BRAZEN: Clash of the BRAZEN I

1 Jul 2018

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)


Your hosts for the evening were former tSC and IWO commentator and 2012 Ultratitle guest commentator Greg Parker, alongside the ever present Angus Skaaland.


An opening rundown bracket of the 16 man tournament as GP & Angus went over the rules. First round matches would have a ten minute time limit. Second round matches would have a 15, third would be 20, and the finals would go as long as they need to reach a conclusion.


(4) LEVI COLE vs. (13) JOE WOLFE

Opening contest, Cole came out to a nice pop. Cole dominated early with ground grapple and submission wear downs. Commentary puts over Cole’s win at DEFtv 104. Wolfe is able to use his size to counter Cole’s ground based wear down holds by standing to his feet while Cole refused to let go. Wolfe tosses Cole around the ring a bit and hits a bunch of big slaps and knife edge chops. In the corner, Wolfe tries to set Cole up for his superplex, but Cole is able to reverse. Levi Cole d. Joe Wolfe via pin with top rope gutwrench powerbomb @ 6:23.


LaCroix came out looking better than he’s been in ages. Mushi got a huge response as a hometown BRAZEN returning star, ahead of his Ambulance match against Crimson Lord. LaCroix tried to use a similar strategy that Cole did in the previous match by trying to ground Mushi. After three tries, he succeeded, but it didn’t last long before Mushi powered to his feet. LaCroix tried to fly which was his final mistake as Mushi caught him and adjusted. Mushigihara d. Matt LaCroix via pin after the Atlas Cutter @ 4:19.


Hightower was booed out of the building for his role in the UTA invasion and his unsuccessful challenge against Cayle Murray. HFIV got a lukewarm response. Hightower dominated this match early, using strong style power moves before he began to toy with HFIV. Slapping his mask, making moves to remove it, generally, Hightower garnered a lot of anger and that anger seemed to make HFIV more sympathetic. As Hightower gloated… HFIV d. David Hightower via pin will a school boy roll up, while grabbing the tights @ 3:21. Hightower protested the decision and tried to attack HFIV but he skeedaddled.


FDJ was a surprise to the BRAZEN crowd and commentary really put over how he was a former DOC champion. Seems he’s a last minute fill in for Virginia Quell who suffered an injury on the house show circuit. Reinhardt and FDJ had a good back and forth HOSS like fight, lots of stiff blows and strikes, big power moves from both men as the action heated up. At one point, FDJ was setting Reinhardt to sit on the top, but Reinhardt just used his raw strength to deadlift the 285 pounder into a vertical suplex, up and over the top to the outside. Reinhardt Hoffman d. Frank Dylan James via Countout @ 8:43. He mitigated the damage by landing on his feet but cameras didn't pick up that angle making it seem more brutal to the home audiences.


Commentary put over No Justice, No Peace, as three of four of their members are involved in tonight’s tournament. Baylor and Butcher squared off before Baylor slapped the taste out of Butcher. Butcher quickly fired off in anger, focusing attacks on Theo’s back, but took one too many risks in the early portion of the match, splattering on the outside. Baylor capitalized, never letting up. Theo Baylor d. Butcher Victorious via pin after Welcome to LA @ 5:15.


Felton and Rosey came out together with the Neighborhoodlum. Rosey agreed to let Felton get to the next round. Felton Bigsby d. Rosey Owens via pin @ :06. NJNP were very vocal about being forced to face each other in the first round.


Klein came out with Flex Kruger as commentary put over his association with PCP. Don Hollywood came out with his ACX brethren. Commentary mentioned ACX’s last DEFIANCE match was against the PCP, so this is kind of a full circle turn of events. Flex overpowers Hollywood to start. Lots of big tosses as Hollywood regroups in his corner, talking to ACX as if he were mid round in a boxing match. When Don came out, Flex slapped him, which caused the ringside partners to go in shock, even Klein. Don tackles Flex down and unloaded with strikes. Hollywood controlled with wild anger, until Flex caught him going for a wild right. Flex Kruger d. Don Hollywood via pinfall after Flex Suplex @ 8:06.


Andrews came out and said he’s the main event of the first round. MDM4’s music cut him off and he rushed to the ring. The crowd was firmly behind him. MDM4 ran circles around Andrews with crisp springboards and dives, arm drags, pure luchador goodness. Andrews got up at one point during a flurry of exchange and stopped MDM4, shouting “I’M NOT BEING USED PROPERLY!” before MDM4 hit a few more flurry of blows. As the time limit came closer and closer, MDM4 became desperate. Andrews was able to counter an ill-advised springboard crossbody into a side step, kick, WHAM.  Markus Andrews d. Mascara de Muerte IV via pinfall after “I’m Finally Being Used Properly” @ 9:45. Andrews shouted “That’s how you get used PROPERLY!” which got a mixed reaction from the crowd.


Back to commentary, with our first round done, GP and Angus go over the brackets as they stand. Angus especially, puts over the talents of the BRAZEN wrestlers, both winners and losers.

(8) Flex Kruger vs. (16) HFIV
(2) Reinhardt Hoffman vs. (7) Felton Bigsby
(3) Mushigihara vs. (11) Markus Andrews
(4) Levi Cole vs. (5) Theo Baylor


Christie Zane is there to try to interview Flex, but Flex shoves her aside and grabs the microphone. He gives it to Klein, who’s forced to hold it as Flex shouts off about HFIV’s youth and inexperience. He’s going to do exactly what he did to his father at DEFtv104, hit the Flex Suplex and move on to become the first BRAZEN Champion.


Really quick match, lots of flying. Lots of dumping people to the outside, which counted as a tag in the trios environment, so people were being sent outside and quickly eating their comeuppance from the incoming tag team partner. Eventually, Massive Cowboy was able to dump out Mitsuru and Dick Flanigan while the rest of their teammates were battling on the outside, leading to... Southern Bastards (Massive Cowboy pins Crescent City Kid) via pinfall after a vicious Lariot @ 11:49


Lance Warner asks Markus Andrews about his next round match against Mushi, but Andrews makes every question about him, and how he’s finally being used properly, and that it doesn’t matter who he’s facing. If you’re being used properly, you will always win. Warner narrows his eyes and shakes his head.

WINNER OF 8/9 vs. WINNER OF 1/16

Flex came out with Klein. HFIV looked a bit timid, nursing some injuries from his earlier bout with HIghtower. The bell rang, and HFIV charged. Flex Kruger d. HFIV via pinfall after the Flex Suplex @ :05.

WINNER OF 3/14 vs. WINNER OF 6/11

Andrews comes out quickly and tries to get on the mic, but OSU takes over the crowd. Mushi hits the ring hot and Andrews can’t react before the bell rings. Mushi throws Andrews around the ring, hitting the OSU! Press to the delight of the crowd. Mushigihara d. Markus Andrews via pinfall after the Atlas Cutter @ 2:23.

WINNER OF 2/15 vs. WINNER OF 7/10

Reinhardt hit the ring first, as the entire contingent of NJNP came out to support Felton. Reinhardt Felton entered the ring by himself but Theo, Neighborhoodlum and Rosey surrounded the ring on three sides. That’s when Gunther Adler and Rhys Collins came out to support Reinhardt to a pop. NJNP then retreated to their corner as Gunther/Rhys stayed in Reinhardt’s. Hoffman and Bigsby tore each other apart with vicious strikes and blows. This was more of a brawl than a wrestling contest. At one point, Hoffman was tripped by Baylor, which caused Gunther and Rhys to charge and attack NJNP on the outside. Brother Lucious threw a chair into the ring to Felton during the commotion, but Reinhardt stood up and just punched the chair into his face. Lucious tries to distract Hoffman but Reinhardt sends him flying. Theo Baylor hit the ring and Reinhardt quickly caught him into an STF, where he began tapping almost immediately. When the referee turns around, he sees Reinhardt has locked an unconscious Felton Bigsby in an STF. Reinhardt Hoffman d. Felton Bigsby via pass out after STF @ 12:43.

WINNER OF 4/13 vs. WINNER OF 5/12

Baylor gets on the mic after, and demands Reinhardt to get back here! Reinhardt is having none of that shit, walking back up the entrance rampway with Adler and Rhys. Levi Cole emerges from the back and passes by Reinhardt who sneers a ‘You’re welcome” to him. Baylor is ready, as the rest of NJNP (minus Felton) give him a pep talk. It’s here where the referee throws the rest of NJNP from ringside to their shock. Cole enters, as Baylor begins muttering about doing this himself. Baylor is able to stand up to Cole’s quickness and technical ability, and even gets a nice STOMP to the hand. This cues Baylor working to break Cole’s fingers on his dominant hand with every move, wrist clutch suplexes, spreading the fingers, slamming the hand into the mat or the turnbuckle. Baylor hits a nice hammerlock suplex that gets one. Baylor makes a mistake with a top rope dive, allowing Cole to try for a quick Mahistral Cradle, but he can’t keep his fingers locked for the pin. Cole is able to keep the momentum by avoiding Baylor’s strikes into various wrestling takedowns, but Cole can’t lock his fingers for the gutwrench powerbomb. Baylor slips out, as the ring announcer says time is running out. Baylor throws Cole and lifts him for Welcome to LA, but Cole is able to slip out before Baylor jumps and slide between his legs. Levi grabs Baylor in a half crab, as Baylor screams in pain. Cole leans back. The announcers say 30 seconds left, and Cole, in desperately, shifts his body and reaches back with a bridge and locks in his OWN version of the STF. Baylor fights, claws, and breaks Cole’s bad hand from hooking him, but Cole is able to keep the hold locked in with his one good hand. Baylor can’t get to the bottom rope and the realization washes over him, that he can’t win, but if he holds out long enough, neither can Cole. He just wants to be petty, and tries to hold out as long as he can before he taps. Just as the bell rings. Levi Cole d. Theo Baylor via submission after STF @ 14:59. Cole releases the hold and immediately asks the referee about the decision, hearing the quickness of the bell and is relieved by his victory.


GP & Angus go over the semi-finals, Levi Cole vs. Mushigihara and Reinhardt Hoffman vs. Flex Kruger. They then send it to a video package for Ascension, hyping the show up with highlights from DEFtv. PCP vs. To the Maxx, Ambulance Match of Crimson Lord vs. Mushi (which gets a pop), Harmen vs. Elise in a Last Man Standing Match, Fuse Bros vs. the Toybox for the tag titles, Douglas vs. Harvey for the SoHer, and the main event, Scott Stevens challenging Oscar Burns for the FIST of DEFIANCE. We also see some advertisements for future BRAZEN house shows in the Louisiana area, outside of the DEF-Plex.


This match took place during the intermission. For the live broadcast, we join in progress, as the last flurry of offense fires off and chaos breaks out. Solomon Grendel catches one of the Dibbins and that’s it, he taps that fast. Brutal Attack Force (Grendel over Duke) via submission with Solomon Stretch @ 10:04


Trainers are checking in on Levi Cole’s hand, and are wrapping it with bandages.


If Reinhardt Hoffman came out confident, Flex Kruger made him seem timid in comparison. Flex hit the ring and started to flex toward Reinhardt, much like at DEFtv 104. Reinhardt responds in kind, and Flex gets in his face and flexes once more. Reinhardt starts hitting strikes, tossing the larger Kruger around the ring with arm drags and powerslams. He hits a forearm that sends him out of the ring next to Klein, who helps him up. Flex waves him off, as Reinhardt hits a baseball dropkick. Reinhardt takes the fight outside, hitting Flex with the ring on his lower back. Reinhardt slides in and Kruger gets back at 8, but Reinhardt right on top focusing on the back. Backbreaker, powerbombs, german suplex, all get near falls. Kruger fights back with a gorilla press into a powerslam of his own. Kruger then proceeds to hit Reinhardt with the same succession of moves, backbreaker, powerbomb, german suplex, all getting near falls. Kruger sizes up Hoffman, hooks him from behind for the Flex Suplex, but Hoffman slips out, behind Kruger, and trips him up. Before Kruger can react, Hoffman’s stretching him out as Klein shouts encouragement to Flex on the outside. Flex taps. Reinhardt Hoffman d. Flex Kruger via submission (STF) @ 16:54


Both men come out to good pops. Cole and Mushi actually shake hands before the match starts, but Cole has to use his non-dominant hand to do so. Cole uses his quickness to keep his distance and only go in for quick takedowns. Once Mushi begins to power, Cole hops off and backs off, waiting to attack again. This cycle continues a bit, until Cole starts to gain control on the ground. He’s using his legs and one good hand to try to transition into a triangle choke, but Mushi just powers to his feet, standing, and hits an electric chair drop. Mushi takes the advantage with power moves, huge back body drops, just airborne launching Cole around the ring. At one point, Cole tries to brace a fall with his injured hand and it causes him to clutch it to his chest. One handed, Cole fights back but Mushi is just too much power. Huge release german suplex, the OSU! Press. Mushi picks up Cole on his shoulders, looking for the Atlas Cutter, but Cole at the last moment slips out. Levi Cole d. Mushigihara via pinfall after a schoolboy @ 19:23. Mushi powered out a second too late, as Cole continued to nurse his arm, reeling in pain the ref tried to raise his bad arm in victory.


Reinhardt says it’s cute Levi Cole got Baylor to submit with the STF. It’s amazing he got through the Man-Beast, but Reinhardt Hoffman is your new BRAZEN World Champion. Cole just doesn’t know it yet. He shouldn’t be working out how to win the title, he should figure out how to survive.


A true contrast of personalities. Barrio Bros got the crowd to participate, but the VWC impressed and stunned the crowd in fear with their dominating presence. Once the match started, it was all Viking War Cult. They isolated Corey Nunez and simply denied the hot tag from ever occurring. The closest was when the rest of the members of VWC knocked Hugo and Geraldo off the apron, allowing Cul to capitalize. Viking War Cult retains the BRAZEN TRIOS Championship via pinfall when Cul hits the Blood Eagle on Corey Nunez @ 8:03.


Levi Cole is approached by Christie Zane, who asks how Levi Cole’s hand is. He says it’s like the rest of his body, beaten, bloodied, but there’s still this fight, this heart he has that will never give out on him. He will do whatever it takes to not only survive, but thrive and become the first ever BRAZEN Champion. Zane wishes him good luck.


The crowd was hot for this main event. Levi came out first, clutching his hand to his chest to a very warm welcome. Reinhardt came out next, head held high as he marched toward the ring. The two started with standing clutches, trading positions, before Cole leg trips Reinhardt to the mat. Cole tries to lock in a few holds but Reinhardt is able to reverse it due to Cole not being able to latch the fingers. Reinhardt solidly takes the advantage on the mat, surprisingly, until Cole slips into a triangle hold. Reinhardt puts Cole onto his shoulders to cause the break. The two square up and Reinhardt starts brawling with Cole, sending him back peddling into the corner. He takes Cole’s fingers and tries to bend them across the top rope. Hammerlock with the ropes, as Reinhardt slammed his shoulder in. Big hip toss outta the corner sends Cole reeling. As Hoffman tries to take advantage, Cole starts hitting dropkicks, both sending Reinhardt off his feet and back to a distance. Cole ducks under a grapple, and hits a diving back elbow with his off hand. Cole tries for the gutwrench early, but Hoffman escapes, breaking Cole’s grip and hitting a backdrop driver for two. Reinhardt locks in a camel clutch, as Cole refuses to give. After at least a minute in the hold, he barely drapes his bottom leg on the bottom rope. Hoffman doesn’t relent, breaking the hold only to pull Cole back to the center. The referee refuses to check and starts a count on Hoffman who reluctantly breaks the hold, only to get rolled up by Cole for a 2. Hoffman then strikes the back, locking in a dual butterfly stretch, making sure to put extra pressure on Cole’s bad hand. Cole shows fortitude, muscling out of the hold and hitting a few elbows, before catching Reinhardt with a belly to belly. Cole ducks a wild right from Rein and hits him with a German, but can’t hook the hands to bridge. Reinhardt eats a T-Bone suplex, then Cole goes for the Gutwrench again, but Reinhardt slips out and clocks him with a huge lariot. Reinhardt stomps the fingers, slams the back of the hand into the mat. Reinhardt shows tremendous power and hits a powerslam,a powerbomb, and a spinebuster, getting two counts each time. Reinhardt lifts Cole above his head in a gorilla press, showing extreme strength, and tries to throw Cole into the crowd, only for Cole to slip behind into a sunset flip roll up for two. Cole rolls through Reinhardt into a single leg, but can’t hook the other and Rein gets the ropes. Cole then starts using his head as a weapon, headbutting Reinhardt in the corner. He hits two shots as Rein starts slumping, and Cole leans in, slamming his head into Hoffman’s gut to the mat. Cole then grabs Reinhardt’s legs and pulls him out of the corner, hitting a low angle powerbomb for two. Cole charges and Reinhardt hooks the top rope, sending Cole flying, and Reinhardt hits a dive. Reinhardt keeps on the offensive on the outside, using the ring to his advantage and focusing on Cole’s no doubt broken and wrapped hand. They beat the count, as Reinhardt stalks Cole. Reinhardt keeps the advantage with a DDT, a back breaker, and a few shoulder shoves to Cole’s gut into the corner. Reinhardt hooks Cole up to the top, but Cole fights back, and hits the Gutwrench Powerbomb off the top onto Reinhardt. The crowd erupts thinking Cole’s done it, but Hoffman gets his foot onto the bottom rope to ruin the celebration. Cole tries a couple flash pins after, each netting a two count. Cole then tries an irish whip, but Reinhardt holds on, and SQUEEZES Cole’s hand, sending him to his knees. Reinhardt spins so Cole’s own forearm lodges under his neck, and trips him to the canvas. Hoffman spins so his back is on top of Cole’s, and then bridges. Before Cole can extend his leg, Hoffman somehow slips his own between the chin and thigh, hooking in the STF. Cole fights, he gasps, he refuses to quit. Until Reinhardt Hoffman rips off the rest of whatever was protecting Cole’s fingers, bruised and purple, and then just SPLITS them. Reinhardt Hoffman d. Levi Cole via submission with the STF @ 41:30.


Levi Cole rolls over, clutching his hand in immense pain as trainers and EMT’s hit ringside. There’s a small “Lev-vi Cole” chant that starts as the EMTs get him out of the ring.

Inside, Reinhardt Hoffman is presented the BRAZEN Championship by Angus Skaaland, and raises it to the Faithful. Hoffman looks up the ramp as Cole is taken backstage, and nods in a sign of respect. Hoffman climbs the camera side turnbuckles and raises the belt above his head with both hands as the broadcast goes off the air.

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