Injury report: Heidi Christenson and Eric Dane

Posted by Lance Warner on 8 Sep 2013

The I Quit match between Eric Dane and Heidi Christenson was one of the most gruesome matches in Defiance history, and it's no surprise that they both went home with more than their share of battle scars.  Exactly how much damage they did to each other, however, was unknown.

Until now.

Heidi Christenson suffered

  1. a severely scratched retina in her left eye, from Dane's fork
  2. A grade II concussion.  It isn't immediately clear what caused it, but a fair bet would be the piledriver on the stage.
  3. A sprained neck, due to the numerous head-drop suplexes she suffered
  4. Facial scarring requiring corrective surgery (we can't have a lady going around with an Abdullah forehead)
  5. 27 stitches on top of her head where she was cut open by the chair.

Eric Dane suffered

  1. A grade III concussion (probably from the Lethal Roundhouse)
  2. Strained ligaments in both knees
  3. Three broken ribs - twelth, eleventh, and tenth right - with the twelth being a complete fracture
  4. Multiple wounds requiring <9 stitches, one wound on the forehead requiring 14
  5. Major trauma to the index finger on the right hand

Most importantly, however, is that Heidi was forced to undergo a mental health examination while in the hospital.  Although the detailed results are confidential, they can be deduced by the fact that her fighting license was officially revoked.

Both Dane and Heidi are expected to miss the entirety of the Japan tour. Dane is continuing to oversee Defiance from his home, but has delegated certain administrative jobs to head road agent Wyatt Bronson for the duration of the Japan tour. 

Heidi was released from the hospital into the custody of Jeff Andrews. Andrews tweeted that he had been "walking the earth" and that it was doing him "a world of good", and stated he was going to take Heidi with him.  They have both been ureachable since Heidi departed the hospital.

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