9 Mar 2019

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)


We are live at the Lakefront Arena, and it is jam packed with the DEFIANCE Faithful. Our hosts for the evening is the voice and sheppard of BRAZEN, Angus Skaaland. Joined alongside him is the BRAZEN play-by-play man, straight shooting former IWO & Action!’s Greg Parker.

It’s here we were get into the theme of the evening, Elimination match spectacular! There will be a few elimination five on five tag teams. The survivors will go on to a battle royal to crown the next Number one contender to the BRAZEN championship.

In addition, tonight, the DEFIANCE TRIOS titles will be on the line as No Justice, No Peace defend their titles against the former champions, the Viking War Cult.

And in the Main Event, the BRAZEN Championship is on the line as Reinhardt Hoffman defends his title in a thirty minute scramble match against his friend and partner Gunther Adler, the former number one contender Levi Cole, a man who was beaten to within an inch of his life by Dan Ryan in High Flyer IV, and the current bodyguard the D, Flex Kruger.

Let’s head to ringside.


Lovely Lance Mingle and Sam Day started the match. Good tech display between the two, but Exclusive Eric Wilson and Lance double team Sam. It looks like he’s down, but Matt LaCroix enters with a steel chair and pops off on Wilson and Mingle, knocking both out. Eliminated: Matt LaCroix by DQ. Sam Day then crawls and covers Lance Mingle. Eliminated: Lance Mingle by pinfall from Sam Day. Sam rolls over onto Wilson. Eliminated: Eric Wilson via pinfall from Sam Day. Sam throws his hands up in triumph as Kazuo hits the ring and attacks. Day is able to tag out to Dick Flanagan on an Irish Whip.  Kazuo takes out Flanagan due to his hubris. Eliminated: Dick Flanagan via pinfall after Kazuo piledriver. Kazuo back body drops Sgt. Safety up and over the ring, as Yutako and Mitsuru hop off the apron and put the boots to him. The toss him into the guardrail repeatedly before sliding him in after a five count. Eliminated: Sgt. Safety via pinfall from Kazuo. Kazuo goads on Jeff Belltron, now with the advantage. The two have a nice technical display before Kazuo rakes the eyes and tags. Eliminated: Jeff Belltron via pinfall via Yutaka Buzzsaw kick. Sam Day is left all alone, and he’s not fresh. He ducks a clothesline from Yutaka. Eliminated: Yutaka Tendo via pinfall after Sam Day Rollup. Mitsuru hits the ring and gets tripped up by Day. Eliminated: Mitsuru Yahagi via pinfall after Sam Day Mahistral Cradle. Kazuo hits the ring and starts stomping away at Sam Day. He his him with the piledriver, but only gets two. Kazuo climbs to the top, with Day, and tries for a piledriver, but Day just back body drops, and falls back with Kazuo off the second rope. Day lands on top. Eliminated: Kazuo Akamatsu via pinfall from Sam Day after second rope back body drop splash. Sam Day is the Soul Survivor @ 18:23. Day gets his hand raised and looks for his partner to celebrate, but he’s nowhere to be seen.


The ladies get their chance to shine on BRAZEN. Some familiar names. Asi and Faith start it with some basic back and forth, Asi using her speed and flying off the ropes to show off. Miss Y and Delilah get a chance to showcase their technical skills, with Delilah getting the upper hand. Catalina, yes, THE Jay Harvey's Catalina, gets the tag and takes advantage. Eliminated: Miss Y via pinfall by Catalina after the Sweet Stretcher by Delilah. Liz Icarus enters, who some might recognize from her stint as Erin Bryer on DEFtv. She runs circles around Catalina who’s just able to tag out before being pinned with a crucifix. Faith Clay enters and runs Liz over with a big boot. Eliminated: Liz Icarus via pinfall by Faith Clay after the Claymine. Asi Orochi flies. Eliminated: Faith Clay via pinfall after Asi’s Dragonrana. Asi dropkicks Oh Face and Catalina off the apron, as Delilah enters. Asi tries to fly but gets cut down with a HUGE powerbomb. Eliminated: Asi Orochi via pinfall after powerbomb by Delilah Sanders. Princess HOSS makes her BRAZEN debut, and while the super tall Delilah throws herself at HOSS, she’s much too large to take down. Eliminated: Delilah Sanders via pinfall after HOSS Factor by Princess HOSS. O-Face just crazily charges at Princess HOSS, headbutting her and then swatting at her large frame. HOSS just laughs and shoves her off. O-Face tries again, and Hoss lifts, but as she tries to squash O-Face, she spins behind her and Hoss lands face first hard. O-Face turns her over and just smashes her elbows into her face before going for the cover. Eliminated: Princess Hoss via pinfall. O-Face throws her hands up in victory and quickly rushes over, diving to tag before she can be attacked from behind. Entering the ring is someone with a bit of a pedigree, but she’s facing overwhelming odds. It’s Sarah Winterton, and as Catalina charges, Winterton ducks and hits her with Mirror Mirror, the roll through german. Eliminated: Catalina via pinfall. On the apron, O-Face shouts at Erin Bryer to enter the ring, the fresh faced person who lost to Desire. Bryer reluctantly enters, as the two have a fairly even technical exchange. Bryer gets the upper hand for a moment but Wintertown is quick to counter. As Bryer starts to gain confidence, she climbs to the top rope but takes too long, and Winterton rushes up behind with a vicious german off the second rope. Eliminated: Erin Bryer via pinfall. Now, it’s just O-Face, who is super reluctant to enter the ring. She tries to flee, but Winterton reaches over the top and grabs her by her grunge like hair. She’s dragged into the ring, kicking and screaming, before Wintertown locks in the Sleeping Beauty, the stepover Toehold sleeper. O-Face screams in pain and slams the mat. Eliminated: The O-Face via submission. Sarah Winterton is your soul survivor @ 14:23​. She celebrates and takes in the cheers from the Faithful while climbing a turnbuckle.



Elijah Cross started with David Hightower, who received the largest boos from the capacity crowd. Elijah charged and was quickly dismantled with a Hightower powerbomb. Eliminated: Elijah Cross via pinfall by David Hightower. Hightower gloats to Nicky Synz who hit the ring next. Synz fairs a little better with a few strikes but a chokeslam later. Eliminated: Nicky Synz via pinfall by David Hightower. CAGE! hit the ring next, clocking Hightower with vicious elbows, enough to start staggering. CAGE! off the ropes, into a chokeslam, but he locks his legs around Hightower and headscissors. Luke Dibbins tags himself in and charges into a powerslam from CAGE! Eliminated: Luke Dibbins via pinfall. Duke is none too happy and rushes in, just as Walter Levy is tagged in. BIG back body drop. A few quick heavy power moves and double teams between him and CAGE! Eliminated: Duke Dibbins via double superplex. Solomon Grendel was in next, grabbing Levy from behind and lifting him to a bear hug. Grendel wore down Levy until Petey tagged in and caught him with a diving elbow as Solomon hit a backbreaker. Eliminated: Walter Levy via pinfall. Hijo del Fishman Deluxe hit the ring, hitting quintuple german suplexes on the legal Petey Garrett, before hitting a michanoku driver. Eliminated: Petey Garrett by pinfall after Rainbow Deluxe by Hijo. Solomon was none too pleased, entering the ring and grabbing Hijo in a full nelson into a slam, into a rising side slam, into a rising powerbomb. Eliminated: Hijo del Fishman Deluxe via pinfall after repeated slams by Solomon. Solomon begged CAGE! forward, and CAGE! dove off the top into the awaiting arms. Rake to the eyes, into a go behind roll up! Eliminated: Solomon Grendel via pinfall with schoolboy. CAGE! Raises his hands in victory, but turns to meet David Hightower. Meet boot. Meet powerbomb. Eliminated: CAGE! Via pinfall. David Hightower is the soul survivor @ 15:23. Hightower almost decks The Referee as his hand is reluctantly raised.



Hugo and Todd started, and Todd caught Hugo with a low blow during a bit of tag team partner chaos. Todd and Richie double teamed Hugo until Paul entered and took the win. Eliminated: Hugo Gonzalez via pinfall. As Paul celebrated, Geraldo rushed up from behind and hit a canadian back breaker drop to the shock of his sons. Eliminated: Paul Dunson via pinfall after the Role Model. Geraldo was met by both Richie and Todd who rushed him and just stomped away. The two wouldn’t stop until pulled off. It’s here where it looked like order would be restored, as Todd picked Geraldo up and Richie was being sent back to the corner. But Richie rushed forward, and joined in Todd as they powerbombed Geraldo over the top and through the time keeper’s small table. The Referee ruled the Dunsons were eliminated. Eliminated: Todd & Richie Dunson via Disqualification. Corey has had enough and rushed to Geraldo’s side, as The Referee counted him out. Corey rolled him inside, where Bobby Horrigan was waiting. Horrigan just leapt and landed with all 400 pounds on him. Kickout. Horrigan is wide eyed, and tries again, but Geraldo rolls out and tags in Cheno. Cheno hits the ring like fire, taking down Horrigan with a huge uppercut. Callabero goes off the apron with a jab. Cheno lifts Horrigan for a brainbuster, and can’t quite get it. Until Titus comes in and helps, and it “Sucks to be You” Horrigan. Eliminated: Bobby Horrigan via pinfall. Cristiano Callabero looks into the ring and sees Titus, Geraldo, and Cheno there, and just waves it off and starts heading to the back. Eliminated: Cristiano Callabero via countout. Titus Campbell, Eddie Cheno, Corey Nunez & Geraldo Vilabolos survive @ 20:12. The good guys celebrate together.



Ridgway started with Emilio Byrd, who with his teammate Holt, double teamed him for a bit. Ridgway got away and tagged in Hart, who knocked both Thugs down, only for Davis Bloome to tag himself in. Bloome and Hart exchanged strikes for a bit, but Bloome is just a better striker and kicked the living crap out of Hart before hitting him with a knockout kick. Eliminated: Hart via pinfall. Brody hit the ring as Bloome tagged in Emilio. The Pigeon and Brody exchanged a few body slams and suplexes, countering each other back and forth before Brody Irish whipped Byrd into the corner. The members of Strong-Style Stranglers took turns triple teaming before a triple powerbomb on Byrd. Eliminated: Emilio Byrd via pinfall. Hurtlocker took offense and charged, catching Ridgway with a huge side slam. Eliminated: Ridgway via pinfall. Hurtlocker then rose to a Victor Vacio superkick. Eliminated: Hurtlocker Holt via pinfall. Victor tags out to Thomas Slaine, who eats a diving shoulder block from David Race. Race then begins working over Slaine’s arm with various arm bars, strikes, bends, even using the ring ropes to help.  Tripp Wise enters and runs around like a maniac clotheslining Thomas Slaine over and over with the Energizer Bunny Eliminated: Thomas Slaine via pinfall. Tired, Wise turns to see Vacio who just superkicks him again. Eliminated: Tripp Wise via pinfall. Victor again tags out, this time to a tired Brody. Brody reluctantly enters, as Bloome makes him regret it with vicious kicks. Bloome tries to kick Vacio off but he avoids it and then drops Bloome’s leg over the second rope. Bloome hobbled back into the Purge. Eliminated: Davis Bloome via pinfall. David Race grabs Brody from behind into a seated arm bar before he can react. Eliminated: Brody via submission Armed and Dangerous. As Race releases the hold, Victor Vacio comes flying off the top rope with Causa Perdida, the shooting star press. Eliminated: David Race via pinfall. Victor Vacio is the soul survivor @ 24:40. Vacio just exits with no fanfare.


Sewell and Denver Brandt started things off, rekindling their rivalry. The two wrestled circles around each other before tagging out to their respective partners. Their partners were a bit more lax with technicality and more with speed and brawling, allowing OTM to catch Oliver stunned. Oliver was in the corner of the GA & SB for a while, before finally diving and making the tag into the Crescent City Kidd. He dove with a top rope crescent kick, only to be caught by the Massive Cowboy and planted in a powerbomb. Eliminated: Crescent City Kidd via pinfall. Aaron King hit the ring with rights and elbows to the Cowboy but didn’t really stun him. Solomon stepped back and OTM tagged himself in, and caught King with a shoulder block. OTM then worked over the shoulder with holds and stretches. King barely escaped into a roll up but the shoulder gave way. OTM then locked in a crossface. Eliminated: Aaron King via submission OTM rose smiling, only to not notice Theodore Cain had entered. Bottom’s up with a tilt-a-whirl michanoku driver. Eliminated: Oliver Tarquin Monroe via pinfall. Massive Cowboy re-entered the ring as Cain stood his ground with rights and lefts. Cowboy with a headbutt, and a second staggers Cain into the corner. Cain is then dismantled by Lord Sewell with stretched as Earl Robberts and Dixon try to rush the ring. Cain bounced out of the corner into the Kung-Fu Lariot. Eliminated: Theodore Cain via pinfall. Cowboy stood and stared down the Bulldogs, who formed a gameplan. Cowboy just charged and knocked Denver off, hooking Oliver and dragging him in the hard way. Before Oliver could react, a huge powerslam befell him. Eliminated: Oliver Brandt via pinfall. Denver was the last man alive, as he looked at the overwhelming odds. It was here J.J. Dixon tagged himself in. He begged Brandt to enter and face him, as Brandt cautiously did. Dixon hit him hard before he fully entered the ring, irish whip, ducks his head, Brandt into a forward roll into a roll up. Eliminated: J.J. Dixon via pinfall. Dixon, shocked, screamed at the official as Cowboy stood looming tall over a recovering Denver Brandt. As he turned, Cowboy hit him with the Kung-Fu Lariot. Eliminated: Denver Brandt via pinfall. Earl Lee Roberts, Massive Cowboy, and Lord Sewell are your survivors @ 18:12. Dixon gets a few extra shots into the fallen Brandt before the good guys rally and make the save, sending the Basterds and GA fleeing.


The Viking War Cult got a mixed reaction as they entered. Cul took his place outside as he’d be stepping this one out. No Justice, No Peace entered as champions and were booed, but it was a weird dynamic. Ivar and Neighborhoodlum started out and had a find technical exchange of mat wrestling, before Hoodlum hit him with a knife edge chop and we switched to brawling for a bit. This brought in Rosey Owens for NJNP and Torvald for VWC, and we got ourselves a good ol’ fashion HOSS fite. Theo tagged himself in and tried to roll up Torvald but only got a two. Torvald angrily ran over Baylor and proceeded to toss him around the ring to wild cheers. Theo, having enough, dived to tag back in Owens. Which cued another Hoss fight. This time, Torvald wore down first and Rosey hit him with a big splash for a near fall. Cul jumped on the apron to distract but that actually allowed Felton Bigsby to toss something to Rosey. The Referee caught on, yelling at Rosey that using that would be a disqualification, but Rosey doesn’t care. Torvald was able to duck and lift Rosey off the mat, and then SLAM him with a huge standing alabama slammer type move. Torvald can’t stay up and tumbled from exhaustion. The two double down, as The Referee got to 8 before the tags come. Floki and Theo, as Theo is the better brawler but Floki is much quicker. Floki gained the advantage until flying off the top and getting caught in mid-air into a ring shaking spinebuster. Ivar was pulled off the apron by Felton before Bigsby clocked Cul on the outside. No Justice No Peace retain the BRAZEN TRIOS Championships via pinfall @ 21:10 after Welcome to LA (Theo Baylor over Floki Holmstrom). Brother Lucious rushed around to grab their Trios titles as Felton Bigsby hit the ring to help Rosey to his feet. Theo went to join him as their titles are returned and their hands raised.


The winners from earlier in the night are brought out and all enter the ring at the same time. It’s a pier six brawl from the onset. Those with partners try to team up. The Barrio Bros do so defensively, but Roberts and Cowboy attacked Hightower and start trying to get him out. Day and Winterton came over to help, as does Cheno and Titus and everyone got him out early. Hightower is none too pleased and tries to get back into the ring but is stopped. Eliminated: David Hightower. Everything then broke down into one on one affairs, except the Barrios and the SBs. Sewell on Cheno. Vacio on Winterton, Campbell on Day. Day back body dropped Campbell out to surprise. Eliminated: Titus Campbell. Cheno uppercutted Lord Sewell who took a tumble out of the ring. Eliminated: Lord Sewell. Winterton ducked a kick meant for her and Cheno took it under the jaw, stumbling up and over the top rope. Eliminated: Eddie Cheno. Victor then superkicked Winterton anyway. Sewell dove onto Sam Day and starts hammering. Cowboy lifted and chucked Nunez over the top rope. Eliminated: Corey Nunez. But this left him open as Geraldo was able to lift and show immense strength tossing Massive AND Roberts out of the ring at the same time. Eliminated: Massive Cowboy & Earl Lee Roberts

It’s down to Geraldo Villabolos, Sam Day, Sarah Winterton, and Victor Vacio. As the four square off, Victor just superkicked Geraldo across the face. Day and Winterton turn to each other, but Vacio just superkicked a stunned Sam Day completely over the top rope. Eliminated: Sam Day. Winterton pounced on Vacio, rolling through and then trying to hit Captivating, a move that could fling someone out of the ring. Vacio’s able to block it with some strength, but then Geraldo DOVE with a crossbody taking Vacio off his feet. Villabolos with rights and lefts, as Winterton snuck from behind and tried to throw him over, only for Geraldo to spin and toss Winterton over the top. Eliminated: Sarah Winterton. Geraldo looked back to Vacio, who just seems unamused. Villabolos charged as Vacio ducked, hooking the top and Geraldo’s overzealous nature sent him up and over the top rope. Eliminated: Geraldo Villabolos @ 8:23, Victor Vacio is the new number 1 contender to the BRAZEN Championship.  As Capital Punishment came out to reward Vacio with his trophy, Vacio completely blew him off and just left the ring. Cappy stood there, a bit dumbfounded.


The winner of the scramble match is the one with the last fall. Entrants will join in five minute increments. The two who start this match are Reinhardt Hoffman and HF IV. Hoffman swatted HF IV away from him like a fly at times, side stepping his leaps and dives. He even caught him once and PLANTED him center of the ring. He then locked HF IV into an STF, and HF IV tapped. Reinhardt Hoffman is temporary champion. Hoffman just kept the hold in for the rest of the five minutes while asking The Referee “Has anything changed?” Meanwhile, HFIV is basically unconscious. Levi Cole was three, and he and Reinhardt renew their hard hitting rivalry. Cole was able to toss Hoffman over the top, and then saw HF IV down. He dove on top. Levi Cole is the temporary champion. Cole, finally the champ, threw his arms in the air until Reinhardt hit him from behind with a clothesline. Hoffman hit Cole with a few power moves and regained control. Gunther Adler is number four, and Adler and Hoffman start edto double team a down Cole. Dragan Bomb from Adler as he’s on top for the cover. It got to two before Hoffman pulled Adler off. Hoffman shoved Adler, Adler plead innocence, but HF IV hit Adler from behind with a springboard dropkick, sending him into Hoffman. Reinhardt fell out of the ring as the fifth entrant began to enter. The last entrant, of course, was Flex Kruger, who took his sweet time getting to the ring, posing for the fans as he did.

HF IV rolled Adler up from behind during the entrance. HF IV is the temporary champion. HFIV threw his arms in the air and then quickly rushed out of the ring. He watched from the outside as Levi Cole got to his feet and sat on the middle rope, inviting the “current champ” back in. Adler then caught Cole from behind and started laying into him. Adler worked Cole over in the ring for a while, getting near fall after near fall on Cole but coming just so close but not close enough. One time he hit Cole with with a German and would have got a three if not for HFIV running in to break it up and then running out again. Another time, Cole had his STF locked in and HFIV broke it up to broke up the submission and again ran outside. Eventually, he met up with a VERY lazy and lacksidasical Flex Kruger, who had taken this entire time to walk to ringside. The two shot each other confused looks, and they both turned to notice the returning reigning BRAZEN champion Reinhardt Hoffman. Hoffman took both their heads off with a double clothesline.

Hoffman grabbed HF IV and tossed him back into the ring and followed in. Adler on top for another pin, but Hoffman lifted him off at two. The two got into a shouting match, as Hoffman pushed Adler and Gunther pushed him back. Both Cole and HF IV rolled Adler and Hoffman up respectively, getting two counts. Cole double clotheslined Hoffman and Adler over the top rope, and then HF IV dropkicked Cole out of the ring. As all four of the other competitors got up, HF IV rushed off the far ropes and leapt with a springboard 630 skytwisting plancha. HF IV landed on his feet and raised his hands in victory, but didn’t notice he didn’t really get Flex. Kruger hooked him from behind and Flex-Plex’d HF IV on the outside. Flex tossed Harmen back in, as he looked at the countdown. Five seconds. Flex dove on top and hooked the leg. One. Two. Three. BUZZ. Flex Kruger is your last temporary champion with one second to spare. Your new, BRAZEN Champion is Flex Kruger @ 25:00. Flex quickly rushes out of the ring and grabs the title, as Reinhardt Hoffman recovers into the ring and stares daggers at the new champ. Kruger looks wide eyed, looking for an escape, and just leaps into the crowd and flees.

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