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Andy Murray Biography


Real Name Andrew H. Murray  
Alias(es) The King (of Scotch Style), Big Murr  
Hometown Aberdeen, Scotland  
Birthday 17th Oct, 1977  
Height 6'7"  
Weight 280lbs  


Biography In 1977, Andy Murray was born a humble fisherman’s son. In 2016, he is arguably the most successful sportsperson that his country has ever produced.

Andy took his first steps inside a wrestling ring as a teenager, when it became apparent that his childhood dream of playing professional football wasn’t happening. Debuting at 17, he worked his way through the British and American indy circuits and graduated to pro-wrestling mainstream in his early 20s.

He’d achieved success beyond his wildest dreams by 25, but he wasn’t done. Murray continued to grow in prominence throughout the PTC circuit, usurping the legendary LeStatt Knight to become GCW’s patriarch, and blowing every company record to pieces during the ensuing title reign.

2011 came around and it was time to call it a day. An early retirement came when Andy’s son was involved in a near-fatal car accident, but he stayed in the business. Andy opened the Fighting Chance Gym in San Diego and found new purpose in aiding fellow wrestlers who’d fallen on hard times get their careers back on-track.

But the itch never truly disappears, and by 2015, Andy had no choice but to scratch.

Time to find-out if The King’s still fit to wear a crown. 
Other Feds WrestleUTA, LoC, OCW, PCW, FUSE, AWC, Just Wrestling, GCW.  
Other Fed Titles GCW World (2x); LoC Underground; WrestleUTA World; OCW World (2x), Intercontinental; PCW Rising Star; AWC Frontier; Just Wrestling Champion.  
Other Fed Awards GCW Hall-of-Fame, Wrestler of the Year (2x) + multiple others; OCW Hall-ofFame, Wrestler of the Year + multiple others.  
Gimmick Old school babyface/showman. 
Strengths 1. Fire.
2. Unbreakable confidence.
3. Immense skill. 
Weaknesses 1. Pride.
2. Honour before glory.
3. Mileage. 


  • Get in the bin.



"Maybe Oxford doesn’t prepare people for such challenging life situations as --- reading the correct city on your itinerary, flying to the proper city for your event. My God, Blaine, you’re standing there in your candy cane panties giving me a VERBAL UNDRESSING…… from the wrong city. How did this happen?? Who can you fire?"

- Dan Ryan


1. Cayle Murray
2. Scott Douglas
3. Oscar Burns
4. Elise Ares
5. Gage Blackwood



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