DEFtv 147 will see all singles titles ON THE LINE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 1 Jan 2021

HUGE card announcements for DEFtv 147 Night 1 & Night 2! Check it out!

Signed for DEFtv 147 Night 2, the main event will see Mikey Unlikely defend the FIST of DEFIANCE against... Conor Fuse!

This will be Conor's first ever FIST match! The Best Pout Machine has caught fire recently, placing as a finalist many times for SEGMENT of the YEAR (and ultimately winning alongside Patrick Cassidy & Trashcan Tim) as well as being a finalist for BREAKOUT DEFIANT of the YEAR (but losing to Dex Joy). Mikey, on the other hand, is the reigning DEFIANT of the YEAR and continues to sit at the top of the mountain. Can anyone beat him?

When asked about the match, Mikey couldn't be reached. The Suite was cut off, I could get nowhere near. I believe Mikey and Co. are still celebrating from the award show. When Conor was asked about the match he stared blankly at me and didn't say anything! Can you believe that!? I couldn't!

Other matches on Night 2 include "Queen of the Ring" Lindsay Troy taking on Jay Harvey! Fresh off her MATCH of the YEAR award, Lindsay and Harvey should tear the house down! Gage Blackwood will also battle The Deacon. However, I'm being told this match may be off due to the shocking Chris Ross attack! We all know Gage is a tough one but this might be too much to overcome. He may be out for some time. I'll keep you informed if anything comes across my desk.

Night 1 of DEFtv will see both the FAVORED SAINTS and SOUTHERN HERITAGE CHAMPIONSHIPS on the line! Matt LaCorix defends against Nathaniel Eye and Dex Joy defends his "SOHER Paper Championship" against the #1 contender, "Bantam" Ryan Batts!

Of course, there will be additional appearances by all your DEFIANT favorites! 24K will be in the house, The Comments Section, PCP, Oscar Burns, The Kabal, Scrow, a returning Henry Keyes and SO MANY MORE!

2021 will begin with a BANG starting next Wednesday night! Join us then.


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"You want to stand on my road and be a roadblock? Throw some tacks on the pavement? Grab your goons and put fists to flesh? Wish granted. You, and everyone else, will learn the hard way that you don't come for me unless I send for you."

- Lindsay Troy




1. Mikey Unlikely
2. Scott Douglas
3. Dex Joy
4. Jay Harvey
5. Elise Ares


1. The Comments Section
2. The ToyBox
3. Sky High Titans
4. The Lucky Sevens
5. The Stevens Dynasty


1. Killjoy
2. Les Enfants Terribles
3. Jack Harmen
4. Declan Alexander
5. Nathaniel Eye