Radio Shock-Jock’s Lawsuit in Jeopardy

Posted by Scotty Flash on 22 Jul 2021

The legal team for infamous shock jock, Scotty Flash (Scott Fleiderman), have reportedly left the loud-mouthed DEF Radio host in the lurch. They’ve abandoned the emcee and his efforts to procure damages from his employer, DEFIANCE Wrestling, stemming from an incident that occured at their April 29th DEFCON 2021 event...


Flash was shocked to learn in the middle of DEF’s MAXDEF Night 2 that his long term legal counsel at the firm of Abraham, Locke & Jensen had opted not to back his suit seeking damages after learning of a series of song parodies Flash recorded and broadcast on his live radio show in the week following his alleged assault at the hands of then-contracted performer, “Sub-Pop” Scott Douglas

Flash, in a statement issued in mid-May, had claimed that DEFIANCE management placed him in an “unsafe work environment” where he had suffered “irreparable and acute physical harm” when Douglas struck him in the face with a microphone during the event's main event. Flash was serving as the special guest ring announcer in the contest and had inserted himself into the action in the moments immediately preceding his contact with Douglas.

“He probably had a case. We probably could have settled for a few million,” a high-level source inside Abraham, Locke & Jensen who asked to remain anonymous said. “But (Flash) is his own worst enemy. He blew it before he even got in front of a judge.”

In the episode of DEF Radio cited by his former attorneys (originally airing May 8th), Flash teases Douglas (who apparently was his original target in the suit) that he will “clean him out” in song and even signs off the show with a series of giggles.

“We would get laughed out of court the minute a judge heard that”, the source said. “He claimed his nose had suffered irreparable damage, even found a doctor to corroborate that, and then goes and belts out three songs.” His legal team decided he had damaged his case beyond repair. “Scotty Flash is a colossal moron. If he is singing today I bet it’s a very, very sad song.”

It is unclear if Flash plans to pursue the lawsuit with different legal representation. Attempts to reach Scotty Flash for comment were unsuccessful.

A representative from DEFIANCE Wrestling’s legal department told us: “We don’t typically comment on litigation that doesn’t exist.”

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