Returning Tag Team to Arrive on DEFTV 91!

Posted by Lance Warner on 4 Oct 2017

This just in! 

In light of all the chaos between the UTA and DEFIANCE rosters, we've come to learn that one of DEFIANCE's most dominant tag teams will be making a return to the fold and won't be waiting - they have requested to jump right into the thick of things and will be present for DEFTV #91!

As of now, we have no way to know who they are as DEFIANCE brass have remained tight-lipped in fear of possible retaliation from the UTA contingent and Mikey Unlikely, but what we have been told is this - not only will they be arriving on DEFTV's 91st edition, but they will be in action as well! DEFIANCE's history have seen a Who's Who of powerful tag teams and factions through its halls over the years. While that covers a lot of ground, we're told that they brokered the deal just last night.

Stay tuned to for any possible updates and don't forget to check with your local cable, satellite or internet provider to find out where you can catch DEFTV!

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