BRAZEN Presents: RISE 10/15 and 10/16

Posted by Lance Warner on 16 Oct 2021

Just when you thought you had some time to catch your breath following Acts of DEFIANCE... BRAZEN had something to say about that!

A special Double Shot took place Friday Night and wrapped up Saturday afternoon inside our very own DEF-Plex to crown the next contender to the BRAZEN Championship! Who earned the next right to take on the monstrous Killjoy? And stay tuned for news on our NEXT special after the results!

Friday, October 15th Results

1. RISE OPENING ROUND Match: BRAZEN Onslaught Champion Michael Van Warren defeated BRAZEN Star Cup holder "One Shot" Jack Halcyon @ 12:25 via ref stoppage with the Limit Breaker (Kata Hajime)
2. RISE OPENING ROUND Match: Leyenda de Ocho defeated BRAZEN Tag Team Champion Archer Silver @ 9:45 with a springboard tornado small package pin
3. RISE OPENING ROUND Match: BRAZEN Tag Team Champion High Flyer IV defeated "The Golden Opportunist" Paul Dunson @ 5:56 with the Moonshot Special (Top Rope Moonsault)
4. RISE OPENING ROUND Match: Count Novick defeated Sgt. Safety @ 7:01 with the Graveyard Smash (Top rope senton)
5. RISE OPENING ROUND Match: "Bantam" Ryan Batts defeated "Shark God" Luke Ali'i @ 10:14 with two Batter Ups (flying headbutt to face)
6. RISE OPENING ROUND Match: "The Big Bad" BRAGG defeated Jesse Harrison @ 8:04 with They All Fall Down
7. RISE OPENING ROUND Match: Kazuhiro Troy defeated Nathan Cross @ 14:14 with The Royal Treatment (Double underhook piledriver)
8. RISE OPENING ROUND Match: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated Strong AF @ 11:25 with the Play of the Game (Cutter)

Saturday, October 16th Results

1. RISE Quarter-Final Match: Leyenda de Ocho defeated BRAZEN Onslaught Champion Michael Van Warren @ 13:05 with the shining wizard/Actualizer (Springboard quebrada) combo
2. RISE Quarter-Final Match: Kazuhiro Troy defeated Count Novick @ 3:25 with the Pillory (Double reverse armbar full nelson) submission 
3. RISE Quarter-Final Match: "Bantam" Ryan Batts defeated "The Big Bad" BRAGG @ 7:45 via countout
4. RISE Quarter-Final Match: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated High Flyer IV @ 9:37 with the GGez Kick (yakuza kick) 
5. Handicap Match: "Big Aug" August Lazar defeated Brutal Attack Force (Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett) @ 3:26 with Dunked On (full Nelson lift into facebuster) on Grendel
6. RISE Semifinals Match: "Bantam" Ryan Batts defeated Kazuhiro Troy @ 11:04 with Fastest Flash (Kido clutch) 
7. RISE Semifinals Match: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated Leyenda de Ocho @ 8:15 with the Play of the Game (Cutter). Leyenda attacked after the match by Michael Van Warren
8. SPECIAL ELIMINATION TAG MATCH: The (New) Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and Leo Burnett) defeated High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo), Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) and The Barrio Boys (Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez) @ 12:45 
--Barrio Boys eliminated @ 4:56 with Big Guns (Splash/running Splash combo) by Horrigan
--High Investigations eliminates @ 9:25 with Big O (Running Splash) on Cheno
--Heavy Artillery eliminated @ 12:45 with Leaping Reverse STO on Horrigan (Daymon pins Horrigan)
9. BRAZEN Star Cup: "One Shot" Jack Halcyon (c) defeated Reinhardt Hoffman One Fall to None to retain the BRAZEN Star Cup @ 15:00 
10. RISE Tournament Finals: "Bantam" Ryan Batts defeated Declan "DEC4L" Alexander @ 20:47 with three Batter Up Headbutts to win the RISE Tournament Finals!


--"Bantam" Ryan Batts has done the unthinkable and made it all the way through the RISE tournament! Ryan Batts has earned the right to challenge Killjoy for the BRAZEN Championship! After defeating his own tag partner Luke Ali'i, BRAGG, Kazuhiro Troy and Declan Alexander to get to the end, Batts wasted no time calling out the champion! The title match will take place at the next special, CLASH of the BRAZEN Champions! A special four-match show in two weeks with all of BRAZEN's titles on the line! After the show, BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment made the following matches official based on the tournament and fallout of the weekend!

BRAZEN Championship
Killjoy (c) vs RISE Tournament winner "Bantam" Ryan Batts

--Rain City Ronin fought to a draw several weeks ago against current champions Les Enfants Terribles of High Flyer IV and Archer Silver, and won a four way elimination match. By this right, Les Enfants Terribles will defend the BRAZEN Tag Team Champions against Rain City Ronin and this time, there must be a winner!

BRAZEN Tag Team Championships
There MUST be a winner!
Les Enfants Terribles (c) (High Flyer IV and Archer Silver) vs. Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and Leo Burnett)

--Due to having two separate victories in a six-man tag on the last Double Shot as well as bumping him from the RISE tournament in Quarter-Finals action, Leyenda de Ocho will take on the man that attacked him after his semi-finals match: BRAZEN Onslaught Champion Michael Van Warren! 

BRAZEN Onslaught Championship 
Michael Van Warren (c) vs. Leyenda de Ocho

--Lastly, "One Shot" Jack Halcyon might have lost in his opening round match on Night One, but bounced back with a HUGE win over the first-ever BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman! He has made an open challenge to defend at CLASH of the BRAZEN Champions and RISE Finalist Declan "DEC4L" Alexander stepped up to the plate, showing despite the loss, he isn't done yet! He made it all the way to the end of the RISE Tournament so fifteen minutes will be a cakewalk.

"One Shot" Jack Halcyon vs. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander

We'll see you in two weeks for the four-match special for CLASH of the BRAZEN Champions!

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