BRAZEN Presents: Road to The Champions CLASH!

Posted by Lance Warner on 21 Nov 2021

BRAZEN brought together a special event that drew several hundred folks during the local NOLA Wrestling Convention in New Orleans on Saturday, November 20th! Check the results in our final Clash before the Clash!



1. OnlyFlips (Kenny Yi and Lee Laz) defeated BADASS (Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome) @ 12:14 with The OnlyFlips Subscription (Double 450 splash on Tripp Wise (Yi pins Wise)

2. "Big Aug" August Lazar defeated "Exclusive" Eric Wilson @ 2:01 with Dunked On (Ripcord Cobra Clutch Slam)

3. Jesse Harrison defeated "Mellow Yellow" George Othello @ 5:03 with the Cliffhanger (Double Knee Facebreaker)

4. BIG-ASS CLASH PREVIEW MATCH: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander and Doug "Moonshine" Matton defeated "One Shot" Jack Halcyon and Nathan Cross @ 11:17 with the Whole Lotta Buzz on Cross (Matton submits Cross)

5. Team Strong/Bad (Strong AF and BRAGG) and High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) defeated Brutal Attack Force (Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett) and Gentlemen's Agreement (Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe) at 8:46 with the Burninator (Aided Gorilla Press Powerslam, Strong AF pins OTM)

6. The Storybook Kingdom (Sarah Winterton, A.Grimm, Red Wolf and FAFNIR) battled The DEFcepticons (Megan Kron, Septimus Tyne, Al Sparks and Ryan Knox) to a No Contest @ 13:55

7. Count Novick defeated Kazuo Akamatsu @ 6:19 with the Graveyard Smash (Top Rope Senton) 

8. TEN- MAN BIG-ASS CLASH PREVIEW II: Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, HF IV, Kazuhiro Troy and Killjoy) and Michael Van Warren defeated "Bantam" Ryan Batts, Luke Ali'i, Leyenda de Ocho and Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and Leo Burnett) @ 22:25 with a belt shot and Gold Fever (Running Gamengiri kick) from Archer to Zack Daymon

News and Notes:

--The two big matches were dubbed affectionately "BIG-ASS CLASH PREVIEW" matches. The first for the BRAZEN Star Cup preview saw Declan Alexander and longtime frenemy Doug "Moonshine" Matton take on BRAZEN Star Cup holder Jack Halcyon and good friend Nathan Cross. The match ended with Matton scoring the submission for his team with the Fujiwara Armbar while Alexander and Halcyon fought all around ringside! Though both men are fan favorites, both men want the BRAZEN Star Cup! 


--The main event hosted the other match where the challengers of the other big three title matches on the CLASH of the BRAZEN Champions card! In the end, it was the team of Les Enfants Terribles and BRAZEN Onslaught Champion Michael Van Warren who picked up the win thanks to chicanery from Archer Silver and High Flyer IV involving hitting Zack Daymon with one of the tag title belts and Archer's Gold Fever finish! Up until recently, the challengers Rain City Ronin have had the number of the Tag Team Champions, but have LET figured out how to keep them at bay? 


--The ongoing war between the DEFcepticons and Storybook Kingdom got violent when the referee had to throw the match out due to the two groups tearing one another apart! Because of this, BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment has added one additional match! It will be all out war when The DEFcepticons and Storybook Kingdom in an eight-person street fight! The winning side will earn a future BRAZEN Tag Title shot for any two members of their stable!


--Tag teams continue to heat up! Another tag team debuted during the show. Young high flyers Kenny Yi and Lee Laz have come together to form OnlyFlips and scored a huge upset win over top BRAZEN Tag Team BADASS in the opener with an amazing double 450 splash from the same turnbuckle on Tripp Wise!


--Jesse Harrison is out to make a statement and wants some gold! After his win, he challenged the winner of the BRAZEN Star Cup to a match. However, Count Novick did the same and promised to come for BLAUDDDDDD and GOOOOOOLLLDDDDD!


--Big Aug wins LOL. The massive "Big Aug" August Lazar keeps his undefeated streak alive. The big friendly giant and his infectious enthusiasm have win over fans quickly and he steamroller over Exclusive Eric Wilson!


Stay tuned on Sunday, November 28th for CLASH of the BRAZEN Champions!

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