DEF Radio Shock-Jock Eyes Shock Lawsuit

Posted by Scotty Flash on 30 May 2021

Frequent listeners of DEF Radio host, Scotty Flash, won’t be surprised to hear that the bombastic shock-jock is considering civil action following an in-ring scuffle that occurred during the main event of DEFCON 2021’s Night 2.

The target of that litigation might surprise you...

Flash, who was reportedly signed in early Spring 2021 to a 3-year $4M/yr contract to serve as the signature “voice” of a resurgent audio arm of the DEFIANCE media library, appeared at the event in the capacity as a Special Guest Ring Announcer. He would insert himself into the Unlikely/Douglas match by apparently trying to toss a microphone to Unlikely to wield as a weapon. That mic was intercepted instead by Douglas who retaliated against Flash by striking him in the face with it and thus removing him from ringside entirely.

Since that time, Flash has taken both to the airwaves and to DEFIANCE’s flagship DEFtv to air his grievances against the now vanquished Scott Douglas all while threatening legal action.

We are now learning that Scotty Flash’s high paid legal time is advising the abrasive mic-hog that “Sub-Pop” Scott Douglas may not be the ripest target and are instead urging him to sue DEFIANCE Wrestling for placing him in an unsafe work environment on that night. Sources tell us that Flash is seriously considering following their advice. This would, of course, complicate an already complicated relationship between a dutiful employer and their loud-mouthed employee. The two sides have been reportedly arguing over a permanent studio space for his program since the very day he set foot in the door.

Would DEFIANCE allow Scotty Flash to remain on the air if he files against them in court? Our sources say that they might be on the hook to pay him his salary either if he is on the air or pulled off of it. It is most likely, if such a filing moves forward and if DEF decided to keep him broadcasting, that Scotty Flash would be barred from discussing the litigation on the air.

But, one has to wonder, would he be allowed to sing about it?

We will be following this and other stories closely. Stay tuned to for more.

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