Scott Stevens being investigated?

Posted by Lance Warner on 7 Jun 2018

Scott Stevens being investigated by the FCC and NOPD?

Scott Stevens being investigated by the FCC and NOPD.

On DEFTV 103 we saw Scott Stevens pour a white substance on one of the ladies' breast he was in his limousine with. Even though it wasn't caught on camera the sound of something being snorted was caught on camera.

Even though it wasn't seen it was heard and insinuated on live television that the substance being consumed was cocaine. The FCC and the NOPD are investigating the matter into what the white substance was.

If the substance was indeed cocaine the possession of cocaine charge can range from automatic probation up to five years in prison. The punishment ranges for possession of cocaine for large amounts increase incrementally by weight and range from five to ninety-nine years. Also, because this took place on a live television show the harsher of the penalties would surely be in effect.

We reached out to Scott Stevens for a response and we given a statement by his legal team saying, "Mr. Stevens does not and has not used illegal substances. He doesn't need something to give him an edge or to pollute his body."

However, we've found other reports that contradict Mr. Stevens' legal team as he was charged with possession of controlled substances, namely steroids.

However, these charges were later dismissed as Mr. Stevens had a valid prescription as he was coming off major knee surgery at the time.

The next charge was a major one as it almost blacklisted Stevens from the wrestling profession and almost received jail time.

In August 2008, Stevens was accused of anabolic steroid use and being a ring leader in the distribution of steroids after an Pro Wrestling Torch article released the names of wrestlers that were clients of Get Buff Pharmacy of Orlando, Florida, one of many pharmacies under investigation for filling illegal prescription drugs. Stevens released a statement denying The Torch's allegations and was reportedly furious over the report. He denied ever being a customer of Get Buff and has repeated denied being a distributor of steroids going to the point of suing the Torch for slander.

The charges were eventually dropped from lack of evidence and the Torch and Mr. Stevens settled their suit out of court.

What will happen to Stevens going forward?

Tune into DEFTV to find out.

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