BRAZEN Brings The Heat!

Posted by Lance Warner on 20 Jan 2016

This week, DEFIANCE brings the action to you not once, but TWICE! Coming off the back of DEFtv #60, the BRAZEN roster were not going to sit idly by and be outdone! At a special houseshow held at Tallahassee, Florida's Sportatorium Complex, a sell-out crowd of just over 1,100 came pouring in and Angus Skaaland put on another successful show.

The main event saw a teacher/student rematch from DEFtv #59 when former DEFIANCE World Champion Dusty Griffith and his protege, Howlin' Joe Wolfe took on Team HOSS member Aleczander The Great and Flex Kruger! Check after the jump for the night's results and the latest goings-on for all things BRAZEN! 

(1) BADASS ("Wise Ass" Tripp Wise and "Bad Seed" Davis Bloome) vs. Brutal Attack Force (Petey Garrett and Solomon Grendel)
WINNER: BADASS (10:41) with In Bloom from Bloom on Solomon Grendel
-BADASS go 2-0 in BRAZEN so far and the crowd loves them. Said to be a great opener that the crowd was really into. 

(2) Capital Punishment vs. Tommy Fahrenheit
WINNER: Capital Punishment (4:31) over Fahrenheit with the Death Penalty. 
-After the match, Capital Punishment cut a promo that he's here to stay in BRAZEN.
-Cappy tried to take out Tommy with what looked like  a Piledriver on a chair when Levi Cole came to his aid! Cappy saw him and hitailed it from the ring.
-Cole told Cappy that he wasn't welcome to march into BRAZEN and told him if he wants a fight, he was his huckleberry... Cappy smiled and walked off. 

(3) Viking War Cult (Floki and Ivar Holmstrom) vs. Rebel Yell (Earl Lee Roberts and J.J. Dixon)
WINNER: Viking War Cult (11:22) with Doomsday DDT on JJ Dixon
-Another big win for the War Cult, who called out for titles to acknowledge their dominance in BRAZEN. Rumors abound that there is talk of BRAZEN having its own set of titles.

(4) Felton Bigsby vs. Mascara De Muerte VI
WINNER: Felton Bigsby (7:44) with the Fourth Ward. 
-After the match, Bigsby said that the rest of the BRAZEN roster was living on borrowed time. It was only going to be a matter of time before getting to the top.

(5) The Barrio Boys (Gerardo Villalobos, Hugo "Lips" Gonzalez and Corey Nunez) vs. Safety Patrol (Sgt. Safety, Frank Flanagan and Jeff Belltron)
WINNER: The Barrio Boys (8:30) with a Schoolboy from Gonzalez over Flanagan
-Before the match, Safety Patrol came out and told the crowd that they were tired of the indecency of BRAZEN. Barrio Boys came out to get the crowd going.
-Barrio Boys with the win!

(6) Brandt Brothers (Denver and Oliver Brandt) vs. The Hotboys (Mike Sloan Jr. and Sean Peters) vs. The Dunson Clan (Todd and Richie Dunson w/Paul Dunson)
WINNER: The Hotboys (9:01) via "Too Damn Cute!" on Oliver Brandt
-More frantic tag team action that sees The Hotboys victorious!

(7) Levi Cole vs. Roosevelt Owens
WINNER: Levi Cole (6:32) via School Boy on Owens
-The big heavy hitter of No Justice, No Peace dominated the match, but Cole fought back and won with a school boy on the big man. During the match, Cole somehow managed to hit a CRAZY German Suplex on the big monster!
-Post-match, Capital Punishment attacked Levi Cole with a chair, followed with an Impeachment (Pedigree) on said chair!
-The rest of No Justice, No Peace attacked Levi as well until BADASS came back out with chairs, fighting them all off, coming to the aid of their friend. 

(8) Reinhardt Hoffman vs. Sho Nakazawa
WINNER: Reinhardt Hoffman (1:47) with the STF
-Reinhardt went on the attack pre-match. Butcher tried to fight back and the match might have gone on longer under different circumstances, but Reinhardt with a quick submission win. 

(9) MAIN EVENT: Dusty Griffith and Howlin Joe Wolfe vs. Aleczander The Great and Flex Kruger
WINNER: Dusty Griffith and Howlin Joe Wolfe (19:14) via pinfall when Dusty hit the Atomic Powerbomb on Flex.
-MATCH OF THE NIGHT chants filled this one constantly. Flex and Aleczander were said to work well together. 
-Wolfe had his breakout moment when he hit a Superplex on Aleczander The Great as Dusty landed his powerbomb for the win. 

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