12-Man Tag Announced for DEFtv 96!

Posted by Lance Warner on 12 Jan 2018

A massive 12-man tag team match has been announced and signed for DEFtv 96 featuring DEFIANCE vs. WrestleUTA!


Ladies and gentlemen, I've just been informed of a huge 12-man tag team match booked for DEFtv 96! Get ready for this...

Representing the UTA will be Jack Harmen, Chris Ross, Scott Stevens, Lisil Jackson and The Dibbins brothers!

However, the DEFIANCE end has yet to take full shape! Confirmed are the following: The D, Klein, Gage Blackwood and Rich Mahogany!

Although Team DEFIANCE does not have a full group just yet, I'm sure plenty of wrestlers will be lining up to get their hands on members of the UTA! That is... if anyone is left...

Jack Harmen's been on an absolute war path after brutalizing Andy Murray last week! Chris Ross has also been out for blood, putting Gage Blackwood in the ER time and time again and Scott Stevens was literally MILLISECONDS away from becoming the new reigning FIST if it wasn't for the time limit expiring!

The Dibbins will be making their first appearance on TV in about two months and Lisil Jackson has not been seen since getting into a spat with Chris Ross over his match at MAXIMUM DEFIANCE.

On the DEFIANCE side, the last time we saw Rich Mahogany he was squashed at the hands of Crimson Lord in a WrestleUTA Title Match.

More on this story as it develops! Make sure you tune in next week to DEFtv 96 to catch this match and of course Cayle Murray defending the FIST once again vs. THE Jay Harvey! You won't want to miss it!

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