Will Scott Stevens appear at DEFTV?

Posted by Lance Warner on 26 May 2018

Will Scott Stevens be at DEFTv 103?

On DEFTV 102 we saw the return of Scott Stevens as he brutally assaulted Oscar Burns and made his intentions clear that he wants the FIST of DEFIANCE championship.

Rumor has it that Oscar Burns has been seething from the attack and has been demanding management to make Stevens appear at DEFTV 103. However, the Texan may not appear at all as we've gotten some of the details regarding Stevens' new contract that the Texan can show up whenever he wants as he is on a reduced schedule compared to the rest of the DEFIANCE roster and extra appearances will fetch a hefty price.

So will Oscar force management's hand and pay the price of Scott Stevens to appear? Or will the Champion have to wait until the Texan feels like showing up?

Tune into DEFTV to find out.

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