Posted by Lance Warner on 4 Jul 2018

Known for a very stacked and talented tag team division, DEFIANCE looks to continue to bring you great action with the creation of the first-ever BRAZEN RISE Tag League!

Put together by BRAZEN head honcho Angus Skaaland, the BRAZEN RISE Tag League will see five rising tag teams from within BRAZEN compete in a round robin-style tournament to air exclusively on UNCUT over a series of four shows, plus a bonus show brought to you on our Propaganda Channel. The two teams that hold the most points at the end of the series will compete live on our next Clash of The BRAZEN special!

The winning team will not only be presented with a $25,000 cash prize, but will also be granted full-time contracts to the DEFIANCE roster!

The five teams participating:


The Louisiana Bulldogs (Oliver and Denver Brandt)

The brothers and local fan favorites from right here in Louisiana! Known as Big Olly and The Gulf Coast Crippler respectively, Oliver and Denver look to use their collective collegiate amateur backgrounds to win the league.

Oliver Brandt: 6’1”, 240 lbs.

Denver Brandt: 6’, 235 lbs.


Strong Style Stranglers (Ridgway, Hart and Brody)

Perhaps the most dangerous group involved. The enigmatic and one of two trios in the league. This group of equally reckless and dangerous men combine speed, strength, and disregard for others to overwhelm the opposition.

Ridgway: 6’, 215 lbs.

Hart: 5’11”, 220 lbs.

Brody: 6’3”, 290 lbs.


Gentlemen’s Agreement (Viscount Vice Admiral Ernest Charles Sewell The Third of Long Melford and Oliver Tarquin Monroe)

The technical 40-year-old Lord Sewell along with his young protege, Oliver Tarquin Monroe AKA OTM will be looking to use a vicious blend of grappling and submissions to earn a place on the DEFIANCE roster.

Lord Sewell: 6’2”, 252 lbs.

OTM: 6’2, 224 lbs.


WrestleFriends (“Manpower” Jack Mace and “Bantam” Ryan Batts)

The popular WrestleFriends consist of 12-year American journeyman “Bantam” Ryan Batts, along with his best friend, the wild and friendly British powerhouse “Manpower” Jack Mace. Both trained alongside FIST of DEFIANCE Champ Oscar Burns, the big man/little man duo have impressed BRAZEN officials in a short time to get this spot.

Batts: 5’7”, 213 lbs.

Mace: 6’7”, 375 lbs.


The Dunson Clan (Paul, Richie and Todd Dunson)

Perhaps the most overlooked entry in the series, a wrestling journeyman Paul Dunson looks to use his years of experience to guide his sons Richie and Todd to pull out what may be a huge upset to make it to the big leagues at long last!

Paul: 6’1”, 230 lbs.

Richie: 5’11”, 210 lbs.

Todd: 5’8”, 200 lbs.

With that, we wish good luck to these competitors in the weeks to come and we'll see you on the next UNCUT with the first of our League matches. The WrestleFriends compete against the Dunson Clan and Strong Style Stranglers take on Louisiana's Own, the Louisiana Bulldogs! 

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"I like that you speak in metaphors, like a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I like it and I only wish you would do it more, because I have ‘refers to a match as a miracle of canvas, upon which we brush a tapestry as the Medici’s look upon in abject horror, the knowledge that the papal legacy within their blood holds no sway over the inevitability of the destruction to come’…. For five hundred dollars and the points."

- Dan Ryan




1. Kendrix
2. Elise Ares
3. Dan Ryan
4. Crimson Lord
5. Oscar Burns


1. Fuse Bro's
2. Toy Box
3. PCP
4. WrestleFriends
5. Steven's Dynasty


1. Reinhardt Hoffman
2. Gunther Adler
3. Levi Cole
4. Flex Kruger
5. Theo Baylor