Video Interview - The Guns of Brixton Sound Off

Posted by Christie Zane on 30 Jan 2017

After the recent BRAZEN event - Winter Warland - our Christie Zane had the pleasure to catch up with the Guns of Brixton, who insisted they had a message for a certain "undeserving" newcomer ... Corbin Michaels!


The shot opens on the always lovely Christie Zane, mike in-hand, dressed in a black pant-black strapless top combo w/ a large bronze belt and standing in front of a BRAZEN backdrop. She’s joined by the Guns of Brixton - a still sweat-covered “Nasty” Nigel King on her right, the massive Rob Collins on her immediate left, and a cross-looking Harry Rose next to him. All three are clad in their Guns of Brixton-themed wrestling gear.

Christie Zane:
Christie Zane here, backstage at BRAZEN’s Winter Warland, and I’m joined by the Guns of Brixton who insisted I give them their due time. [A sneering Collins slow nods] Impressive submission victory over Butcher Victorious tonight, Nigel  -

Harry Rose: [cutting her off]
Think we’re ‘ere so you can fackin’ sing our praises?

Rob Collins: [interjecting as Zane begins to answer]
We ain’t.

Harry Rose:
So ‘old that microphone real still and keep yer trap shut ‘cause the Guns ‘ave a bone to pick. We’ve been graftin’ for near a year, waitin’ for that final, lastin’ callup to the main list. That’s all fine an’ well. We fackin’ love a good scrap. But two weeks ago, a blond bumpkin blew in, right past BRAZEN, and was ‘anded a full-time contract on the DEFIANCE Main Roster. Now, you tell me ‘ow that’s supposed to sit with me and the boys. Who is this fackin’ mug, and why does he get a pass? To get that contract before me an’ -

Christie Zane: [cutting him off]
He did defeat you at Seventy-seven, Harry.

Rob Collins:
Shut your dish, Treacle!

Harry Rose:
Why you cheeky, little .. [grits his teeth, then nods] Sure, he beat me, but that’s ‘cause I didn’t take ‘im serious enough. He was big, sure, but he looked too dim to take down ol’ ‘Arry … [shakes his head] I made a blunder and it’s not one we’re about to go repeatin’. There’s unfinished business. We’re gonna prove a point, make an example of him ‘cause he’s locked in the Guns’ crosshairs now. [grins] That’s a bad way to be.

Rob Collins:
Corbin Michaels! [wide-eyed, mashes right first into other hand] Ya got somethin’ that ya don’t deserve, boy! Somethin’ that me and the lads should ‘ave! [spits off-screen, Zane cringes] At seventy-eight, ya’ll get what ya deserve … PAIN!

The shot zooms back as Rose, Collins, and King step in front of Christie Zane, essentially removing her from view, as we fade to the black.



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