Natas, Murray Head To Japan

Posted by Lance Warner on 13 Feb 2017

It has been an eventful couple of weeks week for both Andy Murray and Jason Natas. Murray stepped back into a behind the scenes role days after flattening Perfection at Acts of DEFIANCE, while Natas was recently served with a five-week suspension for striking a security guard on DEFtv. Their departures have left Cayle Murray alone and without a significant ally, and they won't be coming back anytime soon.

As permitted by their open-ended DEFIANCE contracts, Andy Murray and Jason Natas have today left for Japan.

The duo will spend spend a full month competing for Tokyo Star Wrestling, where they'll compete in opposite brackets of the promotion's annual Heavyweight Wrestling Grand Prix. It's a straight-forward round robin competition, with the winner of each bracket advancing to the finals later in the month.

The tour is set to take-up the bulk of Natas' suspension, while Andy will continue working remotely while away. Whatever happens next, we won't be seeing either man show up on DEFtv anytime soon.

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