BIG Punishment For Jason Natas & Kendrix!

Posted by Lance Warner on 11 Feb 2017

The Jason Natas vs. Kendrix rivalry has spiralled out of control. It started long before Acts of DEFIANCE, when JFK insisted on agitating the then-DOC, but Kendrix's belt-burning two weeks ago flipped a switch in Natas. Completely enraged, Natas went after Kendrix on DEFtv 78, but instrinctively struck a DEFsec guard as he was being restrained. Natas was suspended on the spot, and we have some fresh news on the sanctions both men will face for their recent actions.

Natas' suspension kicked-in on February 7th, the night of DEFtv 78, and will run for 5 weeks. He will be forbidden from entering the DEFarena during this time, and isn't expected to return until after the Ascension PPV.

Kendrix, meanwhile, has faced a hefty fine for his desecration of the DEFIANCE Onslaught Championship. The sum will be deducted from his next paycheque, and while the specific amount hasn't been disclosed, it is believed to be well into five figures.

Who knows where, when, or if this rivalry will ever resume, but let's be honest: it's probably best that they're being kept apart for now.

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