BRAZEN Double Shot 11/5 & 11/6

Posted by Lance Warner on 7 Nov 2022

It's a new era in BRAZEN! A recent influx of new talent has taken BRAZEN by storm! New talent looking to make their mark. Veteran talent trying to keep their spots. And on top of it, we had two huge TITLE CHANGES! All at the Earl K. Long Gymnasium in Lafayette, Louisiana! 

That enough of a teaser for you? Okay, then, check out the link for the latest BRAZEN Double Shot results!

Saturday, November 5th

1. BRAZEN Star Cup: "Cunning" Curt Cunning defeated Kazuhiro Troy (c) one fall to zero by countout to win the BRAZEN Star Cup! 

2. "Young Bull" Tate Newell defeated Paul Dunson @ 2:15 with The Horns (running twisting spear)

3. LET (Killjoy and High Flyer IV) defeated  BUSINESS @ 7:32 with frog splash off Killjoy's shoulders (HF IV pins Byrd)

4. New Day Rising (Kyle Reeves and Yoshihara Raiden) defeated The Dunson Clan (Todd and Richie Dunson) @ 5:55 with the Lightning Bolt (top rope corkscrew moonsault leg drop, Raiden pins Richie Dunson)

5. Sun-Twist Skylar defeated Hijo del Fishman Deluxe @ 1:25 with the Moon Beam (Gonso Bomb)

6. Nick "Lotto" Otto defeated Wes Ingram @ 3:06 with Strike It Rich (diving leg drop bulldog)

7. Jack Halcyon defeated Bobby Horrigan @ 6:05 with the Sit and Go (Frog Splash)

8. The DEFCepticons (Al Sparks, Ryan Knox, Septimus Tyne and Megan Kron w/Starscream) defeated The Viking War Cult (Cul, Ivar and Floki Holmstrom and Torvald The Destroyer) @ 11:05 with Transformation Complete (double powerbomb, Sparks pins Floki)

9. BRAZEN Championship: Declan Alexander (c) defeated BRAGG @ 11:09 with top rope chokeslam reversal into Play Of The Game (Jumping Cutter) to retain the title!


Sunday, November 6th

1. #1 Contender’s Match, BRAZEN Star Cup: Leyenda de Ocho defeated Brayden W. Levrington @ 10:55 with the Actualizer to earn a future shot at the Cup!

2. Leon Van Zandt defeated Gunther Adler @ 6:05 with the Sugar Hold (full nelson camel clutch) 

3. The House (Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber) defeated Mucha Lucha (El Grande Diablo and El Chupacabro) @ 3:12 with Double Belly Buster (running splash/running senton combo, Huber pins Diablo)

4. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: FLAMBERGE (c) defeated Kid Black Jack @ 6:05 with the Marie Antoinette (guillotine choke)

5. Los Fratadores (Johnny Dorn and “The Business” Johnny Guilliano) defeated The Barrio Boys (Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzales) @ 6:31 with The Jager Bomb (sitout powerbomb, Guilliano pins Nunez)

6. Brooklynn Rivera defeated Liz Icarus @ 3:24 with The Goodnight Kiss (spinning back elbow)

7. Nathan Cross defeated FAFNIR @ 10:21 with the Crossover (Rolling Cutter) 

8. “The Fresh Prince of Big Air” Antonio Prince defeated Reinhardt Hoffman @ 11:41 with Hail To The Prince (inverted 450 splash) 

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and Kazuhiro Troy) defeated BIG Trouble (BIGBOSS Batts and Big Kahuna Ali’i) (c) @ 14:55 with Kicky McGee (Superkick/Gamengiri combo, Troy pins Batts) to win the titles! 



--For the first time in BRAZEN Double Shot history, we had not one, but TWO big title changes! The first came during the kick-off of Night One when Kazuhiro Troy lost the BRAZEN Star Cup in shocking fashion to the Masked Menace, “Cunning” Curt Cunning! After making it to the finals of Tag Party IV with Ned Reform, he was awarded the shot and made the most of it, thanks to BIGBOSS Batts! In a highly-contested match, The Cunning One stayed alive and took a beating from Kaz in the first few minutes before Curt used powder to the eyes to take control! After working Troy’s arm over after that, Kaz fought a handicap. At 14:00 of the 15:00 time limit, the two fought outside the ring. Cunning made it in, but before Kaz could do the same, BIGBOSS Batts ran down to ringside and clobbered Kaz with a BIGBOSS Brains (flying headbutt), making sure he couldn’t make it back in! The countout counts as a fall, putting Cunning up 1-0 in the 15 minute iron man rules of the Cup! This is “Cunning” Curt’s first title in BRAZEN and was flanked by two masked men to celebrate the occasion! This, however, was not the end of the story… 

--BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment was upset by the interference and informed Batts and Ali’i that when they got to the building, they would be defending the gold in a rematch from a prior draw against the LET team of Archer Silver and Kazuhiro Troy… and they made the most of it! Using a modified version of Archer and High Flyer IV’s Kicky McGee, Kaz and Archer scored their revenge against the BIG Trouble duo to win the titles! This marks Archer’s record third reign with the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles and Kaz’s first! The new team from LET, aka Silver and Gold II, ended the Double Shot by celebrating with the titles in tow! LET promised that now that the gold was back in their camp and the crowd supported them, they would, quote, “kick all the asses and keep these titles.”

--After a prior title match was ruined by BIG Trouble, BRAZEN Champion Declan Alexander and BRAGG had their rematch and ended in spectacular fashion! Alexander did everything he could to stop the monster from attacking him, but BRAGG kept on coming. He got a huge two-count off of Sorry About Your Jaw (striaght right hand), but a chokeslam to Declan from off the top was suddenly turned into the Play of the Game! After the jumping cutter connected and Declan got the three-count, he thanked the crowd. After his shocking upset of Oscar Burns just a little under a week ago, Declan continues to be THE star to watch within BRAZEN! 

--Lastly, FLAMBERGE asserted his dominance as the new BRAZEN Onslaught Champion by defeating the very game Kid Black Jack! Jack hit the 21 (spiral tap), but FLAMBERGE showed some great ring awareness by putting his foot on the bottom rope! KBJ tried a second one, but FLAMBERGE moved! KBJ rolled out of the way, but he kicked him in the head and followed up with Marie Antoinette for the submission win! After making it to the very end of Tag Party IV, FLAMBERGE promised he would be ruling the Onslaught division… but he will have a tough test as he was confronted by Jack Halcyon! Halcyon was supposed to have the scheduled title shot, but was attacked, presumably by Michael Van Warren… but FLAMBERGE revealed he was behind it so he could take his spot and win the title! The two men fought and had to be broken up by DEFSec, making this issue a very personal one! 


--There were several debuts over the course of this weekend, but we mention one departure. “Big Aug” August Lazar has asked for and has been granted his release from BRAZEN due to other commitments. He was allowed to wrestle for another promotion and won its main title. The 7’4” giant wished to focus on that, the release was granted and Big Aug has been wished the best in his future endeavors. 

--Nick “Lotto” Otto and his story turned the crowd against him quickly. A former bank teller won a $5M lottery and used the funds to become a wrestler, but didn’t earn many fans when he proclaimed he earned the money on his own merits. He defeated young 19-year-old Wes Ingram. His match wasn’t said to be much but a series of moves, but Otto’s promo got him hated quickly even when he didn’t mean to do it, seemingly! 

--The debut of Los Fratadores got them hated quickly. After winning their match against longtime BRAZEN team The Barrio Boys, Johnny Dorn and “The Business” Johnny Guilliano, they immediately challenged for the BRAZEN Tag Titles after one match --- but thankfully for them, new champions Silver & Gold II, accepted after the show! That match has been scheduled for two weeks out!

--Another debut impressed many in the form of the intense “Young Bull” Tate Newell! A student of the Unstoppables School (the same men that trained top DEFIANCE star Dex Joy), Tate looked impressive by smashing his way through former BRAZEN Onslaught Champ Paul Dunson in just over two minutes with a vicious spear called The Horns! In a nod to Dex, he busted out the Jump For Joy cannonball in the corner. Newell was said to impress officials for his poise. 

--Nathan Cross with a win over the strongman, FAFNIR. Nathan Cross told the crowd that he was gunning for gold and had a title in his sights, but didn’t say which. Regardless, the super-athletic Cross has been pegged for big things and he’s no longer content to just listen to the talk of potential… he wants to show it! 

--Other young guns impressed! Sun-Twist Skylar continues to impress with another win, as did another submission win by submission-based star Leon Van Zandt and the young 18-year-old high-flying prodigy Antonio Prince with a major win over BRAZEN’s first-ever BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman! Not to mention the young tag team of New Day Rising with another win. The newest female star, Brooklyn Rivera, destroyed OnlyFlips member Liz Icarus in quick fashion with the Goodnight Kiss! 

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