BRAZEN Presents: Spring Break Shot!

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 21 Mar 2024

Hello once again! SuperDEFFan64 here to bring to you the results of a VERY SPECIAL Spring Break Shot edition of BRAZEN that took place last night rowdy DEFIANCE Faithful and drunk college kids alike! With a beautiful evening at an outdoor venue, over 700 fans packed the special outdoor venue at the nearby Great Western Hotel just minutes away from the DEFIANCE Wrestle-plex! Check out the results for this special Spring Break Shot and stay tuned for the card for Clash at The ‘CONCON!

Wednesday, March 20th Results

1. Spring Break Scramble: Wes The Wrestling Statue defeated Todd Dunson, Hugo Gonzales, Septimus Tyne and Curt Cunning Dos @ 9:16 with the Standing Still Splash (modified diving splash, Wes pins Cunning)

2. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: Punch Drunk Purcell © defeated “Cunning” Curt Cunning @ :42 with the Punch Drunk Love to retain the championship! 

3. OnlyFlips (Kenny Yi, Lee Laz, Asa Orochi and Liz Icarus) defeated The DEFCepticons (Al Sparks, Ryan Knox, Megan Kron and Starscream @ 8:46 with the Wings of Icarus (shooting star press, Liz pins Starscream)

4. Brodie Hellyeah defeated Sun-Twist Skylar @ 6:19 with the Hellyeahcanrana (springboard hurricanrana)

5. BRAZEN Star Cup: Felton Bigsby (w/Doris Hilton) defeated “The Hound” Aiden Harlow in 1-0 falls to retain the Cup at the 15:00 limit

6. BRAZEN Women’s Championship, #1 Contender’s Match: “Piano Woman” Brenda Renetti and Bonita En Rosa fought to a draw via double pin @ 9:05 - by decree of BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment, both women receive the title shot at Clash at the ‘CONCON!

7. BRAZEN Tag Team Championship: The House (Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber) defeated Elbows and Bows (Titaness and Brooklynn Rivera) ©, Sainted by The Storm (Ol Stormalong and The Crimson Corsair) and Customer Support (Simon Kinsberg and Trevor Manning) @ 9:46 with the Double Belly Buster (running splash/senton, Huber pins Kinsberg) to win the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles! 

8. Edgar (w/Larry™) defeated Nathan Cross @ 7:22 with Cut The Strings (straightjacket spinning neckbreaker)

9. #1 Contender’s Scramble, Onslaught Championship: “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne defeated Archer Silver, “One Shot” Jack Halcyon, Mark Luck and Leyenda de Ocho @ 12:16 with Stay Down (falling powerslam, Payne pins Ocho)

10.  BRAZEN Women’s Championship: Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe defeated Rachel Tennison @ 10:06 with the Death Valley Girl Driver to retain the title! 

11. BRAZEN Championship: Kazuhiro Troy defeats Gordy Lovett (w/Doris Hilton) @ 14:06 with The Royal Treatment (double underhook piledriver) to retain the title! 


SuperDEFScoops: The Championship Edition

--BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: We have NEW Tag Team Champions! The legends and player/coaches of BRAZEN, The House have won their SEVENTEENTH Tag Team Championship in a four corners tag team match! The defending champions, Elbows and Bows, were not pinned and the decision was protested by Titaness, but the decision stands! The House now add to their legendary tag team resume! And we know who their contenders will be: None other than OnlyFlips, winning a big eight-person tag team match over the DEFcepticons to earn this title shot! 

--BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: After getting STRAIGHT JUMPED by Ed White & Assoc., Punch Drunk Purcell ran right through former BRAZEN Star Cup holder “Cunning” Curt Cunning in less than a minute! And elsewhere, his long-time rival in BRAZEN, “Problem Solver” Adrian Payne won a star-studded scramble in order to earn the title shot! And due to a prior title match between the two ending in a countout win for Purcell, both men have agreed to end this issue once and for all… IN A NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH FOR THE TITLE!

--BRAZEN Women’s Championship: The Comments Section member Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe retained her title for the first time against the hard-hitting female trainee of “Wild” Winston Luck, Rachel Tennison! Blythe cheated her way to victory with an exposed turnbuckle and her signature Death Valley Girl Driver! But she will not only have to contend with one, but TWO challenges! After a controversial double pinfall to conclude a mini-tournament to crown the next contender, the talented luchadora Bonita en Rosa and Brenda Renetti battled to a double pin following a german suplex reversal! Can Blythe retain with the odds against her? 

--BRAZEN Star Cup: The POWERFUL Felton Bigsby has once again ran roughshod over another challenger, this time the talented and gutsy “Hound” Aiden Harlow. Harlow used technical skill to try and break down the knee and arm of Bigsby, but Bigsby remains too powerful and has retaine! He holds on to the Star Cup a little while longer! And with the Golden Opportunity win from February, entitling him to a shot at the BRAZEN Championship when he wants it! And we’d find out… 

--BRAZEN Championship: The long run of Kazuhiro Troy continues with another big win, this time over Hilton Promotions member Gordy Lovett! Lovett, coming off a decent showing on DEFtv last week agianst Mil Vueltas, came out swinging wildly and tried to bring the title to Doris Hilton, but MUHBOIKAZ would not be denied! He SPIKED Gordy on top of his head with the double underhook piledriver and got the pin! But this led to the big challenge to top off CLASH at the ‘CONCON…


WINNER TAKES ALL! BRAZEN Championship vs. BRAZEN Star Cup!
Kazuhiro Troy © vs. Felton Bigsby ©

That’s right! A fifteen-minute BRAZEN Star Cup rules match! The person with the most falls at the end of the fifteen minutes will hold BOTH the Championship and the Cup!

BRAZEN Onslaught Championship
No Disqualification

Punch Drunk Purcell © vs. “The Problem Solver” Adrian Payne

BRAZEN Tag Team Championships
The House (Adam Roebuck and Derrick Huber) vs. OnlyFlips (Kenny Yi and Lee Laz w/Asa Orochi and Liz Icarus)

BRAZEN Women’s Championship
Jocelyne Ingrid Blythe © vs. Bonita en Rosa vs. “The Piano Woman” Brenda Renetti

These matches and a whole lot more coming to DEFCONCON weekend at CLASH at the ‘CONCON!

As always, fans, be sure to check on the latest news, notes and recaps of all things BRAZEN with yours truly, SuperDEFFan64!

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