Mysterious & Missing: Midorikawa

Posted by Lance Warner on 26 Jan 2017

Midorikawa, or MDK as he has come to be referred, was last seen on DEFtv; amidst even more confusion in a one way conversation with Codename: Reaper. As Reaper appeared to cryptically proposition MDK, the feed would be lost and once again questions would abound.

Midorikawa’s arrival in DEFIANCE, just a few short months ago, would be shrouded in an ere of mystery. Touting an impressive resume from Japan and an apparent hell bent hatred for Scott Douglas, his presence would be known long before his cause or driving motivations. Now, after a devastating loss at the hands of said Seattle native, Midorikawa’s disappearance has proven stranger than his arrival.

Midorikawa, while his whereabouts are unknown, remains currently under contract with DEFIANCE. Kelly Evans' Office was unavailable for comment at press time.

MDK’s absence would be extremely notable, albeit favorable, for Petey Garrett of BRAZEN’s Brutal Attack Force; who was scheduled for a make up bout with Scott Douglas on DEFtv 77. Garrett had previously been brutally attacked prior to his match with Douglas. Garrett’s partner Solomon Grendel would suffer the same fate one week later.

With Scott Douglas scheduled to face off with Grendel at DEFtv 79, rumors speculate whether or not Midorikawa may resurface. While others strongly contend MDK’s revenge will be exacted during Douglas’ first ever DEFIANCE title shot; against Impulse for the Southern Heritage Title at DEFtv 78.

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