Posted by Lance Warner on 14 Nov 2019

DEFIANCE HQ has just received breaking news regarding a blockbuster tag team main event set up for our 127th edition of DEFtv! Per orders of Executive Producer Kelly Evans, FIST of DEFIANCE Oscar Burns will once again team up with the #1 Contender Mikey Unlikely to take on none other than Burns' fellow League of Extraordinary Graps members and proteges... The WrestleFriends! 

Things between Oscar Burns and Mikey Unlikely have been tense to say the least as DEFIANCE Road 2019 looms closer. After winning a tag team main event on DEFtv 125 over The Family Keeling that saw Mikey steal a tag team when the opportuntity presented itself, Burns' concerns with his opponent have made him question the Mikey Unlikely that he'll be facing at DEFROAD. With Mikey retorting that he'll be the one and only future FIST of DEFIANCE, the two men are on a collision course towards a very personal FIST title encounter. 

But that's for DEFIANCE ROAD 2019. The story here is that Burns and Unlikely will have to leave their own personal feelings at the door if they want to have a chance to defeat the inaugural BRAZEN RISE Tag League winners. The WrestleFriends are considered by many to be one of the best teams in DEFIANCE to have not held the World Tag Team Titles. Boasting multiple victories over former champions The Fuse Bros as well as a victory at our last DEFCON over the current champions The Stevens Dynasty, "Bantam" Ryan Batts and "Manpower" Jack Mace have what it takes to defeat the "super team" of Burns and Unlikely, especially if they cannot get along.

As for the WrestleFriends themselves, despite the heinous attack by No Justice, No Peace during the last show, they have been cleared for competition and will be ready for what could arguably be one of the biggest matches of their career as a team. 

Which team will prevail? Will Burns and Unlikely pull out a massive victory or will the WrestleFriends notch another win on their new quest for another World Tag Team Title opportunity?

Find out all this and more DEFtv 127! 

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