BRAZEN Presents: 9/1 and 9/2 Double Shot!

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 2 Sep 2023

Just like the “Era of Everyone” with Dex Joy, it’s a new era in BRAZEN as well! Returns! New rivals! New ARRIVALS! New… unexpected partnerships? 

Yes to all those things! The latest BRAZEN Double Shot took place over two nights at our home away from home, the Earl K. Long Gymnasium in Lafayette, Louisiana! After the night show Friday and a special matinee show Saturday, how would things go? After the fallout of the BRAZEN Double (Jeopardy) Shot, what happens next? Click and find out! MAYHEM!

Friday, September 1st Results

1. BRAZEN Star Cup: Michael Van Warren © defeated “Cunning” Curt Cunning two falls to one @ the 15:00 time limit to retain the Cup! 

2. Five Team Battle Royal for Tag Title Shot: High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Titalayo) defeated Customer Support (Trevor Manning and Simon Kinsberg), The DEFcepticons (Al Sparks and Ryan Knox), Los Fratadores (Johnny Dorn and Johnny Guilliano) and Sainted by the Storm (Ol Stormalong and The Crimson Corsair) @ 7:37 to earn shot for later in the evening!

3. “The Young Bull” Tate Newell defeated Jack Halcyon @ 7:25 with The Horns (striking spear) following interference by BIGBOSS Batts!

4. OnlyFlips (Ken Yi and Lee Laz w/Asi Orochi and Liz Icarus) defeated The DEFCepticons (Megan Kron and Septimus Tyne w/Starscream) @ 6:42 with the Premium Content (Double 450 splash, Laz pins Tyne) 

5. Reinhardt Hoffman defeated Doug Matton @ :25 via submission with the cross-legged STF

6. “Mellow Yellow” George Othello defeated Sun-Twist Skylar with the Yellowjacket (headlock takeover cradle pin) @ 8:05. Attacked after the match by Skylar! 

7. Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe and Sarah Winterton defeated Rachel Tennison and Bonita En Rosa @ 10:15 with the Death Valley Girl Driver (death valley driver, Blythe pins Rosa) 

8. Brooklyn Rivera defeated Miss Y @ 2:12 with the Good Night Kiss (spinning back elbow)

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Weighted Grade (TA Roosevelt and TA Horrigan) © defeated High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Titalayo) @ 9:56 with Drop The Grade (assisted electric chair splash, Horrigan pins Cheno) to retain the titles! 

10. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship, Last Chance for Punch Drunk Purcell: Punch Drunk Purcell (w/SCOTTY FLASH!!!) defeated Lord Sewell (w/Earl Roberts) © 5:59 with the Punch Drunk Love (pop-up punch) to win the title! 

Saturday, September 2nd Results

1. Titaness defeated Brooklynn Rivera @ 10:15 with the Titanium Driver (sitout tiger driver)

2. Hilton Promotions (Felton Bigsby and Gordy Lovett w/Doris Hilton) defeated Jeff Ness and Wes Ingram @ 1:42 with the aided lariat (Lovett pins Ingram)

3. Best of Three Series, Match One “The Fresh Prince of Big Air” Antono Prince defeated Kid Black Jack @ 10:06 with Hail To The Prince (Imploding 450 splash) 

4. “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne defeated Nathan Cross @ 8:51 with Stay Down (Falling Powerslam)

5. BRAZEN Women’s Championship: Ophelia Sykes © fought Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe to a double countout @ 8:45 - champion retains the title on a countout

6. Magdalena defeated Faith Clay @ 4:15 with Oh, Mary, Mother of God (rolling sunset flip bomb) 

7. Archer Silver (w/Killjoy) defeated Nick “Lotto” Otto (w/BRAGG) @ 12:26 with The Silver Bullet (reverse roundhouse kick)

8. Monster Mash (Count Novick and The Monster) defeated The Dunson Clan (Paul and Richie w/Todd Dunson) @ 8:05 with the Chokeslam/Graveyard Smash (top rope senton, Novick pins Paul Dunson)

9. FLAMBERGE defeated Leon Van Zandt via referee stoppage @ 13:02 with the Marie Antoinette (guillotine choke)

10. BRAZEN Championship: Kazuhiro Troy © defeated BIGBOSS Batts with The Royal Treatment (double underhook piledriver) @ 16:26 to retain the title! 



--BRAZEN Championship: Kazuhiro Troy’s dominant reign CONTINUES! After MUHBOIKAZ retained the title against former BRAZEN Champion in BIGBOSS Batts, he was attacked a second time by FLAMBERGE! FLAMBERGE had defeated former Onslaught Champion Leon Van Zandt in the match before and stuck around ringside to watch the match, prompting both men to get into a fight after the show! BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment decided that enough was enough! He booked a title match for the next Double Shot! It will be Kazuhiro Troy against FLAMBERGE with the gold on the line! 

--BRAZEN Onslaught Champion: NEW CHAMPION! FELLOW BIG MAN LIKE ME! PUNCH DRUNK PURCELL! Even though Purcell had been cheated out of two prior matches, this latest title match was billed as his last chance! And thanks to of all people in the world… DEF RADIO’S OWN AND THE NEWEST MEMBER OF BRAZEN, SCOTTY FLASH… The former boxer and MMA fighter is now the champion by knocking Lord Sewell out! He tried to use “Royal Guard” Earl Roberts to get disqualified, but the timely distraction at ringside by Scotty Flash helped turn the tide! We don’t know what this partnership between them is, but I’ve got questions! I’ll try and get a SuperDEFScoop soon! 

--BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: While one main roster member lost his title, no such luck for Weighted Grade! High Investigations won a five-team battle royale earlier in the night to get the shot, but TA Horrigan and TA Roosevelt won with Drop The Grade! They look unstoppable, but rumor has it that they will be challenged next… by LET! Archer, a former three-time Tag Team Champion and Killjoy, the only two-time BRAZEN Champion are coming for the GOLD!

--BRAZEN Women’s Championship: Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe has has a few busy days! She helped attack Teresa Ames on UNCUT! She won a match on the first night of the Double Shot to challenge Ophelia Sykes! But the battle between SNS and Comments Section members continues on! A double countout happened when both women took the fight over the barricade! The valley girl and the Ballycat are gonna battle again! It’ll be AWESOME! 

--BRAZEN Star Cup: Michael Van Warren’s run continues! Former champion “Cunning” Curt Cunning used trickery to earn his only fall of the match with a countout, but later on MVW turned the tide with a big Megaflare and then a Zodiac spear to earn falls in quick succession and win the match! No challengers stepped forward next, but the man called Mr. Onslaught is now Mr. Star and promises to continue his run! 



--Brooklyn Rivera… TEAMING UP WITH TITANESS?!?! Looks that way! After a quick victory on the first night of the Double Shot, Brooklynn challenged ANY female… and got the former Unified Tag Team Champion Titaness! After a SCRAP where the ladies beat the hell out of each other, Titaness had to use the spear and Titanium Driver! After the match, Titaness offered a hand and Rivera shockingly took it and even offered to team up in the future! This could be HOSSOME, BUT WITH HOSSETTES! LFG!

--The winning streak of “Young Bull” Tate Newell continues with a win over another former BRAZEN Champion, Jack Halcyon! BIG Trouble is no more thanks to BIGBOSS Batts disbanding the group and turning on Jack Halcyon! After Batts cost his former partner the match, Jack Halcyon attacked BIGBOSS Batts after the show to a big reaction! Halcyon promised that BIGBOSS Batts was going to get his ass kicked and I want to see that match!  Meanwhile, Newell is putting his hat in the ring for the BRAZEN Championship as a future challenger! Will Capital Punishment make that match happen?

--FELTON BIGSBY RETURNS! Another fellow BIG MAN LIKE ME! One of the BRAZEN OGs is back, along with “The Texas Stampede” Gordy Levitt and their new manager, Doris Hilton and her new group, Hilton Promotions! Hilton herself comes from a family of longtime Texas promoters and looks to create a new empire with her new clients within BRAZEN and DEFIANCE! The team of Felton Bigsby and Gordy Lovett, aka Texas Strong, smashed through Jeff Ness and Wes Ingram in quick time and promise to do the same to the rest of BRAZEN! Doris Hilton made note in her post-match comments that she is keeping an eye out for more BRAZEN talent to represent. Some things developing here, for sure! 

--With BIG Trouble no more, “The Fresh Prince of Big Air” Antonio Prince wants the world to see what he can do. The 19-year-old challenged fellow high-flyer Kid Black Jack to a best of three series to show off their talents and they WOWED the crowd on Night Two! Prince got the win with a DOPE inverted 450 splash called Hail to the Prince! Kid Black Jack promised to make a comeback! 

--The tag team division is getting WILD! Sainted by the Storm eliminated Los Fratadores from the battle royal in Night One, but those human d-nozzles, Los Fratadores, stole a win from everyone’s favorite wrestling PIRATES! Meanwhile, the HUGE run of OnlyFlips continues! After scoring a big upset win over The House a few weeks ago, they did the same to former Tag Team Champions The DEFcepticons! Those goofy little flippy kids now call themselves the Premium Content of BRAZEN and say they’ll use every last flip they got until they win the titles! Weighted Grade have the belts, but teams are coming out of the woodwork looking for a shot at the behemoth champions! 

--The first-ever BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman scored a quick win via submission… and he called out for a title shot at the BRAZEN Star Cup! Calling himself the best wrestler in BRAZEN, he promised to take down the unstoppable powerhouse Michael Van Warren to win the Cup! 

--”Mellow Yellow” George Othello showed off a new older technical style against Sun-Twist Skylar and scored the win by catching the big man with a flash pin in the form of his new finishing move, the Yellowjacket! After the match, Othello was attacked by Skylar and dropped on his head with the Moon Beam! Things aren’t over between these two men, that’s for sure! Skylar gonna WRECK people!








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