BRAZEN Presents: 2/16 and 2/17 Double Shot

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 18 Feb 2024

Hello, once again! I am SuperDEFFan64 here to bring to you the recap of the latest BRAZEN Double Shot! BRAZEN’s Best and Brightest showed out once again over a big two-night event! All titles are defended INCLUDING the BRAZEN Women’s Championship! The Golden Opportunity Battle Royale makes its return once again! Which BRAZEN star is going to make the most of the Golden Opportunity?! Catch the recap of when over 700 rabid fans filled the BRAZEN Studios (EDITOR'S NOTE: Paid for by NONE OTHER than "The Socialite" Edward White) to peep all the action! It was SIIIIIICK!

Friday, February 2/16 Results

1. BRAZEN Star Cup: Felton Bigsby © (w/Doris Hilton and Gordy Lovett) defeated “One Shot” Jack Halcyon @ 15:00 Time Limit to retain the Cup!
(Sole fall retained via countout thanks to Doris Hilton)

2. Brodie Hellyeah defeated Curt Cunning Dos (w/Curt Cunning, Curt Cunning Tres) @ 5:16 with the Hellyeahcanrana (springboard hurricanrana)

3. Sainted By The Storm (The Crimson Corsair and Ol Stormalong) defeated Customer Support (Trevor Manning and Simon Kinsberg) @ 6:26 with the High Tide (Electric Chair missile dropkick, Corsair pins Manning)

4. BRAZEN Women’s Championship, Next Contenders Qualifier: Bonita En Rosa defeated Asa Orochi and Faith Clay @ 7:38 with the Floriciendo (sunset flip into backstabber, Bonita pins Clay)

5. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Elbows and Bows (Titaness and Brooklynn Rivera) defeated Monster Mash (Count Novick and The Monster) @ 8:55 with Pretty Striking (running spear, Titaness pins Novick) to retain the titles! 

6. Archer Silver defeated Corey Nunez (w/Hugo Gonzalez y Gerardo Villalobos) @ 5:51 with the Silver Bullet (running gamengiri) 

7. Edgar (w/THAT SCARY ASS PUPPET Larry™) defeated Lex Suplexy @ 9:05 with Cut The Strings (straightjacket swinging neckbreaker)

8.  “The Young Bull” Tate Newell defeated Nick “Lotto” Otto (w/1099) @ 12:26 with The Horns (striking spear)

9. “The Fresh Prince of Big Air” Antonio Prince defeated Gunther Adler @ 7:26 via Hail To The Prince (inverted 450 splash)

10. BRAZEN Women’s Championship: Jocylene Ingrid Blythe defeated Ophelia Sykes © @ 11:01 with the Super Death Valley Girl Driver (death valley driver) to win the championship! 

Saturday, February 17th Results

1. BRAZEN Golden Opportunity Battle Royale: Felton Bigsby won a 15-man Battle Royale to win the Golden Opportunity Contract, last eliminating Antonio Prince!
Participants: Adam Roebuck, Derrick Huber, Gerardo Villalobos, Nick “Lotto” Otto, 1099, Gordy Lovett, Leyenda de Ocho, Edgar (and thankfully NOT Larry), BIGBOSS Batts, Nathan Cross, Brody Hellyeah, “Young Bull” Tate Newell, Antonio Prince, Gunther Adler. 

2. The House (Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber) defeated High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Titalayo) with Double Belly Buster (running splash and senton combo, Roebuck pins Titalayo

3. BRAZEN Women’s Championship, Next Contenders Qualifier: “The Piano Woman” Brenda Renetti defeated Liz Icarus and Rachel Tennison @ 4:56 with The Downeaster Alexa (sitdown splash, Renetti pins Icarus)

4. “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne defeated Finn Dunson @ 3:46 with Stay Down (Falling Powerslam)

5. “The Ace of Lucks” Mark Luck defeated “The Hound” Aiden Harlow @ 6:55 with the Aces High (Full nelson lift into wheelbarrow facebuster)

6. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Punch Drunk Purcell © defeated Strong AF @ 7:16 with the Punch Drunk Love (pop-up right hand) to retain the championship!

7. The Amazing Amarettos (Carlo and Gomez Amaretto w/Suzie) defeated Wes Ingram and Jeff Ness @ 4:06 following a brass knuckles attack (Gomez pins Ingram)

8. BIGBOSS Batts defeated Nathan Cross @ 11:06 with the BIGBOSS BOMB (diving senton) 

9. Gordy Lovett (w/Doris Hilton) defeated Leyenda de Ocho @ 12:01 with the Running Lariat

9. BRAZEN Championship, No Disqualification Match: Kazuhiro Troy © defeated Victor Vacio @ 20:05 via referee stoppage with the The Heretic’s Fork (koji clutch) to retain the championship! 


SuperDEFFan64’s Title Talk

BRAZEN CHAMPIONSHIP: After two of their previous matches ended in a No Contest, Kazuhiro Troy FINALLY managed to put down Victor Vacio in a BA-RUH-TAL No DQ match that ended with Vacio being SPIKED on his head with The Royal Treatment piledriver and then being locked in The Heretic’s Fork! Vacio passed out and the referee awarded the match to Troy! But now… he’s got a new man lurking over the horizon and it’s FELLOW BIG MAN LIKE ME… “HOUSTON STRONG” FELTON BIGSBY! Bigsby not only retained The BRAZEN Star Cup from the former BRAZEN Champion Jack Halcyon, but won the Golden Opportunity Contract! Bigsby ended the show staring down Kaz Troy and promised when he was ready, he’d be a double champ!

BRAZEN STAR CUP: Like I said… Bigsby retained the BRAZEN Star Cup against Jack Halcyon, but Halcyon would not STAY DOWN! Bigsby had a great showing recently against THE FELLOW BIG MAN LIKE ME FIST OF DEFIANCE DEX JOY! He did everything he could to keep One Shot down, but couldn’t, until both men fought to the floor! Halcyon hit a big diving crossbody to the floor and wiped out Bigsby! Bigsby fought back and waffled him with a power slam, but Halcyon fought back! He tried to get back in the ring, but Doris Hilton grabbed the leg of Halcyon before he could get back inside, giving Bigsby the only fall of the match, a countout win to retain! This one ain’t over, people, I’m telling you! 

BRAZEN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS: What a difference that a few weeks makes… just a few weeks ago, Titaness and Brooklynn Rivera pulled off the big upset and defeated Weighted Grade to win the BRAZEN Tag Team Championships… but now, the DEFIANCE/BRAZEN tandem nearly got BOOED out of the studios for what Titaness did to Mil Vueltas! Monster Mash were the heroes going into this one, but it was Rivera with the Goodnight Kiss back elbow into Titaness’ new spear, called Pretty Striking, that won the match! Despite being an all-female tandem, the power of Titaness and the striking ability of Brooklynn Rivera could be hard to beat for any team! 

BRAZEN WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP: We have a NEW BRAZEN Women’s Champion! This was Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe’s third attempt at the title after closely losing to Sykes in the tournament to crown the first champion, then another defense last year! But after winning a second tournament to get this shot, The Comments Sections member in BRAZEN defeats Sykes! Sykes was not 100% going into this match and even had taped ribs, but both ladies hit everything they had! Sykes kicked out of the first Death Valley Girl Driver, then Blythe had a foot on the ropes after Sykes went for the Body Shot splash and hurt her ribs! A second try was countered into a SUPER Death Valley Girl Driver to give Blythe the title! 

BRAZEN ONSLAUGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Punch Drunk Purcell got a HERO’S welcome for making his DEFtv debut recently by laying out former FIST of DEFIANCE Edward White! He now holds the record as the longest-reigning BRAZEN Onslaught Champion and defeated another main roster member, a surprise challenge by Strong AF, to retain the title! But his issue with Adrian Payne is still not going away! The two BIG MEN LIKE ME have talked trash all over social media and at the next Double Shot, they will meet again for the BRAZEN Onslaught Championship - this time, under NO COUNTOUT rules! During the title match itself, there were rumors that White’s assistant, Jane Katze, was lurking at the show taking notes. No sightings of White directly, but he hasn’t forgotten about that PUNCH!



--The next contender for Jocylene Ingrid Blythe’s BRAZEN Women’s Championship will be settled next month! Two three-way matches took place that were won by luchadora Bonita En Rosa and the… female Billy Joel impersonator… Brenda Renetti! The two will meet at the next double shot with a chance to fight for a shot at the title! 

--Staff have been REALLY impressed with the growth of some of the talent! Most notably Felton Bigsby! Bigsby has been given some big spots and has looked good in all of them. From the finals of Tag Party V last year teaming with Hall of Famer Bronson Box, winning the BRAZEN Star Cup, a big main event against Dex Joy for the FIST of DEFIANCE and now a Golden Opportunity winner… the turnaround from Bigsby’s last run to now is SIIIIIICK! Hilton Promotions is being looked at as a top act within BRAZEN and they have been praising the work of Doris Hilton and Gordy Lovett as well! 

--Another talent that has been impressing many lately is “The Young Bull” Tate Newell! In the past few months, the 260-pound fast-moving monster has collected wins over multiple former BRAZEN Champions including BIGBOSS Batts, Jack Halcyon and now Nick “Lotto” Otto! 

--Add Brodie Hellyeah to the club of “standout guys to watch!” This dude rules! He has some kind of infectious positive energy that keeps the crowds pumped when he comes out and thus far, remains undefeated. Some big chances are no doubt coming his way soon! 

--Edgar… and the puppet… are also getting some attention from both management and fans in BRAZEN Studios for his… ugh, stand-up act with THE SCARY ASS PUPPET… but hey they’re doing well. Good for them! 

--”The Fresh Prince of BIG Air” Antonio Prince continues to do so as well! He scored a major upset win against BIGBOSS Batts at a recent Double Shot, paired with a win over bruiser Gunther Adler. The 19-year-old kid with BIG air is getting BIG attention! 

--As noted, the former two-time BRAZEN Champion Killjoy is now a full-time member of the main roster and has joined Titanes Familia with “The Man of the House” Uriel Cortez and Titaness! THAT’S A SCARY GROUP OF PEOPLE! Archer Silver and Kazuhiro Troy are now flying the flag of Les Enfants Terrible for now, but High Flyer IV is progressing from his injured arm very well and should be hopefully returning SOON! Rumors are they were blindsided by the "call up" to the main roster, but they will carry on Les Enfants Terrible! 

--IT’S ALSO ALMOST TIME! For the third year in a row, BRAZEN CAN confirm that a live show will take place… with ALL titles on the line at the annual DEFCONCON! The show takes place during DEFCON weekend just before the biggest shows of DEFIANCE’s calendar year and tickets are on sale NOW!

--Rumors are that BRAZEN is hunting far and wide for more female talent to join the ranks! Fill out those apps! 

As always, I am SuperDEFFan64, asking YOU to stay tuned to all the latest news, notes and recap of all things BRAZEN!

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