Two big matches announced for DEFtv 180!

Posted by Lance Warner on 5 Dec 2022

Two big matches signed for DEFtv next week! Click ahead to find out!


The first big match announced will see the brand new Favoured Saints Champion  Ned Reform defend his championship against the man that was indirectly responsible for that title change, "The Titan of Industry" Uriel Cortez! Taking advantage of a scenario in which Uriel Cortez and Titaness attacked Reform and TA Cole, Reform won the gold after they returned to ringside only for Reform to dodge a Chop of Ages MAX meant for him, only to connect with High Flyer IV. The title shot was awarded to the three-time former Unified Tag Team Champion due to overall won-loss record and recent victory over TA Cole in singles action! Will Reform find a way to retain or will the most hotly contested title in DEFIANCE change hands?

And in a TITANIC tag team match, the former FIST of DEFIANCE, Deacon, teams up with Titanes Familia member, Dan Leo James, to take on their respective enemies... "Supernova Cubana" Alvaro de Vargas and Strong AF! Deacon made an unexpected return last week and got into an all-out brawl with the man responsible for attacking Magdalena and burning him with a fireball! Meanwhile, newcomer Strong AF stole a win from James in singles action with a well-placed low blow and a Deadly AF Chokeslam. Now the Young Titan Protein Powder proprietor has a chance at revenge!

Stay tuned for UNCUT this week with fallout from DEFtv in addition to more match announcements as we head to DEFtv 180 next week! 

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