DEFIANCE: Ascension Injury Report

Posted by Lance Warner on 5 Jul 2018

Following, what was certainly the most brutal DEFIANCE event since the dawning of the new era, several DEFIANTS have suffered injuries of varying degrees after Ascension.

-- Crimson Lord, was reported to have suffered several lacerations and severe avulsion of his back. Preliminary testing also showed symptoms consistent with a mild concussion. As a result of striking Iris Davine - Crimson Lord is reportedly suspended indefinitely. A psychological evaluation will be required before his suspension can be lifted or even defined. Originally triaged in DEFmed, after an incident with the ambulance transporting, Crimson Lord was admitted to New Orleans East Hospital later in the night.

-- Elise Ares, was reported to have required fluids for exhaustion and dehydration; post her marathon match against Jack Harmen. She was cleared from DEFmed late in the night; sore and in pain but with no serious injuries.

-- Jack Harmen was reported to have several bruised ribs and a few lacerations. Nothing serious. His rental car, however, was found in a ditch off of a nearby river, with a turd floating in the front seat driver's side.

-- Scott Douglas received eighteen stitches in DEFmed for the laceration to the back of his head. He was later transported to a medical facility for monitoring due to concern over his substantial blood loss and stifled breathing. Imaging would conclude suspicions that the former SoHer had exacerbated his previously fractured ribs. No word as of press time on how long he is expected to be out.

-- After the outright vicious post-match attack by new FIST of DEFIANCE Scott Stevens, local otolaryngologists have determined that Oscar Burns suffered severe trauma to his neck and throat area. Preliminary reports have also determined that Oscar Burns may miss up to two to three months recovering from various injuries to the area. Currently, Burns is unable to speak and is being monitored closely.

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