Jason Natas Leaves DEFIANCE

Posted by Lance Warner on 11 Jun 2017

Three years after first debuting in DEFIANCE, Jason Natas has left the promotion. This comes as a consequence of his loss to Kendrix at DEFIANCE Road, the stipulation of which stated that The Bronx Bully would be forced to depart in the event of a defeat. As Natas tapped-out to Kendrix's Kendrix Kross, this clause has been triggered.

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Natas debuted in July 2014, but was quickly shot-down by a career threatening knee injury. A long, gruelling rehabilitation process, and when Natas returned to television in October 2015, he was visibly out of shape and behind in his recovery.

The Anti-Superstar couldn't keep-up with the competition as a result. He embarked on a long losing streak, but gradually won the support of The Faithful for his grit, determination, and fighting spirit.

Enrolling in Andy Murray's Fight Chance Gym, Natas initially aligned himself with Dusty Griffith and Frank Dylan James to fend-off Team HOSS, before going solo. He and The Murray Brothers became a tight, cohesive unit backstage, and while Natas' losing streak continued, he grew closer and closer. He came within a hair of defeating Lindsay Troy and Mikey Unlikely in conseuctive weeks, before his moment finally came at DEFCON 2016, when he sent Sean Jackson into retirement with a crushing South Bronx Lariat.

Now one of the most popular wrestlers in DEFIANCE, Natas went on an absolute tear. He captured the DEFIANCE Onslaught Championship from Frank Dylan James, embarking on a 10-match winning streak that came screeching to a halt at Acts of DEFIANCE 2017, when he lost the title without being pinned.

The rivalry with Kendrix exploded shortly after, and now, Natas is gone. His DEFIANCE contract was set to expire in August, so he will effectively sit-out the next two months before he is officially released. As it stands, he has already agreed to appear for an undisclosed independent promotion in Florida, and could be set to return to Japan following a successful three-week tour earlier this year.

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