Good Newz, Bad Newz

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 10 Mar 2017

A contract rumor gets shot down and an injury rumor is legit.
Who am I talking about?!? CLICKITY-CLICK!

Quick notable notes from my sources:

The dirtsheetz were quick to pounce on the fact that the STORM, Hiroshi Zo and Kazushi, aren’t signed to DEFIANCE contracts and were in fact not invited to appear at DEFtv 79. They would of course crash the event and completely lay waste to the Masked Violators. However, many of these basement “newz” wizards are also reporting that the STORM have signed long-term deals. Don’t listen to those goons.

Word as of this afternoon, the STORM remained unsigned by DEFIANCE - although their mouthpiece and puppetmaster, Lord Nigel Trickelbush was locked into a one-year deal several months ago and has been pushing and prodding management to sign his volatile Japanese tag team. To say that DEF officials are skeptical is an understatement.

In related news, many of you have been tweeting me asking why the Masked Violators weren’t at DEFtv 80. This is one of those situations where the dirtsheetz were actually on the money. It’s true, Masked Violator #2 was - and remains - hospitalized following that attack with a severely dislocated right shoulder, 4 broken ribs, and some seriously serious internal bleeding. It goes without saying that the planned Triple Threat Tag Match at the upcoming ASCENSION event featuring the Barrio Boys, Masked Violators, and Thugs 4 Hire is in very serious doubt and a Thugs/Boys straight-up tag seems just as unlikely.

Updates on this and more as it comes in!

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"Oh, and BRA-VOOOO on all of the “Back in the kitchen, little lady’ jokes, Bronson. Turns out it’s not only your wardrobe that’s stuck in the 1920s. Well done on the low-hanging fruit there, you malnourished-looking travelling carny half-wit. For the record, I’ve always wanted to ask, what’s with the stupid wrestle-suspenders anyway? Did you fall into a cave when you were a kid like Bruce Wayne, only instead of a big scary bat inspiring you to fight crime you saw a bearded lady, a strongman, and a clown playing a calliope and you were moved to fight good taste with black and white special effects, ragtime music, and a disturbing and strange desire to roll back women’s rights?"

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