My Desk, Douglas and a Name

Posted by Lance Warner on 23 Feb 2017

The NEEEEEWWWWWWsIt’s not abnormal to find my desk littered with a myriad of documents and paperwork, that I hadn’t previously left there, before a live DEFtv. However, it is strange is to find one that, potentially, answers some questions raised by said program and at the same time ask so many more.

A few days have passed since DEFtv 79 went off the air; with former Southern Heritage champion, Mikey Unlikely, scowling at his formerly obedient underlings, as they limp out of the Wrestle-Plex’s main stage. Which, in part, is why I was so surprised to find such an article tossed amongst the unrelenting amount of otherwise useless papers strewn across my workspace. Amidst months old SEG approved questions and oddly formal denial’s for interview from CODENAME: REAPER; a particular heading caught my eye.

Better yet, a name. Courtney Allen.

It took a moment or two to figure out why that name felt significant. I knew I had heard it or seen it … Seen it. Yes. It came back to me in a flash and as I read through it. I wasn’t surprised when I came across an even more familiar name; Scott Douglas.  

The document was a print out of a 2012 article by the The hyperlink, now dead, scrawled across the bottom of the page in light grey ink, produces nothing more than a 404 error and an image titled Fremont Troll by Seattle Sketcher, Gabriel Campanario.

Rather than ramble on any further; I’ve, instead, transcribed the piece verbatim and included picture proof of the document on my instagram. @DEFLance.

Seattle Indy Wrestling Injury; Courtney Allen
Written by Mark Roberts
Key Arena — Seattle native and International Wrestling Federation performer, Courtney Allen, seriously injured in what emergency crews call a "pro-wrestling" accident; according to the Magnolia Emergency Response.
Crews, which were on standby at Key Arena for the IWF's second "Super Show," were called into action when Courtney Denise Allen, 27, suffered blunt force trauma at the hand of her boyfriend, Nathaniel Scott Douglas and her brother, Derrick.
No charges had been filed at press time.
"The incident that took place tonight appears to be an accident and, to an extent, the nature of the sport. [sic]" according to Seattle Police Department spokeswoman, Jody Martinson.
Courtney Allen, was admitted to Virginia Mason for possible complications following a severe head injury. Martinson said, Monday, that Allen remains at the hospital in critical condition.
Art Mori, IWF Commissioner and on air personality declined to comment on what members of the audience have dubbed, "The Clap. [sic]"
© 2012 Seattle Times. All rights reserved. 

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