In the Shadow of The STORM

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 9 Jan 2017

One of the unsung and surprising moments of this past weekends ACTS of DEFIANCE event was a tag team match featuring an impactful victory for a debuting tag team. However, it wasn’t the debuting tag team that we expected!


For weeks, DEFtv viewers have been teased with the imminent arrival of a mysterious tag team. A tandem who would surprise and astound. Viewers expected the Barrio Boys to face a touted and feared japanese wrestling duo known near and far as The STORM: Hiroki Zo and Kazushi. The set-up had been so subtle, in fact, you may have missed it. What with the breakneck and compelling run DEFIANCE has been on of late, who could blame you?

If you tuned into ACTS of DEFIANCE, then you know that we didn’t get The STORM. We got a somehow even MORE mysterious tag team debut in the guise of the unique two men with digits for names. I’m hearing today that the absence of the foreign superstars comes down to VISA issues with Kazushi specifically. It has come to light that during his most recent visit to the US, Kazushi (Wen Kazushito) had been involved in a physical altercation at a Houston, TX bar that caught attention of local authorities in December 2015. It was apparently serious enough to give pause to his attempts at a work VISA - a pause that wouldn’t come to light until just hours prior to showtime.

It seems that Lord Nigel Trickelbush, the just-about-to-break-out manager who was meant to serve as The STORM’s mouthpiece in DEFIANCE, was on hand at the Wrestle-Plex and lobbying to bring in an alternate team of his own but DEF officials rolled the dice on a journeymen pair of grapplers who showed up “just looking for an opportunity”! The STORM’s loss would be the Masked Violators gain!

There isn’t much info on the team that would defeat Barrio Boys, Villalobos and Nunez, in front of a world of shocked and sort-of amused spectators. We know that there have been several incarnations of the Masked Violators over their decade of “existence”. We also know that the masks have been passed around quite a bit and know that we DON’T know who THESE particular two are at this time. What is without dispute is that the Masked Violators violated all expectation on that night.

I just got off the phone with someone who told me the masked men have been offered - and have signed - a DEF contract on the merits of their performance at ACTS alone. It can’t be for long and it can’t be for much but, to me, a person who fell in love with the business as a fan first, it’s a contract that reaffirms my faith in the promise of professional wrestling and in DEFIANCE. These guys are goofy. They’re unconventional. But don’t let that fool you.

The Masked Violators have apparently arrived… and they look ready to climb out of the shadow of The STORM.

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