Main Event for Acts of DEFIANCE is SET!

Posted by Lance Warner on 3 Feb 2018

Earlier today, DEFIANCE officials confirmed that Cayle Murray, the current FIST of DEFIANCE, would be defending his championship this Sunday against Wrestle UTA star Jack Harmen.

When Mikey Unlikely put the bounty on Cayle’s head, the FIST has somehow survived and fought off all challengers. However, Jack Harmen is a twenty five year veteran with a mean streak the world has never seen before.

After Harmen injured Andy Murray, whose status is still currently undetermined and undergoing medical treatment, Jack set his sights on his brother Cayle. Harmen attacked him after the most recent DEFtv when Cayle defeated THE Jay Harvey, slamming the FIST title into the champion.

DEF officials have also announced and confirmed that this match would be a No Disqualification match, with the added stipulation that if anyone were to interfere on either DEFIANCE or UTA’s side, they would be fired on the spot.

Cayle Murray couldn’t be reached for comment, nursing his injuries and training for his championship defense. When Lance Warner sent an intern to get a word with Jack Harmen, Jack put him in the hospital.

Join us this Sunday as Cayle Murray takes on Jack Harmen in a one in a lifetime dream match. All that and so much more, live at Acts of DEFIANCE.

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