DEFtv 149 Major Announcement!

Posted by Lance Warner on 6 Feb 2021

Well that didnt take long. We already have a title match announced for DEFtv 149, coming to you in three weeks!

BIG NEWS for DEFtv 149! For two months a mysterious person known as THE ONE has been targeting Malak Garland and The Comments Section, calling them unfit UNIFIED Tag Team Champions! Numerous vignettes have appeared on UNCUTS, supporting The Lucky Sevens and The ToyBox to end the reign of TCS. As we all know, Malak has been able to escape these contests by the skin of his teeth. Well, I’ve been told the Favored Saints were going to grant THE ONE a Unified Tag Team Championship Match on DEFtv 150! HOWEVER, Malak Garland demanded the match be moved up to DEFtv 149 because of “serious anticipatory anxiety issues”. Sources say DEFtv 150 is being organized as a pay-per-view quality show. Yet, Malak Garland’s adamant the match take place sooner!

“My anxiety is too high right now. I don’t like surprises. I had a surprise party thrown for me when I was six and for various reasons I’m not allowed to cross state lines into Idaho until at least 2052, hearing pending. Which is fine, I don’t like their potatoes anyways. I don’t think it’s appropriate to my AVALANCHE mentality to wait this long.” Said Malak when asked by reporters.

This has led to the Favored Saints MOVING the match to DEFtv 149! There are a lot of unanswered questions here, like who is THE ONE? How can one wrestler get a UNIFIED Tag Team Championship title opportunity? Very unsure of this situation in its entirety but we will have a huge main event take place on one of the DEFtv 149 nights nonetheless! More on this story as it develops. I will try to gather as much information as possible and report back.

What a week it has been! I'll have a full DEFCON update for everyone very soon, too!

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