Two big matches announced for DEFtv 180!

Posted by Lance Warner on 5 Dec 2022

Two big matches signed for DEFtv next week! Click ahead to find out!


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DEFtv 179 Night Two!

Posted by Lance Warner on 2 Dec 2022

Grudges attempt to be settled! Battles take place! Vae Victis is in the house, as are the Saturday Night Specials! Conor Fuse takes on Vae Victis' Clay Byrd and a whole lot more! Check it out NOW

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DEFtv 179 Night 1!

Posted by Lance Warner on 30 Nov 2022

The Tag Team Titles and Favored Saints Title are on the line, NIGHT ONE!

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BRAZEN Presents: Black Friday & Saturday Double Shot! 11/25 and 11/26

Posted by Lance Warner on 28 Nov 2022

We hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving and got lots of shopping done! BRAZEN brought a special Double Shot over Black Friday and Saturday with all BRAZEN's titles on the line! With an influx of new talent and the current on-top crop trying to keep their spots, what happened? Also, see High Flyer IV defend his newly-won Favoured Saints Championship against former BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman! Check out the latest BRAZEN results now!


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UNCUT is Here!

Posted by Lance Warner on 23 Nov 2022

A Favored Saints Title match and MUCH MORE!

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DEFtv 178 Night 2!

Posted by Lance Warner on 17 Nov 2022

HELLO! We have the BRAZEN Title on the line, Dex Joy vs. Corvo Alpha and so much more. Oh, also, a huge Battle Royal to name the new number one contenders to the FIST and SOHER. ALL RIGHT HERE!

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DEFtv 178 Night 1!

Posted by Lance Warner on 16 Nov 2022

NIGHT ONE comes to you live from Philly. The FIST, FS and Tag Team Titles are on the line. You don't want to miss this! WATCH IT NOW!

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