Six Weeks Too Soon?

Posted by Scott Stevens on 28 Oct 2017

This just in! 

Scott Stevens has signed a medical release form and will be ready to compete at DEFTV #92!

This just in! 

Scott Stevens has signed a medical release form and will be ready to compete at DEFTV #92!

Some are saying Stevens is foolish for coming back so soon after just informing the world on the latest edition of Uncut that he is in no condition to compete, and some are shocked when they heard the news. The question is why is Stevens coming back so soon? Well, throughout the week, the controversial Texan and his family has been apparently harassed numerous times during their time in New Orleans to the point it got physical between Stevens and the DEFIANCE faithful when they showed up at his hotel and harassed him in front of his wife and kids, and that was the boiling point for the Texan.

When we reached out for a comment from Stevens he was happy to provide one.

“It’s one thing to harass me, but to do it in the presence of my wife and kids, is another! These pieces of trash think they are tough guys heckling a woman and little children shows just how bush league DEFIANCE really is and how superior UTA is. You don’t see our fans harassing Bronson Box at whatever Irish pub he’s getting drunk at or interrupting Cayle Murray when he’s giving Jack Hunter a “Lil Broosy” behind the dumpster at the Wrestle-Plex do you? What happens from this point forward is on the faithful. You want to know why Oscar Burns’ career was cut short? You harassed my wife. You want to know why your heroes are being broken whenever I touch them? You scared my kids, and that is unforgivable. The broken bones, the battered bodies, and the blood that will be spilt is on DEFIANCE’s retarded fans’ hands.”

Stay tuned to for any possible updates and don't forget to check with your local cable, satellite or internet provider to find out where you can catch DEFTV!

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