Posted by Lance Warner on 25 Nov 2015

After a bit of redtape in booking the space, the BRAZEN crew finally established a THANKSGIVING EVE show to take place at Evangeline Downs Casino in the Cajun heartland of Opelousas, Louisiana. A healthy crowd gathered to see the show based on the news that “The God-Beast” Mushigihara would compete, which promises a buffet of brutality before everyone sits down for their holiday feasts tomorrow.

The night began with an intense battle of cruiserweights, where the debuting Tommy Fahrenheit ran into the ring like a shot to take on the Masked Mantis from Morioka, Sho Nakazawa. The two men had a hot start, exchanging trade-offs on the mat before an errant Irish whip lead the debuting Hot Commodity to spring off the ropes and dazzle with a swinging hurricanrana that lead Nakazawa under the ropes and out of the ring, while Fahrenheit followed up with a BEAUTIFUL somersault plancha to the outside, eliciting a row of “BRAZEN!” chants.

Unfortunately, the youngster couldn’t keep up the pace with the experienced junior heavyweight once the match returned to the ring. Before long, the Mantis would spike him to the mat with a tornado DDT, then follow up with his signature corkscrew splash off the top rope. After the deciding pinfall, though, the two competitors would shake hands to a respectable pop. Tommy, for his part, got a small “PLEASE-COME-BACK!” chant afterwards.

Next up was trios action, as the beloved Midcard Experiment of El Hijo de Fishman Deluxe, Walter Levy, and CAGE! locked up with The Strong Style Stranglers, Ridgway, Hart, and Brody. The match devolved into a riot in short order, with the combined aerial assault of CAGE! and Levy getting the upper hand on the Stranglers for a while, until Ridgway got the drop of Fishman with a BIG diving lariat. The end would eventually come via Walter Levy getting drilled to the mat with Hart’s Trepidation neckbreaker. After the match, the Midcard Experiment would stagger out of the ring while the Stranglers soaked in their victory.

Singles action was next, as Thomas Slaine entered the casino arena with Vikki to take on the hapless Elijah Cross. This was a mauling that saw Slaine pull Cross up off the mat after a two-count several times, solely to add to the torment. Slaine finally put Cross out of his misery with the Gut Shot for the win.

After a brief intermission, Cristiano Caballero waltzed into the ring to denigrate the BRAZEN fans who gathered on the eve of “a festival of decadence and gluttony only an American could think up,” to loud jeers. He then pointed out his match tonight with “the idol of such decadence, that fat slob you all call a God-Beast,” which prompted an interruption by none other than Eddie Dante himself.

Eddie Dante:
Oh-ho, young Caballero, so YOU’RE the one marked for destruction at the hands of the King of the Monsters…

[The raucous cheers of the Opelousas crowd seemed to disarm Dante, who was used to the vitriol in New Orleans. He was even taken aback to hear a growing chant of “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!” amongst the Faithful.]

Eddie Dante:
Thanksgiving… a day in which we take time to show gratitude for the blessings in our lives and bond with our fellow man, and even help those in need. And it seems as if our friend here is in dire need of a demonstration in devastation.

[The crowd cheers some more, as the grin on the Mastermind’s face widens. Caballero is haughtily trying to temper the fans, but nothin’ doin’.]

Eddie Dante:
So it gives me, Edmond Villanova Fairbrook Dante, the distinct pleasure to introduce to you THE MONSTER from Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan! Six feet, four inches, and three hundred seventeen pounds of raw power, unbridled id, and ambition to rule over ALL he sees!

[A chant of “MUSHI! MUSHI! MUSHI!” has begun to ferment, and is visibly rattling the hapless Spaniard in the ring.]

Eddie Dante:
I bring you destruction! I bring you fear! Opelousas, Louisiana, I BRING YOU…


[The familiar rumblings of “Mach 13 Elephant Explosion” bring the crowd to a riotous pitch, as a familiar figure emerges from the golden spotlights illuminating the arena entrance.]

Eddie Dante:

[The crowd is now joining in with Eddie as he calls the monster by name.]





[Himself surprised by this sudden burst of applause, the God-Beast nonetheless storms to the ring and prepares himself for the battle at hand.]

The match was short, but satisfied the crowd as Mushi tore into Caballero, throwing him into a corner and avalanche splashing him before heaving him overhead for his signature OSU! Press, getting a good four reps from the Spaniard. Caballero didn’t get much offense in, and the little he did was swiftly countered. The atch mercifully ended for him when, as he begged off the God-Beast, Mushigihara grabbed him by his precious face with an iron claw, then swept him to the mat in an STO-like maneuver that I was later told was called The Beast’s Claw. Mushi then held the clawhold on as the referee counted the three. Victorious, the God-Beast and his master stood in the ring triumphantly, soaking in these newfound chants of joy, though clearly still getting used to it.

Tag team action followed as the Louisiana Bulldogs, Denver and Oliver Brandt, faced the Timeclock Cowboys in Frank Flanagan and Jeff Beltron, accompanied by their partner in the Safety Patrol, Sgt. Safety. The Cowboys clocked in and charged the Bulldogs, laying into them with fists and feets while Sgt. Safety tried in vain to calm the jeering crowd down, warning them of their noise pollution. The Cowboys had the upper hand for most of the match, but Flanagan’s attempt at his Sledgehammer missed Denver, who managed to nail the highway worker with a belly-to-belly suplex. Beltron and Olly tumbled to the outside, though, while Flanagan tried damage control with a clothesline, only to be countered with a crucifix roll-up for the duke.

Before long, it was Main Event time, and the Viking War Cult (Cul the Reaper and the Holmstrom Brothers) was prepared to take on the team of Levi Cole, Mascara del Muerte IV, and Butcher Victorious in a trios Street Fight. It was a total barnburner as expected, with Cul and Victorious taking the action into the crowd and Victorious even hitting a stellar moonsault off the guardrail! In the ring the Holmstroms and MdM4 and Cole put on some technical fireworks, but that too was interspersed between hellacious brawling.

The end came after Cul and Vic returned to the ring, and Victorious had prepared a table in the corner, only to be blindsided by Torvald the Destroyer, who snuck out from under the ring and blasted him asunder with his Gungnir spear, INTO the table, leaving him ripe for Cul to finish the Liberal City Landlord off with the Blood Eagle powerbomb for the win. As Amon Amarth blared from the speakers, the Viking War Cult celebrated their hard-earned victory to a jeering crowd to end the night.

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