and it's time to get back to the grind! First thing's first is letting not only the DEFIANTS on the roster know, but the media and the DEFIANCE Faithful at large, just who stands where on the Road to Championship Glory and a DEFIANCE title belt!

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A sit down with the CDC.

Posted by Defiance Spy on 17 Aug 2014

Today we here at DEFcom were able to catch up with the Crimson Dragon Clan in between training sessions to talk about their recent issues and subsequent win over the Osaka Street Cutters, how they came to be a team, and whats in the future for the team.

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