BRAZEN Presents: The BRAZEN BattleField!

Posted by Lance Warner on 15 Dec 2015

This week, the stars of BRAZEN find themselves doing battle on the show entitled BRAZEN BattleField! With a ring and overhead structure set right in the middle of Kirsch-Rooney Stadium, this special show is made possible thanks to the fine staff at Delgado Community College! The show was filled to near-capacity as close to a thousand loyal BRAZEN fans got to witness the latest action from the future of DEFIANCE! A portion of the proceeds for tonight’s show will be donated DCC for future projects! Check after the jump to see the card ahead and the results for tonight’s jam-packed show!

1. Mascara del Muerte IV defeated Tommy Fahrenheit and Sho Nakazawa with Xenocide on Nakazawa at 9:52

The first match was sort of a continuation from the last BRAZEN show when Tommy Fahrenheit defeated Sho Nakazawa, only with the uber-talented high-flyer MDM4 thrown in for good measure! The crowd got to witness some high-flying cruiserweight action between three of BRAZEN’s finest high-flyers! The highlights of the match included a HUGE Somersault Plancha off the ring from Fahrenheit onto Nakazawa and MDM4! MDM4 later turned the tables flew off the ropes moments later with an AMAZING Death From Above twisting moonsault!  Towards the end, Sho looked to have victory in hand when he blasted Tommy with his signature Corkscrew Splash, but MDM4 dropped him with Xenocide (Diving Double Stomp to the back of the head) for the three-count!  A great way to kick off the show!

Of all people that could’ve shown up next, one third of DEFIANCE’S longest-reigning and most dominant World Trios Champions made an appearance solo! The former prison guard and bodyguard for Thomas Keeling, Capital Punishment came out and told the crowd he was invading BRAZEN! While Aleczander and Angel Trinidad dominated the main roster, Cappy willingly placed himself in BRAZEN! In his mind, there were only weak-willed and feeble little rookies who didn’t deserve to breathe the same air as he.  And while he was pushing fifty, he could still take on any man on the roster and issued an open challenge! “The Liberal City Landlord” Butcher Victorious got some of Team HOSS on the last edition of DEFtv, but he wasn’t keen on letting Cappy walk into his house! He took up the challenge and the fight was on!

2. Capital Punishment defeated Butcher Victorious with the Death Penalty at 5:12

Vic came out swinging, throwing the larger Cappy off his game with some quick moves ending in a Suicide Dive to the outside! Butcher continued to take the fight Cappy with a Springboard Moonsault, but crashed and burned off a Senton Bomb attempt when Cappy got his knee up! He was hurt, but managed to stand. He blitzed Victorious with several huge power moves including a Gargoyle Suplex for a nearfall! Vic came back after a Springboard Stunner and tried for his Violet Crown blockbuster, but Cappy’s power advantage allowed him to CATCH Vic and drop him with a huge Suplex! One Death Penalty uranage slam later and Cappy was 1-0 in BRAZEN.

3. BADASS (“The Wise Ass” Tripp Wise and “The Bad Seed” Davis Bloome”) debuted and defeated the Strong Style Stranglers (Hart and Ridgway w/Brody) via SUPER-BADASS on Hart at 12:22

The Strong Style Stranglers looked to continue their winning ways after a victory over The Midcard Experiment. Their mystery opponents for tonight were the former and final Hype Tag Team Champions of jOlt Wrestling, BADASS! The lovable and immature Tripp Wise and his best friend, the ultra-tough and rugged Davis Bloome answered the challenge!

BADASS came out swinging and wowed the crowd with their unique brand of offense – Tripp throwing Hart off his game by playing “got your nose” and then throwing it into the crowd. He infuriated Hart into making mistakes, allowing him the chance to use a Nestea Plunge dive on the floor he called GEROMINO! Davis showed off his own Strong-style prowess and worked over both Hart and Ridgway with kicks.  Brody’s interference paid dividends mid-match and turned the tide, allowing the STS to work over Tripp Wise.  After a close nearfall off a killer Aided Swinging Neckbreaker by STS, Wise fought back and hit a simultaneous Stunner/DDT on both STS members! Bloome got the tag and hit stereo charging Boots in the corner for both Hart and Ridgway, going wild, but Hart almost had it won with a STIFF Superkick for a close fall! Instead, Bloome fought back, cleared Ridgway from the ring, and from there, Hart fell to SUPER-BADASS (Flapjack/Codebreaker combo) for the debut win!

After the match, Brody assaulted BADASS and the other STS members joined in, but the post-match attack didn’t last long! Levi Cole of all people made the save with a chair!  After BADASS and American Made cleared the ring, Cole took the microphone and announced that BADASS were friends of his from his early wrestling career and had invited them to BRAZEN! He announced that going forward, the three would be a trio that fought for the fans, wanting to give them the best show possible! Tripp joked that they were now American BADASS which Cole seemed to approve of, but Davis told them both there was no way that name would stick.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: It did. He lost a two-to-one vote.)

4. The Viking War Cult (Cul the Reaper, Floki and Ivar Holmstrom w/Torvald The Destroyer and Lord of Bones) defeated The Louisiana Bulldogs (Denver and Oliver Brandt) and “The Second Sentinel” Jakob Markham in 7:05 via Blood Eagle on Denver Brandt

Jakob Markham was teaming with another tag team, The Louisiana Bulldogs, following the latter’s huge win over the Safety Patrol on the last BRAZEN show. However, that party got killed almost immediately when The Viking War Cult hit the ring in full force. The Bulldogs and Markham their absolute best to try and throw the Cult off their game, including a close roll-up by Oliver on Floki, only for a huge kickout to take place. A huge brawl broke out mid-match between powerhouse Markham and Cul the Reaper that had the fans cheering the good guys, but their strength in numbers was eventually too much.  The Viking War Cult cut down the opposition in quick fashion culminating in Cul The Reaper connecting with Blood Eagle for the dominant win.

5. Rebel Yell (Earl Lee Roberts and JJ Dixon) defeated The Osaka Hate Crime (Yutaka Tendo and Mitsuru Yahagi) and defeated them at 8:31

The match between two of BRAZEN’s rising tag teams was only a few minutes into the action! The brawling Southern Bastards took the Osaka Hate Crime members to task until they took advantage with a beatdown. They’d worked over Earl Lee Roberts for several moments until JJ Dixon got the hot tag!  After a HUGE double-team Spear/Lariat combination from The Rebel Yell, Dixon and Roberts got the victory!

But the post-match was the real story! After Osaka Hate Crime left the area, Team HOSS in their entirety (including a victorious Capital Punishment from earlier) stormed the ring with evil intentions, going right right after Rebel Yell! The two fought valiantly, but a Pump Kick from Angel Trinidad and a HUGE BPI from Aleczander dropped them both.  Team HOSS punctuated the beatdown by powering up JJ Dixxon and used their rare Triple-team elevated Powerbomb – The Greatest Move in the HOSS-tory of Our Sport! After the beatdown, Angel Trinidad took a microphone and had the following to say:

Angel Trinidad:

[A kick to the head of Earl Lee Roberts as he tried to stand!]

Angel Trinidad:
You fucked up BAD the second that you decided to stick your dumb redneck ass where it didn’t belong. You could have just minded your own goddamn business and let us put Dusty out to pasture for good, but you just couldn’t resist, could you?

Aleczander The Great:
Fuck that stupid wanker, Griffith! His mom had a go at me willy last night, so I’m a little bit tired!

Angel Trinidad:
You come after MY family, Frank then I go after yours. Eye for an eye, you dumb son of a bitch.

The crowd BOOED Team HOSS as the three left the ring. The show took a brief intermission while trainers tended to the Rebel Yell members. After that, it was on to the second-to-last match for the evening.

6. Mushigihara defeated Thomas Slaine in 2:22 via the Beast Breaker on Slaine

The crazy man known was Thomas Slaine had a hell of an opportunity ahead of him when he got to take on the former World Trios Champion, Mushigihara. Eddie Dante introduced him to the audience and the crowd called along with his name – The God-Beast’s following was here and the fans loved to see him pick apart Slaine. He got some offense in on the God-Beast with a Missile Dropkick and a Flying Forearm off the top rope each for one-and-a-half counts, but Mushi was back up and OBLITERATED him in quick time with the OSU! Press and followed up with The Beast Breaker. Mushi made another emphatic statement in BRAZEN that it his new playground.

7. MAIN EVENT – “The Future Is Now” Showcase Match – “American Made” Levi Cole and “Howlin” Joe Wolfe defeated Reinhardt Hoffman and “Houston Strong” Felton Bigsby via Gutwrench Powerbomb on Bigsgy at 17:47

It was finally time to get to the main event in a showcase of four of the top stars of the BRAZEN brand! The unlikely duo of “Houston Strong” Felton Bigsby and “The Gentleman German” Reinhardt Hoffman taking on Howlin’ Joe Wolfe and Levi Cole. Although Levi Cole formed a new group earlier on in the night with newcomers BADASS, he and Wolfe made for a well-oiled team at the start, taking turns picking off Hoffman with an array of some great technical prowess. Eventually, it was a distraction by Felton Bigsby followed by a HUGE Powerslam to Wolfe on the outside that gave Hoffman and Bigsby the advantage.

Though they didn’t seem to really care for one another, winning this big match in tonight’s main event overpowered their own individual needs for the time being. Bigsby worked over Wolfe with some incredible power moves including the Texas Stampede for a near fall! Hoffman then demonstrated his own technical prowess and showed off some of that Conclave training by working over Wolfe’s back, following the work Bigsby had done. Eventually, some miscommunication between tag team partners resulted in Felton trucking Hoffman right over and giving Wolfe the chance to tag Levi Cole!

From there, Cole had the fans in the palm of his hand as he exploded in the ring, stunning Hoffman with a powerful array of suplexes including an Overhead Belly to Belly INTO the turnbuckle! He then picked up Hoffman and showed great strength by DEADLIFTING him off the ground right into a Stalling Suplex for another nearfall broken up by Felton! Felton dragged Hoffman to his corner and tagged himself in. He was looking for his Full Nelson Slam, the Fourth Ward, but he elbowed his way out of it and then turned the tables with an INCREDIBLE Gutwrench Powerbomb! When Hoffman had the chance to break up the cover, he instead opted to walk out with his manager, Spud Collins, and headed away from the ring leaving Felton to eat defeat!

Cole and Wolfe were victorious in this huge main event concluding tonight’s BRAZEN event! Wolfe and and Cole then stuck around to sign some autographs for some of the lucky fans. With another BRAZEN show in the books, it was upward and onwards to the next edition of DEFtv in mere days time!

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