Looking to Load Up

Posted by Lance Warner on 17 Jan 2017

With Acts of DEFIANCE in the rearview mirror, it seems as if DEFIANCE’s Talent and Scouting Department have their gaze fixed on the future and that's brought them to Oklahoma and the highly regarded promotion and training center Heartland Pro run by James “Lee” Michaels. And the object of their attention is none other than Michaels’ eldest son - “The Cyclone” Corbin Michaels.

At twenty-two years old, Corbin is certainly youthful, but has more experience than one would commonly associate with a person his age. He started part-time training at thirteen and competing sporadically at seventeen (don’t feel bad - the kid was already six-foot, two-ten). That early start may prove invaluable as rumor has it that Corbin Michaels may bypass BRAZEN and go right into the main roster!

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but either way, I believe we all might be interested in how “The Cyclone” could hold up in DEFIANCE!

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"So bring yer ass down ta Noo Orr Leens, put yer fancy sunglasses on an make sure you get all that shit in yer hair so it stan's up jes right fer th' womens, but un'nerstand that when ya set foot in that there rasslin rang with Eff Dee Jay, yer gon' wish it was yer daddy takin' yeh out t' the woodshed instead of ol' Frank!"

- Frank Dylan James


1. Mikey Unlikely
2. Crimson Lord
3. Kendrix
4. THE Jay Harvey
5. Dan Ryan



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