BRAZEN Presents: The DEFIANCE Trios Endurance Tournament FINALE

Posted by Dave Felcher on 6 Sep 2016

Matches were held at live events all month long leading up to the night of Wednesday August 31st to decide not only which teams would make it to the final rounds... but to find out if the champions would even MAKE IT to the finals with their title belts in tact! Designed to test the current trios champs mettle by making them not only take part in but DEFEND their titles in every single match they take part in throughout the grueling sixteen team tourney!

Cul and his Viking War Cult walked into the Wrestle-Plex with their belts still firmly around their waists after several rounds of Trios action... did the night END that way? 


BRAZEN Presents: The DEFIANCE Trios Endurance Tournament - Live on iPPV
DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex - 4,000 Seats (Sold Out)
Referees: Hector Navarro, Mark Shields, Carla Ferrari, Brian Slater
Announce Team: Dave Felcher and Angus Skaaland
Ring Announcer: Darren Quimbey

15 Man Over The Top Battle Royal
Mushigahara (w/ Eddie Dante), Thomas Slaine (w/ Vikki), Cristiano Caballero, MDM4, Butcher Victorious, Sho Nakazawa, Titus Campbell, Danny Diggs, Lord Sewell, Levi Cole, Sgt. Safety, Flex Kruger, Petey Garrett, Solomon Grendel, and TORVALD THE DESTROYER
Referee: Buffalo Brian Slater
- Torvald, Mushigahara and BAF were the only ones to get entrances… Flex Kruger was the most salty about this fact.
- Sho Nakazawa and Mascara De Muerte IV were the first two out, the heat left over from their Trios tourney loss. The two getting so wrapped up in battling one another, they didn’t notice the third man from their former trios team, Butcher Victorious sneaking up and dumping them both of them over the rope.
- Victorious didn’t have long to live up to his name, The God-Beast claiming his first victim. Brutalizing Butcher with a brutal release German before dumping him to ringside.
- Mushi and Torvald each got on a roll. Torvald literally tossing the enormous “Wingman” Titus Campbell over the top rope with a wild Gorilla Press and The God-Beast making short work of both the psychopath Thomas Slain and the ravishing Christiano Caballero.
- It should be mentioned the crafty young newcomer Danny Diggs making his debut in this match tonight. Hanging near the corner, even clutching onto the ringpost at one point with his arms and legs, seemingly stooping to any ridiculous low to stay in this contest.
- The BRUTAL ATTACK FORCE team manage to bring the massive Torvald to his knees after some… well, brutal attacks. The two men alternating between the lightning quick kicks of Garrett and some nasty clubbing strikes to the masked Viking’s dome from Grendel.
- Both Sgt. Safety and Flex Kruger lept on the chance to possibly eliminate one of the matches two legitimate monsters. The four on one beatdown looked to mark the end of the gargantuan masked Vikings run in the match… but just as all four assailants were as tightly packed around him as they possibly could be Torvald EXPLODED UPWARD…
- The crowd lost their minds at the sight of Garrett, Grendel, Safety and the big muscle beach douchebag Flex all four FLYING over the top rope, landing in a pile at ringside. Torvald back in the ring bellowing some insane warcry in Scandinavian. Madness. Complete madness.
- For a large swath of the match, DEF*MAX competitor Levi Cole was just plagued by the veteran grappler from the UK, Lord Sewell. The wizened old shooter targeting Cole’s legs and pecking at him whenever the opportunity arose. The Viscount Vice Admiral’s veteran fortune however quickly ran out when Cole FINALLY got his hands on him and muscled him into the corner. After a bear hug and a wild release belly to belly into the corner Cole hucks Sewell over the top rope, eliminating the “Gentleman.”
- The final four… the corn fed “American Made” Levi Cole, The God-Beast Mushigahara, the green as goose shit newcomer Danny Diggs… and the Viking War Cult’s near eight foot tall masked assassin Torvald the Destroyer.
- Levi and Mushi having a little history immediately square off. After some mugging and jaw jacking and a few OSU’s from The God-Beast the two begin throwing bombs.
- Across the ring from them… well, Danny Diggs looks like he’s about to shit himself. Torvald literally stalks after the guy. Each step slow and deliberate. Diggs backs into the ropes, looking around desperate, cornered… then right as Torvald was towering over him with his huge catchers mit sized hands reaching down for him…
- Diggs lead through the ropes, reached back in and grabbed the collar of Torvald’s tunic and JERKS forward as hard as he can, rolling his body through the ropes and onto the apron… letting the GIANT man’s own momentum and top heavy frame do the rest. The Faithful went absolutely APE SHIT as Torvald tumbled awkwardly over the top rope, managing to land on his feet… and booooooy was he mad. Diggs just smiles and shrugs… what a goddamn debut!
- Diggs took however just a little too long celebrating his first and easily the BIGGEST elimination of the night as a marauding ball of fists and anger that was once two separate people named Levi Cole and Mushigahara happened by. Diggs getting inadvertantly caught up in the tussle and almost immediately launched over the top rope by The God-Beast.
- I’m serious, they need to make a goddamn t-shirt out of the look on Danny Diggs face when he hit the floor and realized he was RIGHT at the feet of The Destroyer. Diggs ran faster than a scalded dog, Torvald fast on his heels… fast for him anyway.
- The one on one over the top contest between Levi and Mushi that followed that was honestly fantastic. Even with Eddie Dante there at ringside, the action stayed in the ring and clean as a whistle. Right as Angus and Felcher apparently were detailing on commentary about Cole’s recent schedule with the main roster, a ring weary All-American was caught off guard by a BIG running leaping splash in the corner from Mushi.
- After that it ribcage compressing maneuver, Cole never really got his wind back. Getting tossed over the top rope soon after.

LIVE NOTE: Angus stood up at the commentation station as the ring cleared and took a moment to explain the ENDURANCE part of this here Trios Endurance Tournament. Explaining that in each and every match the current DEFIANCE World Trios Champions were in… the titles would be on the line! The current reigning champs The Viking War Cult survived the last round with their titles intact… and that in the very next match kicking off the quarter finals we’d be finding out if Cul and his boys have what it takes!

Quarter Final Match
The Midcard Experiment vs. Viking War Cult ©
Referee: Hector Navarro
- Walter Levy, Fishman Jr, and the masked mystery wrapped in a cheap Nicolas Cage mask… CAGE! are given a heroes welcome from the faithful. Referee Hector Navarro actually stepped in once TME was all in the ring and got on the mic, explained that Fish Jr was indeed his nephew but that there would be ABSOLUTELY no favoritism given during the match. To which the TME boys nudge and laugh, giving “Uncle” Hector a hard time
- All the fun stopped immediately when The Vikings music hit.
- The champions wasted no time hitting the ring, making their presences felt.
- Cul and the twins isolate Walter Levy with quick tags, keeping as fresh an assailant stomping the poor kid to death for as long as they possibly could muster.
- A hot tag to Fishman jr, the Experiment’s fortunes started to turn around with Fish and CAGE managing to keep a Holstrom brother in and avoid contact with The Reaper, Cul.
- But sadly, an inexperienced luchador and a… well, an idiot are no match for the underhanded twins… before long Cul is in the ring helping CAGE along to a supremely bad day.
- The masked, besuited Nic Cage fan does his best but meets a similar fate as his Bird themed compatriot Walter (still convalescing on the ring apron) getting downright MANHANDLED by the Vikings, Cul dropping down for an inevitable pinfall
- Post match Torvald joins his brothers in a quick, brutal beatdown of both Good Time Boys and their partner CAGE before vacating ringside, bailing through the crowd.

Quarter Final Match
Strong-Style Stranglers vs. Hotboys + Howlin’ Joe Wolfe
Referee: Mark Shields
- The Stranglers try the same entrance assault that won them their last tourney match...
- Busted. They whiff the assault, Wolfe and his partners turn the tide and go about depositing the “serial killers” into the ring.
- The former World tag title winning Sex Symbols each start for their respective teams. Jacob Hart for The Stranglers and Peters for The Hotboys/Wolfe trio. It becomes obvious to anyone with eyes these two know one another's offence as well as any two men could. Frustrated, Hart tags out to the monster Jon Brody.
- So many quick tags from the Stranglers, all three men seemingly working with one mind… that mind of course being Jacob Hart, who continually growls orders at his two “bloody” compatriots throughout the whole contest.
- All the good intentions and clever wits Howlin’ Joe and The Hotboys had to start thing thing were quickly forgotten as the rookie member of their team, young Mike Sloan Jr found himself alone in the ring with Hart.
- The world traveled ring veteran glared at his former partner Peters as he just TORE into poor Sloan. To compound that, right as Jacob drills Sloan with his swinging 360 neckbreaker “Trepidation” both Brody and Ridgway manage to sneak around and yank both Peters and Wolfe off the apron… leaving their leader ample time and opportunity to drop down and collect the one two three for his team.
- Just like the last match-up, the victors took a little time to stomp their defeated opponents into the mat before booking it up the ramp for a little ill-deserved basking.

Quarter Final Match
The Guns of Brixton vs. The Southern Bastards
Referee: Carla Ferrari
- Big Rob Collins and MASSIVE Cowboy seemed to be in each other's faces and were both throwing bombs the second the bell rang. The two spending a majority of the match just swinging wildly at one another around ringside.
- Rebel Yell held their own against King and Rose for a bit, until Nigel King got young J.J. Dixon down onto the mat to match wits hold for hold… something The Bastards, collectively, aren’t the most adept at.
- Once diminutive referee Carla managed to get the Cowboy and the biggest members of The Guns pointed back towards their respective corners the whole texture of the match changed.
- With MASSIVE Cowboy finally focused on the match and leading the charge, even King’s mat mastery started to fall apart in the face of The Bastard’s classic hard nosed attack.
- In the end it was J.J. Dixon picking up the win for his team after taking Harry Rose’s head off with a wild leaping lariat. The Southern Bastards once again snatching victory from the jaws of defeat with a wild, well fought contest.

Quarter Final Match
No Justice, No Peace vs. Osaka Hate Crime
Referee: Carla Ferrari
- Pure dominance is rarely seen and experienced in what’s more or less a “developmental” fed… but in BRAZEN? We’ve had one or two examples TONIGHT... and this quarter final was one of those examples.
- Felton Bigsby lead his No Justice, No Peace clan down the ramp with intentions to do some business… and business they did, as the trio of Japanese BRAZEN mainstays hit the ring and might as well have hit a brick wall.
- Osaka Hate Crime, normally a well oiled tag unit, just couldn't get out of the blocks in this contest having no answer what so ever for the MASSIVE Roosevelt Owens.
- Thinking back, I’m not even sure Neighborhoodlum’s boots had to make contact with canvas. I’m not going to say Bigsby and Owens won this one between the two of them… but, hey, sometimes size really matters.
- The devastating one sided assault came to an end with a giant running splash from Big Rosey, flattening Tendo for the 1, 2, 3.


Semi-Final Match
No Justice, No Peace vs. Viking War Cult ©
Referee: Hector Navarro
- Cul and his Cult out first… Cul with a microphone.
- The tall, lean blond Viking leans into the whole purpose of the tourney, leans into BRAZEN head booker Angus Skaaland…

... you didn’t like us, you thought us silly looking, gimmicky… then we started winning. And winning… and winning. Then we unseated Walker, Ryan and Troy for these. And still you were unsure about us. Our place in this, this… HOLDING tank. A tournament build to test us at every single step along the way. OUR titles on the line in every. Single. Match. Well, here we stand… STILL champions. And by night's end? That fact WILL. NOT. CHANGE… “

- Cul’s diatribe is cut short by the arrival of Felton and his boys. The No Justice, No Peace obviously having heard just about enough about how deadly and winning The Vikings are.
- The ringside encompassing brawl that follows is impressive in its scope… but down to brass tacks, Felton and his crew are still outnumbered.
- Things kick off badly as Torvald FLATTENS Big Rosey with an out of nowhere spear through the ringside barrier that effectively takes out NJNP’s heavy hitter.
- In the same space of time the twins annihilate Neighborhoodlum’s knee with a reckless two man whip into the ringsteps.
- Once ref Hector gets control... it’s down to three on one.
- Bad attitude and all, Felton Bigsby wins over the Faithful with the gutsy performance he puts on against absolutely devastating odds.
- The end, while predictable, has the fans on their feet raining hate and derision on Cul and his followers as he DRILLS Felton with the Blood Eagle, dropping down for the illbegotten three count.

Semi-Final Match
The Southern Bastards vs. Strong-Style Stranglers
Referee: Mark Shield
- The bastards music hits, nobody comes out. And again… and still nothing…
- Finally, one by one all six men start stumbling from backstage already locked in a wild pre-match brawl with The Bastards looking more worse off than any member of the Stranglers… coming to find out later, Hart and his dickbag followers did indeed jump The Bastards right outside of the damn dressing rooms.
- Referee Mark Shields apparently decides to just “let it all play out” … so yet again we’re treated to a fuck-all ringside brawl to start the night's second semi-final contest.
- The only notable incident in this pre-match period would be the brutal assault on MASSIVE Cowboy’s ribs by Ridgway and Hart with a pair of steel chairs.
- Even with that little victory, he and his team were receiving one hell of a beating and knowing full well wild brawls are quite literally The Bastards wheelhouse, Hart makes the call to retreat to the safety of the ring and the rules of the match.
- Much to Hart’s schagrin however, the beating only gets worse once we get the ding ding and everyone’s inside the confines of the wrestling ring.
- Cowboy and Rebel Yell don’t give up an inch to the “serial killers” bringing an almost constant onslaught of painful ass-whoopin’ to Hart and his crew.
- The end of the contest came suddenly as Ridgway was caught by a MASSIVE roaring elbow from the aptly named Cowboy, the pinfall coming from out of absolutely nowhere.
- After the bell as The Bastards departed up the ramp Hart ended up looking decidedly less “demented and serial killer-like” as he stomps his feet in a near-tantrum-like display, whining to the referee about the result of the match.

Singles Match
Scott Douglas def. Reinhardt Hoffman
Referee: Buffalo Brian Slater
- After entrances, the two circle for a bit… feeling one another out before locking up.
- Looking to follow up his friend and sparring partner Bronson Box’s success against Douglas a number of days ago, Reinhardt holds nothing back in this one on one exhibition.
- More more so that against Boxer, Sub-Pop Scott is able however to use his deep well of technical knowledge and superior speed to fend off the stoic German shooter’s assault.
- Douglas wraps up the uneventful but well wrestled contest with his Sub-Pop Suplex to put Hoffman away.
- Once again, Douglas impressing the Faithful to no end with his unusual style and effortless execution. Just like against Boxer a number of days ago once again cementing his placement on the main roster… this time, in victory.

Angus stood up at commentary and made the announcement that due to the, and I quote “total non-stop fuckery” up to this point the final match would have not one but TWO officials to keep order. Big Buffalo Brian Slater looking every inch a man who’s not to be fucked around with, takes his place at ringside as the entrances for the finals of the inaugural Trios Endurance Tournament commence.

Trios Endurance Tournament - FINAL MATCH
Viking War Cult © def. The Southern Bastards
Referees: Hector Navarro in-ring, Buffalo Brian slater on the outside
- The Bastards make their entrance still looking a little bit worse for ware from their earlier contest against The Stranglers.
- During The Viking’s entrance Angus details on commentary the seemingly “easier road” Cul and his crew carved out for themselves with both brutality and cunning… and cheapshots.
- Once the bell sounds the Vikings immediately use the Bastard’s more “pummeled” state of being to their advantage by targeting the more obvious injuries (specifically Cowboy’s now heavily taped ribs thanks to The Strong-Style Stranglers pre-entrance locker room assault)
- Floki and Ivar probably putting on their best performances to date with fluid tags and the sort of effortless tag team assault that can only come from a team of siblings as close as these two.
- Busted ribs and all, Cowboy maintained his role as leader and his team's difference maker keeping The Bastards in the fight and on their game… that was until Cul finally entered the match for the first time.
- Call it overconfidence, call it bravery… but MASSIVE Cowboy, obviously with something to prove, bows up to the much fresher Scandinavian ass-kicker.The brawl that follows that mugging session leans so far in the ballsy Japanese grapplers favor we see Torvald struggling against Slater and a host of DEFsec gorillas to get in the ring and “save” his leader to little but no avail.
- Cul turned the tide after a ribcage rattling leg capture suplex that rocks MASSIVE Cowboy to his core.
- At ringside, the situation surrounding the near eight foot tall MONSTER Torvald reaches a point where even referee Hector Navarro is forced to lean out between the ropes and help facilitate calming the man-beast down… a period of rule free time Cul and The Holstrom’s waste little of, all three leaping on Cowboy like hyenas, ripping and tearing at the poor man.
- When ref Hector’s focus returns to the match (Torvald calmed by the sight of his compatriots assaulting Cowboy, best guess) MASSIVE Cowboy is sprawled out on the canvas with Cul perched atop the nearest available turnbuckle.
- Cul heaves his huge body off the turnbuckle and DRILLS the sharpest point of his elbow into the taped up ribs of his opponent. As he pulls Cowboy’s writhing body up into position for the Blood Eagle Torvald suddenly pushes through the security and officials holding him at bay at ringside, reaches up and YANKS Dixon and Roberts off the ring apron.
- The two young Bastards are immediately get pulled into the ensuing scuffle at ringside… leaving Cul more than enough time to DRILL Cowboy with the Blood Eagle and drop down for the 1… 2… 3… the Viking War Cult SURVIVING the Endurance Tourney with their titles in tact!

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