SURGERY for Rising DEF Star!

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 14 Mar 2017

One half of an up and coming DEFIANCE tag team will reportedly require surgery this week...

Following a brutal assault from the STILL unsigned Hiroshi Zo and Kazushi at DEFtv 79, Masked Violator #2 (legal name unconfirmed) will reportedly undergo surgery on his right arm/shoulder to repair severely torn bicep tendons. While DEF officials were wary to place a target return date, I’m told the typical bicep tenodesis surgery requires a nearly 3 month recovery time.

Regarding the aforementioned STORM, word is that DEF officials are leveraging the uninvited STORM appearance against them in contract negotiations and one source indicated that if DEFIANCE does sign them that it will be “a steal of a deal”.

Creative plans for Masked Violator #1 while #2 is on the shelf ranged from having him sit at home and get paid while his partner rehabs… to unmasking him and repacking him as a singles competitor. More information as it comes in!

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