BRAZEN Stars Rise and Defy!

Posted by Lance Warner on 11 Feb 2016

Coming off the heels of perhaps one of the more physical PPV events in DEFIANCE history in ASCENSION, the BRAZEN brand now had their chance to shine in the form of tonight’s event, RISE AND DEFY! Tonight’s show was a special one for the 3,400-plus in attendance at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana! The theme of tonight’s RISE AND DEFY event offered the stars of BRAZEN a $25,000 cash prize for the winner of a Lethal Lottery-style tournament. Check after the jump for the rules of the show and the results, including who walked away $25,000 richer!

Angus Skaaland started the show and welcome the fans to tonight’s special BRAZEN show.  He laid out the format for tonight’s shindig, including the debut of a new star to BRAZEN a little later. Six qualifying tag team matches would take place pitting six established teams against six teams of randomly paired roster members from the remainder of the roster.  The six winning teams move on to the main event to compete in a special twelve-person RISE AND DEFY Battle Royale. It will start with two, then wrestlers will enter the ring every ninety seconds until one is left standing. The winner would receive a $25,000K cash prize!  With that, the show began!  The results for the show were listed below:

1) BADASS (“The Bad Seed” Davis Bloome and “Wise Ass” Tripp Wise) vs. Levi Cole and Capital Punishment
WINNER: Levi Cole and Capital Punishment at 10:32 via Death Penalty on Davis Bloome
-The first match was interesting right from the get go! BRAZEN’s newest tag team, BADASS, had to take on the man responsible for bringing them in.  
-Meanwhile, no love lost between Cole and Cappy from recent BRAZEN shows.
-Cole and Cappy fought with each other for the majority of the match, but during a skirmish towards the end of the match, Tripp Davis crashed and burned on the outside and as Cole went to check on his friend, Cappy pounced on Davis. The unlikely partners were able to overcome the up and coming BRAZEN team to move on to the RISE AND DEFY Battle Royale.

2) The Viking War Cult (Cul and Ivar Holmstrom) vs Butcher Victorious and MDM4
WINNER: The Vikings at 12:24 via Cul Blood Eagle on Muerte
-The Vikings were represented by Cul and Ivar Holmstrom with Floki and Torvald at ringside.
-Butcher and MDM4 showed great potential as a high-flying team that almost pulled out an upset, but eventually fell to the power of Cul via a devastating Blood Eagle Powerbomb. The Vikings advance to the main event.

3) Mushigihara and Howlin Joe Wolfe vs Brutal Attack Force
WINNER: Mushigihara and Howlin Joe Wolfe at 7:23 via Mushi’s Beast Claw on Solomon Grendel
-Before the match, Eddie Dante got on the mic and told the protégé of Dusty Griffith that he best hold up his end of the bargain tonight.
-Brutal Attack Force had control of most of the match, jumping Wolfe right off the bat.
-Despite the odds, Wolfe managed to fight his way back with a tandem Running Clothesline/Bulldog combo on both BAF members to get to his corner!
-The God-Beast made the tag and cleaned house, dominating the other side with power moves and then finishing off Solomon Grendel to net a big win for himself and Joe Wolfe.

4) Barrio Boys (Corey Nunez and Hugo “Lips” Gonzalez) vs. Felton Bigsby and Reinhardt Hoffman
WINNER: Bigsby and Hoffman at 8:42 via STF on Corey Nunez
-The Barrio Boys came close on several occasions to upsetting two of the top BRAZEN stars, but Hoffman and Bigsby put their own tension aside to advance to the main event tonight.
-Bigsby cracked Nunez with the Fourth Ward (Full Nelson Slam) only for Hoffman to tag himself in and submit Nunez with his STF submission.  
-Post-match, Hoffman got on the microphone and promised victory tonight. Bigsby snatched it from him, yelled out “THAT MONEY IS MINE!” and spiked the mic down before heading to the back.

5) No Justice No Peace (Roosevelt Owens and Neighborhoodlum) vs Sgt. Safety and Walter Levy
WINNER: No Justice, No Peace at 4:14 via Stoop Stomp on Sgt. Safety.
-The members of the Safety Patrol and Midcard Experiment were no match for the united front of No Justice, No Peace.
-Sgt. Safety and “Birdman” Walter Levy spent too much time fighting, which allowed the massive Owens to destroy the competition with relative ease. Neighborhoodlum finished things off with the Stoop Stomp to net the win for his team.

Flex Kruger and Rich Mahogany vs Pete Whealdon and Don Hollywood
WINNER: Flex Kruger and Rich Mahogany at 8:05 via Sex-Plex on Whealdon
-Angel City Exxxpress collides!
-Funniest match of the night with both teams trying to our-cheat one another. Pete fell to the more experienced Rich to advance to the main event.

7) Debut Match: "Arms Collector" David Race vs Cristiano Caballero
WINNER: David Race at 5:24 via Armed and Dangerous (London Dungeon submission)
-Before the main event was a new debut to BRAZEN.

-The former gun-for-hire for former Defiance World Champion Kai Scott returned to action and has settled in with the BRAZEN brand, taking on the pretty boy Cristiano Caballero
-Caballero had the match almost won with a couple nearfalls, but David Race fought back, working over the arm before submitting Caballero with his dreaded Armed and Dangerous submission.

Participants: Levi Cole, Capital Punishment, Mushigihara, Howlin Joe Wolfe, Felton Bigsby, Reinhardt Hoffman, Roosevelt Owens, Neighborhoodlum, Cul, Ivar Holmstrom, Flex Kruger, Rich Mahogany.

-Capital Punishment was #1 and Levi Cole #2. The two fought tooth and nail for the first ninety seconds until #3 – Roosevelt Owens entered the ring. The massive man imposed his will on both men, flooring them with power moves.

-#4 was Rich Mahogany, who elected to stay outside the ring and hit on some girls in the front row.

-#5 was The Neighborhoodlum. With both members of No Justice, No Peace out there, Capital Punishment and Levi Cole had to work together to keep from being eliminated.

-#6 was Howlin Joe Wolfe! The protégé of Dusty Griffith entered the ring like a house of fire! He went and hit anything that moved!

-#7 was Flex Kruger who jumped into the fray… but not before trying to get Rich into the ring to help him! Nobody had yet to be eliminated yet… that changed shortly…

-#8 was Mushigihara! The crowd went nuts as he entered the ring and started to whoop some ass and take names. Rich Mahogany tried to get the drop on him, but he was THROWN over the top rope and eliminated first! The Neighborhoodlum came at Mushi with a dropkick, but Mushi swatted him away and Bearhug Suplexed him OVER the top rope!

#9 was Ivar Holmstrom, who entered the ring and went after Wolfe as Cole and Cappy fought one another! Meanwhile, the crowd was wowed by a huge brawl between Mushigihara and the massive Roosevelt Owens! The beasts made Angus Skaaland happy with their own HOSSFITE! Roosevelt tried to strike Mushi over, but the God-Beast ducked and then swatted him over with a HUGE Clothesline!

-#10 was Cul! The leader of The Viking War Cult and The God-beast sized one another up, but Capital Punishment attacked Mushi from behind! Ivar and Cul both teamed up with Cappy and even Flex, Levi and Joe got in! Mushi was eliminated by everybody else and the crowd BOOED the most dominant man in the match being tossed over.

-#11 was Reinhardt Hoffman, who also appeared to be in no hurry to head towards the ring. He chilled at ringside and watched pensively while the other wrestlers fought. Cappy tried to charge at Levi, but the Nebraska wrestler Suplexed him over! Cappy was eliminated!

#12 was Felton Bigsby, who wasted no time charging in and getting to business! He entered the ring and as Cappy tried to distract Cole, Bigbsy eliminated Cole! The longest man in the match was no more!

-Hoffman jumped in the ring and picked his spot, throwing Flex Kruger over the rope! Meanwhile, Ivar and Cul teamed up to be rid of Felton, but Wolfe came in and eliminated Ivar! The final four – Bigsby, Hoffman, Wolfe, and Cul.

-Bigsby and Hoffman fought as did Wolfe and Cul! The four fought valiantly until Bigsby eliminated Hoffman with a big Military Press on the floor! As Bigsby celebrated, Cul snuck up and eliminated the Texan powerhouse!

-Down to the final two, Cul tried to eliminate the protégé of Dusty Griffith, but the crowd fought back and loved the tremendous heart shown as he hung onto the ropes for dear life. Cul set to throw him over the ropes, but Wolfe hung on! With a Sleeper hold for dear life, he managed to weaken the leader of the Viking War Cult…

WINNER: HOWLIN JOE WOLFE at 22:14, last eliminating Cul!

Following the match, Howlin Joe Wolfe was greeted by Angus Skaaland who put over his heart while simultaneously giving him a backhanded compliment about being Son of Mayberry. Still, he put over the talent shown by the BRAZEN stars tonight and presented Wolfe with the $25,000 cash prize!

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