BRAZEN Presents: Black Friday & Saturday Double Shot! 11/25 and 11/26

Posted by Lance Warner on 28 Nov 2022

We hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and got lots of shopping done! BRAZEN brought a special Double Shot over Black Friday and Saturday with all BRAZEN's titles on the line! With an influx of new talent and the current on-top crop trying to keep their spots, what happened? Also, see High Flyer IV defend his newly-won Favoured Saints Championship against former BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman! Check out the latest BRAZEN results now!


Friday, November 25th Results

1. BRAZEN Star Cup: "Cunning" Curt Cunning and Nathan Cross fought to a 1-1 draw; The Cup doesn't change hands on a draw, Cunning retains!

--first fall by Nathan Cross @ 4:15 with Crossover (Rolling Cutter)

--second fall by countout when Hijo del Curt Cunning grabbed Cross' leg under the ring)

2. The House (Derrick Huber, Adam Roebuck and Kid Black Jack) defeated The DEFcepticons (Al Sparks, Ryan Knox and Septimus Tyne) @ 10:05 with 21 (Corkscrew senton bomb, KBJ pins Tyne)

3. Leon Van Zandt defeated Paul Dunson @ 6:05 with the Sugar Hold (full nelson camel clutch)

4. Sun-Twist Skylar defeated Eddie Cheno @ 5:56 with the Moon Beam (Gonso Bomb)

5. BRAZEN Championship Battle Royal for Night Two: "Mellow Yellow" George Othello wins, last eliminating Brayden W. Levrington to win title shot on Night Two @ 10:57 

6. "The Big Bad" BRAGG defeated Somchai @ :56 with They All Fall Down (Double-handed chokebomb)

7. Leyenda de Ocho defeated "The Dirt Worst" Doug Matton @ 11:01 with the Actualizer (Springboard Corkscrew Quebrada)

8. Nick "Lotto" Otto defeated Charlie Galt @ 3:56 with the Scratch-off (flipping piledriver)

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and Kazuhiro Troy) defeated Los Fratadores (Johnny Dorn & "The Business" Johnny Guilliano) @ 12:56 with Kicky McGee Alpha (Gamengiri/Penalty Kick combo, Archer pins Guilliano)


Saturday, November 26th Results

1. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: FLAMBERGE (c) defeated "One Shot" Jack Halcyon @ 10:05 via ref stoppage with the Marie Antoinette (guillotine choke) to retain the title!

2. The Curt Cunning Experience ("Cunning" Curt Cunning, Curt Cunning Dos and Hijo del Curt Cunning) defeated The Barrio Boys (Corey Nunez, Hugo Gonzalez & Gerardo Villalobos) @ 8:45 with the All The Curt Cunning (triple superkick, OG Cunning pins Gonzalez)

3. NO DQ Match: The Monster Mash (Count Novick and The Monster) defeated Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) @ 9:04 with a Graveyard Smash through a table outside the ring (top rope senton, Novick pins Horrigan)

4. THE STREETS (Kyle Shields and Thurston Hunter) defeated Wes Ingram and "Earthbound" Jeff Ness @ 4:12 with Agent of Shields (Pumphandle driver, Shields pins Ingram)

5. Franco Marchesi defeated Curtis Alexander Brown @ 12:45 with The Flak Cannon (Flying European Uppercut)

6. "The Problem Solver" Adrian Payne defeated Justin Sane @ 2:00 with Stay Down (falling powerslam)

7. BIG Trouble (BIGBOSS Batts and Big Kahuna Ali'i) defeated OnlyFlips (Kenny Yi and Lee Laz w/Liz Icarus) @ 8:34 with The Big Kahuna Wave (Diving splash, Ali'i pins Yi)

8. Favoured Saints Championship: High Flyer IV (c) defeated Reinhardt Hoffman @ 11:16 with the Flying Moon Shot (Top rope moonsault) to retain the title!

9. BRAZEN Championship: Declan Alexander (c) defeated "Mellow Yellow" George Othello @ 17:51 with Play of the Game (jumping cutter) to retain the title!



--Perhaps the biggest step forward in “Mellow Yellow” George Othello’s career came when he won a battle royal to challenge Declan “DEC4L” Alexander for the BRAZEN Championship. On any other night, he might have been able to do it, but with Declan Alexander on the roll of his career right now holding successive victories over DEFIANCE Himself, Oscar Burns, along with his subordinate, Butcher Victorious in a recent BRAZEN Championship defense. Considered to be the match of the night, Declan almost got choked out by Othello’s Yellowjacket submission, but made it to the ropes. But when he tried the springboard uppercut, he leaped right into Declan’s arms (literally) via Play of the Game to retain the title! While no new challengers stepped forward yet, Declan promised that he will continue to defend the BRAZEN Championship proudly and continue his winning ways on the main roster as well!

--The reign of LET’s Silver and Gold II (Archer Silver and Kazuhiro Troy) is off to a good start! Taking on relative newcomers, Los Fratadores, the team gave them bit of a challenge by isolating Kaz. Before that, Archer and Kaz had a contest to see who could kick Johnny Dorn the loudest (Archer won by a hair). Cheating and chicanery was the name of the game for the Johnnies later on, but in the end, S&G II overcame and won with their new Kicky McGee Alpha finisher, a take on Archer and High Flyer IV’s double-team finisher. Afterwards, Archer and Kaz were challenged by none other than The House! Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber want to hold the gold and that match will happen at the next Double Shot!

--Speaking of High Flyer IV, an open challenge for the new Favoured Saints Champion was answered by the first-ever BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman! Hoffman had Gunther Adler at his side, but High Flyer IV had a Killjoy! The big men countered one another, allowing High Flyer IV to score with the Flying Moon Shot moonsault for the win! After scoring a huge title win, High Flyer IV moves on to DEFtv next week against Teresa Ames! 

--After FLAMBERGE was revealed as the man that screwed over “One Shot” Jack Halcyon when he won the BRAZEN Onslaught title, it was Halcyon’s chance for payback! After a hot start seeing Halcyon take the fight to the MMA expert, with a huge flying crossbody dive to the outside! A springboard missile dropkick almost got the win, but soon FLAMBERGE was able to take over with some leg work to keep him from making the most of his flying. After he worked the leg he tried to choke him out, but Halcyon countered with an olympic slam! He tried to go for the Sit And Go frog splash, but FLAMBERGE got the knees up, leading to an axe kick and the Marie Antoinette… FLAMBERGE retained against a former BRAZEN Champion, but something interesting happened with Halcyon after. More on that in Ones To Watch. 


--Lastly, Nathan Cross had his latest attempt to win the BRAZEN Star Cup and fought the champion to a draw! “Cunning” Curt Cunning had nothing on Cross in the first few minutes with Cross even hitting the Crossover rolling cutter for his first and only fall. It wasn’t until the aid of Curt Cunning’s new masked men, Curt Cunning Dos and El Hijo de Curt Cunning, that saved him. Late in the match, a dive wiped out Cunning Dos, but El Hijo grabbed the leg to keep him from going back in the ring, giving Cunning his only fall by way of a countout win. He lasted the time limit to retain! 


--The big news was after the conclusion of the BRAZEN Onslaght Title match… BIGBOSS Batts and Big Kahuna Ali’i approached Jack Halcyon! The former rivals and both former BRAZEN Champions, Batts tried to help Halcyon out of the ring, but when he came around Halcyon pushed him away! Not forgetting what they had been through in their wars over the BRAZEN Championship, Batts tried to tell Halcyon something, but he wasn’t hearing it. The contents of the conversation were not heard, but “One Shot” seemed taken aback by it. 

--The Monster Mash of Count Novick and The Monster were two of the most popular stars over the BRAZEN Double Shot and celebrated with a No DQ win over Heavy Artillery to put their feud to rest! Heavy Artillery attacked The Monster backstage and isolated Count Novick until about halfway through when The Monster came back with a vengeance. A chokeslam from The Monster stopped Rosey Owens and cleared the path for Count Novick to put away Bobby Horrigan through a table! 

--Newcomers were out in full force! Two new stars, indy veteran Franco Marchesi and C.A.B. (Curtis Alexander Brown) were virtual unknowns with their match, but a thirteen-minute bout made them the talk of the weekend! Flashy moves were abound, but in the end, Marchesi scored with the Flak Cannon to score his first win! Both men laid it all out and impressed the crowd, leaving more on the line! 

--Leon Van Zandt continues his undefeated streak with yet another submission win. After the match with FLAMBERGE, Leon Van Zandt was seen confronting FLAMBERGE backstage. Both men are known for being silent and proficient killers in the ring and it seems we may be on a collision course for a very technical and physical bout over the Onslaught Title sooner than later! 

--Nick “Lotto” Otto continues to not endear himself with another win on the show, this time over “Earthbound” Jeff Ness and a flipping piledriver! After the win, Otto told the crowd that he was going to use his hard-earned (Really?) lottery winnings and make dreams come true for one lucky member of the BRAZEN roster! We’ll have to wait and see who he means, but this is an interesting development for sure! The more Nick Otto has been talking to fans, it seems BRAZEN fans do not want to hear it. 

--Two separate powerhouses, but ones that impressed! Once again, Sun-Twist Skylar continues to rack up quick wins with his deadly Moon Beam Ganso Bomb. And newcomer, “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne mowed right through Justin Sane tthe surprise of no one, but looked impressive doing so! 

Stay tuned for more news and updates on BRAZEN and all things DEFIANCE! 

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