Two Years a DEFIANT

Posted by Lance Warner on 21 Dec 2018

It was two years ago at DEFCON that Scott Douglas would first visit and meet with the DEFIANCE brass. The handful of meetings that would take place over that weekend would result in the resurgence of Douglas’ wrestling career. A bright new hope on what was proving to be a dark time for the thirty-two-year-old.

Debuting in DEFIANCE’s now championed developmental league, BRAZEN, Douglas would go on to become the “Faithful’s Favorite Son.” The plucky grunge rock anti-hero, a couple decades too late, with a never say die constitution.

Along the way, Scott would be haunted by old flames, taunted by childhood friends and challenged by new foes. Sub Pop survived Derrick Allen’s shadow show as Midorikawa, The onslaught of Codename: Reaper and the subsequent betrayal by Kerry Kuroyama, and even the Invasion of UTA. Through all this Scott Douglas has managed to remain an active performer on the DEFIANCE roster with mostly minor injuries and only one arrest.

Nearly two years to the day, at DEFCON 2018, Scott Douglas has not faired as well. After suffering a brutal loss to Crimson Lord in an Empty Arena match, Scott has suffered a broken arm at the hands of the same zealot. Early reports were hopeful and suggested a clean break with short recovery time. That is not the case.

“Sub Pop” Scott has suffered a comminuted radial shaft fracture or, for those who don’t want to google it, a broken forearm. More specifically, the larger of the two bones that make up the lower portion of a human arm is called the radius or radial shaft. The fracture caused by the over seven-foot Crimson Lord and a steel folding chair has been confirmed to be comminuted; meaning the bone is in more than two pieces. This type of break is less common and in most cases is only the result of an automobile accident.

At the time of this articles release, Scott Douglas is expected to require surgery before the fracture can be properly set and cast. Until then, estimated recovery time is unknown. That being, Scott Douglas has been indefinitely removed from all upcoming DEFIANCE live event, television and pay per view appearances.

For all the staff here at DEFIANCE: We wish Scotty; a speedy and successful recovery.

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