BRAZEN Hits the Road in Oklahoma City!

Posted by Dave Felcher on 26 Apr 2016

The stars of BRAZEN returned to action in Oklahoma City this evening. Just over a week removed from the mammoth DEFIANCE ROAD pay-per-view event, this stop-off at the OKC State Fair Park saw 900 rabid pro-wrestling fans attend a night of typically fast-moving, hard-hitting action!

The first of a three-show mid-south mini tour, tonight’s event saw multiple debuts as well as appearances from established DEFIANCE stars The Murray Brothers, Frank Dylan James and Jack Hunter. Unfortunately, a pre-match meet and greet with said DEFIANTS had to be cut short following an undisclosed incident between Hunter and a group of fans. We’ll bring you more on this story as and when it develops.

[1] Jack Hunter defeated "2 F'N Xtreme" Elijah Cross by pinfall at 7:03 following a Cow DDT.

  • Hunter pulled his usual pre-match schtick of bringing-out a bag full of weapons, much to the officials' chagrin.
  • Though not officially a hardcore match, Cross dived through the ropes before the bell and went after Hunter with a street sign. This backfired when Jack kicked it straight into his face.
  • A short, sloppy match with a handful of entertaining moments, including a rope-run Hurricanrana spot from Cross. The ending typified the whole contest: Cross slipped while attempting a risky top-rope maneuver, and Hunter finished him off with the Cow DDT (accompanied by a customary "MOOOOOOOO!"). 

[2] Grey Britain (Nigel King, Harry Rose & Rob Collins) defeated The Midcard Experiment (Hijo del Fishman Deluxe, Walter Levy & CAGE!) at 9:56 when HdFD tapped to King's Heel Hook.

  • The debuting Grey Britain are three British roughnecks whose offence is as stiff and nasty as their demeanours are sour.
  • GB did an excellent job of isolating Levy early-on, trapping him in their corner and wearing him down. The Midcard Experiment struggled to gain a foothold throughout, and failed to find a way to overcome their opponents' dirty tactics.
  • The end came when the powerful Collins and brawling Rose cleared the ring of Levy and CAGE!. King, who wrestles more of a classic grappling style, locked Fishman in an impossibly-tight Heel Hook for the win.

[3] Mascara De Muerte IV defeated Norihiko Miura at 12:10 following La Muerte.

  • An interesting contrast in approaches, as MDM4 looked to set a blistering pace to combat the slower, more methodical Miura.
  • Miura counteracted this with some heavy leg work that saw MDM4 visibly slow down towards the end.
  • While Miura held a slight advantage on the ground, Mascara fought his way out of every tough situation he found himself in. Much to his frustration, Miura was forced to tap to La Muerte after MDM4 had escaped his signature hold -- Samsara.

[4] The Dunson Clan (Paul, Richie & Todd Dunson) defeated The Peach State Kings (Freddie Greene, Elton Womack & Meechy Blinks) at 13:32 following "You're Done, Son!"

  • The PSK are three raucous Georgia boys with bags of charisma and a wild brawling style. They did their best to work the crowd into a frenzy throughout, and no doubt won plenty of fans on their debut night.
  • Blinks is TINY but really knows how to use his miniscule frame as a weapon. He shows no fear whatsoever, and took-out all three Dunson Clan members with a mid-match plancha.
  • Paul Dunson looked to have trouble keeping-up at first, but worked his way back into things through veteran experience and crafty tactics. Coupled with his sons' dynamism, this saw them capitalise on the PSK's recklessness to seal the win.

[5] Southern Bastards (MASSIVE Cowboy & Rebel Yell) defeated Osaka Hate Crime (Kazuo Akamatsu, Yutaka Tendo & Misuru Yahagi) at 16:42 following a Lariat.

  • Man, this one was brutal. A relentless, savage war of attrition between two of BRAZEN's toughest groups.
  • The crowd lapped-up ever second of this, even when the action started to spill over into the first few rows! Akamatsu and Dixon bundled each other into the crowd early-on, and the other wrestlers were quick to follow.
  • MASSIVE Cowboy was in his absolute element towards the end, tossing the opposition around the ring with reckless abandon and almost crippling Tendo with a match-winning Lariat.

[6] The Murray Bros & Matt LaCroix defeated The BADASS Arms Dealers (Davis Bloome, Tripp Wise & David Race) at 14:45 following the Shutthefuckuppercut.

  • LaCroix is another BRAZEN newcomer, and wrestles a very Japanese style with a huge focus on submission grappling. His showcased excellent chemistry with Cayle Murray in-particular, who he knows from his time wrestling in Japan.
  • A hugely entertaining and even clash featuring spirited striking exchanges and a chess-like mid-match grappling contest between Race and LaCroix.
  • Bloome had a particularly impressive showing, and rarely looked on the backfoot any time he was in the ring. The match ended with the flapjack/uppercut combo on Wise, and Cayle making the pin.

[7] Levi Cole defeated "Howlin'" Joe Wolfe at 23:10 following a Gutwrench Powerbomb.

  • An instant classic and one of the finest matches in BRAZEN's short history, these two shook hands and proceded to tear the house down. 
  • This started slowly and gradually grew in pace throughout. Neither wrestler appeared to have a clear advantage in the early-match grappling exchanges until Cole skipped behind for a momentum-shifting German suplex.
  • These two adopted an incredibly similar grapple-centric approach, with Wolfe's looser style provided a handful of openings for the more suffocating Cole.
  • Wolfe looked to have this tied-up when he set Cole up-top for his Suplerplex finisher, but Cole fought back, dragged Wolfe back to the mat, then finished him off with the Gutwrench Powerbomb. 

[8] Frank Dylan James defeated Cristiano Caballero at 15:08 following the Mountain Top Knee Drop.

  • It was clear from the get-go that Caballero wanted absolutely nothing to do with FDJ. The evasive Spaniard did all he could do get out of Frank's way by frequently stepping out of the ring and effectively running away.
  • Inevitably, this caught-up with him. Caballero slid his torso through the top and middle ropes and called for a break when a frustrated Frank yanked him back into the ring and started going to work with trademark wildman punches, kicks and headbutts.
  • Caballero came close with a couple of late roll-ups and a close two-count following a low blow, but Frank brawled his way through Cristiano's dirty tactics to send the fans home happy.

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