Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 8 Jun 2017

DEFIANCE’s latest mega-event is in the books... but there were more than a few bumps in that ROAD! While the most talked-about story may surround the new FIST of DEFIANCE and what we can look forward to at the very top of the card and the singles division, the tag scene in DEFIANCE was shocked - and in a big way - as well! The fallout from the 4-Team LADDER WAR spreads...

DEFIANCE officials have been tight-lipped regarding the unexpected and unorthodox finish of the tag match. Fan reaction to members of two different teams walking out as champions was mixed, with some excited by such a shocking twist and others burying it. Nowhere was that more evident than on social media, where it seemed that anyone with two thumbs and nothing important to do at 3 a.m. was talking about it:

Trump weighs in on tag controversy.

DEFIANCE officials indicate that there will be no outright reversal of the decision at DEFIANCE Road, but they were working with “all parties” to find what was described to me as “a middle ground”. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what that means… mainly because no one is saying anything more about it!

I’ve been unable to connect with either the new unexpected champions, Elise Ares of the Pop Culture Phenoms and Skidd Row of the Bastard Sons of Wrestling… OR their regular tag team counterparts but I’m hearing that no one is happy about this outcome. Yeah. I’m glued to DEFtv to see how this plays out, too.

The Bastards and PCP weren’t the only two teams left in limbo after this match! The other teams in the contest, the Masked Violators and The STORM, reportedly find themselves indefinitely suspended following the near riot that transpired between members of both teams and DEFsec. There is a belief amongst those in the locker room that both teams will sit out the remaining months of their contract and won’t appear on DEFtv again. Time will tell.

As for Lord Nigel Trickelbush, the eccentric and eerie manager of The STORM, he seems to be sidestepping any heat from the office and his immediate future with DEFIANCE remains to be seen.

One thing you CAN count on? It's going to be one hot summer in the DEFIANCE tag team division - and the world will be watching! 

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