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Reaper Prime Biography


Real Name Jessica Alexandra Reeves  
Alias(es) Codename: Reaper  
Hometown Seattle, WA  
Birthday 03/03/1996  
Height 6'0  
Weight 215  


Biography Codename: Reaper entered DEFIANCE in July of 2016, behind a mask and her identity unknown she terrorized the DEFIANCE roster using a barrage of different tactics which included having multiple people as Reapers, dubbed Reaper Co.

She specifically targeted two individuals Impulse and Scott Douglas. At DEFIANCE ROAD 2017, after losing the SoHER championship to Impulse she took off her mask to reveal herself but never spoke her true name. The speech that followed the unmasking depicted that she had a history with Impulse or at least some past transgression.

As for Scott Douglas, he eliminated the threat of the former Emerald Green Reaper MDK at that same DEFIANCE ROAD PPV. However, their story is still unfolding. 
Other Feds None that we know of.  
Other Fed Titles None that we know of.  
Other Fed Awards None that we know of.  
Gimmick She has a severe hatred for specific people in DEFIANCE (Impulse, Scott Douglas, Dan Ryan and possibly others.) already and references people associated to her, such as her father (who is a former Hardcore ICON).

Delusional, insane and crazy she often times will come across as if she is speaking under different personalities. Being an extremely wreckless wrestler she is the definition of dealing with an unknown variable. 
Strengths Speed.
Weapon Use.
(more to come on the above, just basic examples for now.) 
Weaknesses Female trying to wrestle against males, the strength and conditioning difference is an obvious falter. She is immediately at a disadvantage against more muscled individuals and taller opponents.

Blood feuds make her blind, she has so much hate built into her that she sometimes can't see when she has an advantage to possibly close out a match. She would much prefer to see her opponent suffer than simply walk away a winner.

She is trained but also very young, not very ring experienced and will often miss obvious counter chances or fall victim to ploys and bait in the ring. 


  • We are all simply living in HIS WORLD, MY WORLD. One that was created long before this company was merely a glint in the eye of its proprietor. The mere existence of those that do not accept HIM; are deemed irrelevant from the moment of their forsake HIM. Your FALSE HERO, you're crowned coward - who proudly asserts he would never do what I am willing to do!
  • Furthermore [mocking] ... as long as he can not be found, the ones who have wrong him and caused him harm shall be punished. From end to end, from friend to friend. NO ONE is safe and no one is forgotten ... not as long as they remain in ...




- Mushigihara


1. Cayle Murray
2. Scott Douglas
3. Oscar Burns
4. Elise Ares
5. Gage Blackwood



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