Featuring: Cyrus Bates
Date: 2/11/2021
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

The wind whistles atop the snowy tundra of Garland Farms.

For now, it’s quiet but soon things will get intense.

Off in a distant corner of the vast property, a bubble dome stands erect. Adjacent to that is a single plot of townhouses.

Inside the bubble dome is a professional wrestlers dream training and sparring facility.

Numerous wrestling rings stand at the ready. There’s multiple racks of dumbbells, kettlebells and weight plates.

There’s a tire and ropes station and plenty of glass mirrors are set up around the perimeter.

All ring aprons have ‘AVALANCHE ACADEMY’ hand stitched on them with a unique looking snowflake logo between the words.

Suddenly, a multitude of personnel march into the fray.

Cyrus Bates, Teresa Ames, Sgt. Safety, Sam Day, Charlie Galt and an unknown man assemble ringside. They’re all wearing black Adidas themed AVALANCHE ACADEMY tracksuits with white striped accents. The AA snowflake logo is adorned on the left breast of the jackets while their names are embroidered on the right in the format of first initial, period, last name.

Unknown Man:
Bring in the talent, please!

Immediately, eleven of pro wrestling’s best prospects uniformly file into the facility. Septimus Tyne, Ryan Knox, Al Sparks, Megan Kron, Starscream, Peter Vetra, Shawn Steele, George Othello, Strong AF, Sweet Sanders and Nathan Cross stand across from their teachers. They are all wearing their own athletic gear that anyone would normally wear to the gym.

Unknown Man:
Hello everyone and welcome to DEFIANCE: AVALANCHE ACADEMY.

Everyone claps for a moment.

Unknown Man:
Welcome to AA, I’m your host, Gus Wolf and no, I’m not a professional wrestler.

Some get a chuckle at the ‘AA’ joke.

Gus Wolf:
Now, some of you might be wondering why you’re here, which is totally cool. Basically, you’ve been invited here, to Garland Farms, to train. However, this is no ordinary training school. This is also a competition. You see, my team and I are wearing the special AVALANCHE ACADEMY uniform. There’s one for each of you but it must be earned first.

Tension suddenly fills the air. It doesn’t help that Gus speaks like a reality television host.

Gus Wolf:
But more on that in a minute. First, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the man who owns this fine land, Mr. Malak Garland!

Everyone gasps as Malak walks into the bubble, wearing an inversed themed tracksuit. A ‘reverse retro’ white tracksuit with black stripe accents, if you will. Malak enters to applause and awe as he stands next to Gus.

Malak Garland:
Thank you, Gus and welcome all to DEFIANCE: AVALANCHE, exclusively here on my family farm and episodes streaming on demand on DEFonDEMAND. All of you have been hand picked for this experience. You will all live here, in the dorms assembled next door but this is no picnic. Gus will explain more about that but I’m just here to make a quick contractually obligated cameo appearance. I have better things to do than wipe the snot out of your baby noses.

Some of the participants exchange glances, as if they think they are getting punked.

Malak Garland:
Basically, I sat upon my throne in my newly acquired COMPLIANCE Warehouse and I thought, self, how can I give back to the community? I went online and noticed there aren’t a lot of new wrestlers coming up the ranks and that gave me severe anxiety. So, I decided to start my own school but with a twist. Don’t get me mistaken. I totally feel sorry that you snowflake wrestlers have to come up here and grind. I hate the empty void that is rural Wyoming.

The Source of Envy can’t help but hold back a sarcastic chuckle of his own.

Malak Garland:
As I was saying, there’s next to no stability out there for the younger generation to train so I thought of making our cutthroat industry even more cutthroat by holding a training competition. This academy will make me look very good in the public eye. Not to mention all the government subsidies I get for starting my own grassroots project. So zen. Anyways, I digress. Gus is your leader for the entirety of the contest. Hopefully, this will be my one and only appearance because I’m leaving him in charge so listen to him well and follow the rules.

Starscream idiotically allows his gaze to wander. Malak is quick to notice.

Malak Garland:
Hey you! Pay ATTENTION! What’s that guy’s name?

Malak books it over to Cyrus who tells him who it is.

Malak Garland:
Starscream? Really? Like the transfo—never mind. Hey, Starscream, I don’t like the cut of your jib, son. GUESS WHAT? YOU’RE ELIMINATED JUST LIKE THAT!

A spooked hush rushes over the crowd.

Malak Garland:

Starscream thinks it’s a joke at first but slowly realizes Malak isn’t playing around. To silence, Starscream exits the facility with his head down.

Malak Garland:
Ensure that man doesn’t get his tracksuit. They aren’t cheap you know.

Malak’s demeanor changes on a dime.

Malak Garland:
Okay great! Enjoy your stay, everyone!

Malak leaves with a big smile on his face as it feels like everyone can finally breathe again.

Gus Wolf:
If you didn’t think this was serious business, then guess again. One of the competitors has already been eliminated. Wow.

Cyrus Bates steps up next.

Cyrus Bates:
Each time we congregate, you will be put through a challenge to display your wrestling prowess in different ways. Should you be successful, then you gain a certain amount of clout depending on your performance, how you finished and where you placed. Look at the board behind me for a breakdown of how our clout system works.

A large bulletin board looms behind Cyrus with the following breakdown of clout points.

First Place: 20 Clout
Second Place: 10 Clout
Third Place: 5 Clout
Heart Award: 3 Clout

Gus takes back over.

Gus Wolf:
That’s right. And with clout comes power. If you have the most clout after a challenge, then you are the Housemaster. You get to decide what you want to do. Secure enough clout and you can redeem it on one of two options, or you can bank it entirely. First, you can challenge one of your peers to a wrestling match where the winner takes all the clout at stake and the loser is sent home with nothing. Second, you could take an even bigger risk and challenge one of the trainers. If you decide to do that and lose, of course, you go home, and your clout is all gone. However, if you win, well, what you get will be revealed to you at that time. If you decide to bank your clout, no judgment will be passed as this is a game and strategy matters. If that happens, the option to spend clout will filter down to the person with the next highest total and so on and so forth, which means even if you passed to spend clout, you still might not be safe. So spend it wisely and make wise choices. If no one wants to spend clout, well, we will cross that bridge if we come to it.


Gus Wolf:
In the meantime, welcome to AA once more. You all start with 10 clout. We hope you enjoy your stay here. Oh, and one last thing. The winner of the entire competition will be declared AVALANCHE Champion and shall receive a MYSTERY grand prize. Any questions?

Peter Vetra raises his hand. Gus points him out.

Peter Vetra: [Sarcastic]
Are we getting paid for the time we put in here? I mean, Wyoming is the middle of nowhere.

Shocked, Gus takes the disrespect personally.

Gus Wolf:
Are you being serious right now? Did you really just ask that? Get out of here, loser! Go! Cross him off the list too, Cyrus.

Vetra throws up the double bird before exiting.

Gus Wolf:
Anyone else?


Gus Wolf:
Right. Seeing that the nine of you are still here, you’ve all just earned your tracksuits. You passed the first test simply by persisting and showing the will to be here. They are waiting for you in your assigned dorm rooms. Moving forward, you’ll always be expected to wear your tracksuit as your uniform. Head there now. Stay well.

With that, dramatic music accompanies the remaining eight competitors as they exit the facility.


People are screaming. People are freezing. The harsh wintery Wyoming air challenges the eight competitors as they all fight against each other in the Gauntlet of Cyrus! Tensions also run high inside the house between roommates as Strong AF wants to hold a little push-up competition of his own! Let the games begin! Tune in next time!

Next air date: March 2021

Septimus Tyne: 10
Ryan Knox: 10
Al Sparks: 10
Megan Kron: 10
George Othello: 10
Strong AF: 10
Nathan Cross: 10
Sweet Sanders: 10
Shawn Steele: 10
Peter Vetra: ELIMINATED S1E1
Starscream: ELIMINATED S1E1

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