BRAZEN: Clash of the BRAZEN 11/30/20

30 Nov 2020

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)



The show kicked off in major fashion! PYRO, PYRO, PYRO!!!!!!

And inside the ring was BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment along with BRAZEN's officials enforcer, "The Big Bad"  BRAGG! Cappy greeted the fans of tonight's show… over two thousand strong! He ran down the card for tonight's Clash as it played on the DEFtron:

BRAZEN TITLE: Killjoy (c) vs The D

BRAZEN TAGS: Biggest Best Boys (c) vs. LET vs. Winner of TAG TEAM BATTLE CLUSTER 

BRAZEN ONSLAUGHT TITLE: Gerardo Vilalobos © vs Paul Dunson 

Match five, Best of Five: Declan Alexander vs. Doug "Moonshine" Matton

"Wrestling Bear" Jack Mace, "Mellow Yellow" George Othello and Strong AF vs. "The Lead" Jesse Harrison and Heavy Artillery

Jack Harmen and High Investigations vs. The Conclave (Reinhardt Hoffman, Rhys Collins, Gunther Adler)

BADASS, BRAGG and Mystery Partner vs. Viking War Cult (Cul, Holmstrom Twins, Torvald The Destroyer)

Sarah Winterton vs. Princess Hoss 

TAG TEAM GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY BATTLE CLUSTER  - winner to be added as the third team in the BRAZEN Tag Team Title match.

All that, along with BRAZEN's newest star in action… Another former DEFIANCE star that will now be with the BRAZEN. Shooter Landell going one on one with BRAZEN veteran, Cristiano Caballero!

Tonight, Capital Punishment promised all titles would be on the line and tonight we would see some great action…

But they were cut off by BRAGG's future opponents for tonight… The Viking War Cult. Flanked by The Holmstrom Twins and Torvald the Destroyer, Cul looked upon Capital Punishment with a wicked smile. Cul said he was eager to get the carnage underway and wanted BRAGG, BADASS, and whoever they would find as their partner…

Cappy called him a History Channel-watching dipshit and said tonight, he couldn't find a better person to fight with BRAGG and BADASS… than the man Cul attacked viciously at the last CLASH Special…  


BADASS entered the ring through the crowd to join Cappy and BRAGG in the ring to fight them all right now!!!

This show was starting off with an eight man STREET FIGHT!


And this match was going to kick off our show! The crowd was already into the action from the jump! Capital Punishment in his street clothes, ready for a fight and exchanging blows with Cul! The Holmstrom Twins, Ivar and Floki, taking on Davis Bloome and Tripp Wise and trading chops all around! And in the middle of it all, BRAGG staring down Torvald before the two giants locked up and traded HEADBUTTS of all things!

The fights continued all around ringside between The Holmstrom Twins before Davis Bloome hit a Shotei called Plant The Seed, sending Ivar into the crowd while Tripp Wise flew off the ring apron, ass-first using a flying hip attack! That’s when BADASS got the tables out… 


They both got stopped by Torvald… 


BRAGG sneaks up behind Torvald and rams him into him with a massive clothesline on the floor, but the damage is already done to one half of BADASS, allowing The Twins to regroup with chairs and attack “The Big Bad” BRAGG at the back! Tripp gets CLOBBERED with an extra stiff chairshot to the head and ends up getting busted open hard!

The twins and Torvald each grab a table and then handcuff BRAGG to the bottom rope on the outside, keeping him trapped for the moment!

Back inside, Capital Punishment has Cul in the corner with a corner foot choke, but not for long as the twins come in and attack the 56-year-old BRAZEN Matchmaker! 

From there, the Viking War Cult have their way with Capital Punishment!

Running uppercut by Floki, followed by a running uppercut by Ivar!

Running Corner Splash by Torvald, who whips Cappy into a MASSIVE Spinebuster by Cul!




Davis Bloome, bloodied and all, leaps onto him and breaks up the fall, but the twins put the boots to the fiery half of BADASS. Tripp Wise is still out in the wreckage of the table while BRAGG tries to unchain himself from the handcuffs. He continues trying to pull apart when he sees Cul now pull out a spike from his gear and JABS Cappy in the head, causing Cappy to bleed out!


The Faithful COME ALIVE when The Big Bad enters the ring with Tripp Wise finally coming around, taking a lead pipe…

Shot to Ivar!

Big Boot to Floki!

Torvald tries the Gungnir (Spear) but BRAGG gets the knee up… SORRY ABOUT YOUR JAW! A STRAIGHT right hand doubles over Torvald, then a second SORRY ABOUT YOUR JAW lays him out, Deebo-style!

Cul tries the spike, but gets grabbed by BRAGG… 

But Cappy wants him!


Cappy then stands up and lets BADASS do their thing…



Then finally… 






Post-match, Tripp Wise, Davis Bloome, BRAGG, a bloodied Cappy head to the back. 


Up next is a match made by weeks of “The Fairest of Them All” Sarah Winterton constantly proclaiming herself far and above the women in BRAZEN. Until Princess Hoss attacked her! Since then, Winterton had ducked from her in tag team matches during the recent Double Shots. 

There was no running tonight. 

The second “Aggression” by Beartooth played, Princess Hoss got a nice ovation from the crowd… until Winterton comes out and attacks her down the entrance with a chop block! Hoss fumbles around while the former Jolt and LoC Women’s Champion goes for another chop block on the leg! Hoss shoves her down and hobbles into the ring while Winterton goes in. Referee Carla Ferrari tries to keep the women apart. Carla checks on the Princess and she is okay to compete, the bell rings….

And Winterton goes for the leg, but Hoss grabs her by the throat, throws her in the ropes and then CLOBBERS her with an overhand right!

Winterton flees from the ring, but an angry Princess Hoss goes to climb out of the ring where she picks up The Fairest of Them All and SLAMS her down on the floor with a huge slam! She throws her back into the ring, but only gets a two-count!

Princess Hoss tries a powerbomb, only for the technically-inclined Winterton to counter into a Triangle Choke that she calls the Sleeping Beauty! Hoss goes down to a knee, then Winterton goes for the leg, and tries turning it into a Cross Kneelock!

She cranks back on the hold and tries to keep her down, but when she does not, Hoss comes back up and kicks Winterton away!

The Fairest of Them All stands up, but gets taken down by a Clothesline, then another Clothesline, then another Clothesline! She gets picked up and thrown into the ropes for a big Flapjack, then again for a Back Body Drop! Hoss CRUSHES Winterton in the corner with a Splash, then a Military Press Powerslam!




Winterton gets up at two and a half, but Hoss sets her up for a spear while trying to get the feeling back in her leg. She runs, but Winterton catches her… 





Her signature Perfect Inside Cradle pin gets the three-count!

WINNER: Sarah Winterton @ 6:42 with Good Things Come in Small Packages!

She heads up the ramp as quickly as she can, but Princess Hoss leaps out of the ring and then heads up the ramp after her!


A MASSIVE opportunity was going to present itself tonight for one lucky team in the next match, the appropriately named TAG TEAM BATTLE CLUSTER! Eight of the best and brightest from BRAZEN would be competing with the winning team being inserted later tonight in the middle of the battle between the inaugural and longest-reigning BRAZEN Tag Team Champions Les Enfants Terribles and the current champions. Nathaniel Eye and new Southern Heritage Champion Dex Joy, The Biggest Best Boys! To be eliminated, both members of a team would have to be thrown over the top rope and both feet touching the floor!

Thugs 4 Hire of Hurtlocker Holt and Emilio “EMILIOOOOOOOOO” Byrd. Brutal Attack Force of Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett. The Southern Bastards of JJ Dixon and Earl Lee Roberts. The Dunson Clan members Todd and Richie Dunson. Berry Chernobyl and Gilbert Rogers of Screen 7. The Gentlemen’s Agreement of Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe. Six teams in. 

“Born In The USA” by Bruce Springsteen plays and out comes team number seven, would be BRAZEN fan favorites, Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious, The World’s Nicest Tag Team! The crowd gives them a huge reaction! And the eighth?

“New Divide” By Linkin Park brings out… THE DEFCEPTIONS!

Al Sparks and Ryan Knox, accompanied by Septimus Tyne, Megan Krong, and the possibly useless Starscream cheer one the two hosses from the ramp as the bell rings… 


Things quickly go bad for Brutal Attack Force, who try to eliminate the DEFcepticons, getting a decidedly mixed reaction mainly cause, you know, BAF are dicks. Solomon Grendel tries to eliminate the brickhouse Ryan Knox. His prize?

Being thrown over the top rope!

Garrett tries kicking the legs of the massive chisleled Al Sparks and he get CRACKED with an AutoBoot, sending him over the ropes along with his partner! “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!” Both men shout, possibly leaving BRAZEN to wonder if they have just opened themselves up to lawsuits from Hasbro. 

To those people, I say, shush. There’s a match going on!

Little Man starts trying to pick fights with both members of Thugs 4 Hire. Shoving them around and being the little shit he is. Emilio(oooooooo) grabs him and throws him over the ropes as well, but Fat Man comes up behind him and tries to do the same… but Hurtlocker Holt saves his buddy! He throws him over the ropes instead with the help of Emilio and they get tossed as well!

Berry Chernobyl tries fighting off both members of the Southern Bastards and while that is happening, Gilbert Rogers is trying to be tossed by Butcher Victorious, but… well, he can’t cause he’s low to the ground. It’s gonna take a miracle to get him. But Oliver Tarquin Monroe and soon, Todd and Richie Dunson, fellow members of the Clan of Gentlemen Alliance between The Dunson Clan and Gentlemen’s Agreement pays off…

Over goes Gilbert Rogers!

The three men nod and enjoy themselves for a moment until Butcher runs up the ropes quickly and comes back with a corkscrew moonsault to take all three out in the ring! VERY risky business for a battle royale, but one that will not pay off!

Al Sparks and Ryan Knox continue their trail of unleashing destruction tonight when they both THROW JJ Dixon over the top rope! Earl Lee Roberts goes after both men with punches, but ends up in a bad spot himself trying to run, only to have Al Sparks crack him in the mouth with another Autoboot, followed by a flurry of kicks, ending in his combo called DEFeated! Then Ryan Knox PRESSES him high and throws him over the top as well onto his partner on the outside!

Not many left, but Butcher now gets back up and tries to eliminate Todd Dunson, but his brother Richie comes to his aid, but Levi Cole charges and then picks him up, then DUMPS him over the ropes with a release belly to belly suplex overhead, over the top rope! Richie follows with a superkick by Butcher followed by a release German suplex, completing the Arms Across American combo! They then send him over the ropes with the crowd cheering them on! 

Berry Chernobyl tries surprising Al Sparks, but he can’t stop him right there. He throws him over the ropes instead! Septimus Tyne, Starscream and Megan Krong cheer them on from the top of the ramp, but when Ryan Knox tries helping him, Lord Sewell sneaks up from behind and almost eliminates the powerhouse! Al Sparks clubs Lord Sewell, but OTM clubs him instead and pitches him over the ropes, sending BOTH members of the Gentlemen’s Agreement AND Berry over the ropes! Lord Sewell gets shoved through the ropes, but OTM and Berry are history!

Emilio gets close to pitching Butcher, but Levi Cole saves his partner, only to get a kick from Hurtlocker Holt. He tries getting him over, but he won’t be stopped. He kicks him in the gut and tries a suplex… but Cole turns and suplexes HIM over the ropes! Byrd is on the ring apron trying to save his partner, but a springboard inside dropkick by Butcher knocks him over!

And we are down to four! 

The World’s Nicest Tag Team. 

The DEFcepticons!

Cole goes right after Al Sparks and the two big bulls fight it out while Ryan Knon contends with Butcher. Knox overpowers Butcher while Cole and Sparks battle it out with forearms and punches in the ring! 

The other members of the DEFcepticons cheer on while Butcher is close to being eliminated by Knox. Knox picks him up and THROWS him, then starts stroking his beard with an evil cackle, but when he turns, Butcher hits a leaping kick from the apron. He tries getting something going, but Knox comes back with a HUGE Rhino Smash through the ropes, sending Butcher to the floor!

As Knox remains a bit loopy from the earlier kick, it’s down to just Cole, he tries to fight them off and has Al Sparks on the edge. He gets thrown over, but Lord Sewell surprises them both and SHOVES Cole and Sparks over, drawing boos from the crowd! Sewell taps his finger on his head thinking he has it won. He tries to get Knox over, but the big powerhouse stops him. Septimus Tyne and the rest of the group cheer him on and the crowd gets behind Knox cause Sewell is a douche. He almost has Knox over, but a big elbow stops him… then a RHINO SMASH!

Then he’s over the ropes!!!!

WINNERS: The DEFcepticons @ 15:14, last eliminating Lord Sewell; now entered into the BRAZEN Tag Team Championship match later!

The crowd gives a decidedly mixed (mostly cheers) response to Knox while the rest of this… well, let’s be honest… freak show enter the ring. But they let out a massive “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE!” that gets some more. Tonight, the debuting DEFcepticons have a chance to make it to the top of the division in one night!


Up next would be the in-ring return of former DEFIANCE, and now one of BRAZEN’s newest roster members, Shooter Landell making his debut against one of BRAZEN’S longest-reigning stars. Cristiano Caballero!

“Sexy Boy” by Air plays out Caballero who fakes giving a rose to a woman in the front row… only to snatch it back! He ain’t messing with no fuggos tonight. He climbs into the ring and waits… 

“Gimme Back My Bullets” by Lynyrd Skynyrd plays… 

And plays… 

And plays…

And Shooter comes out… but he does NOT seem like the badass elder statesman of DEFIANCE he once was as a member of Gage Blackwood’s crew. 

He heads to the ring and stares down Caballero who wonders what is wrong with him. 

The bell rings.

Shooter rushes forward and almost stumbles away as Cristiano laughs… 

Landell continues to come at him and finally gets an arm wringer, but stumbles about while seemingly almost trying to remember how to apply the hold he is looking for. The crowd starts murmuring, wondering what’s going on… until Caballero decides the time is now and CRACKS him in the back of the head with the Pretty Sight (Overhead Kick)!

With Shooter seemingly out of it, Caballero holds the legs tightly!




A LOUD gasp erupts from the crowd as Caballero gets up… 

WINNER: Cristiano Caballero @ 1:13 with The Pretty Sight!


He grabs his rose and then literally STRUTS up the ramp with his signature rose in his mouth! 

A referee goes to check on Shooter, but he shoves the official out of the way until members of DEFsec come down with a trainer to help him to the back. 

Not an auspicious start for his BRAZEN tenure, no doubt.


The first of two six-man tag grudge matches was up next and the issue stemmed between former BRAZEN Champion “The Wrestling Bear” Jack Mace and Jesse Harrison. The former Australian actor has been making waves in BRAZEN for months and has looked to make a name for himself at the expense of Jack Mace. The two have fought on two different occasions without a victor, but as part of Harrison’s bid to become The Lead of BRAZEN, he has employed Heavy Artillery as his “supporting cast.” To counter that, Mace has taken a fellow Oscar Burns protege, “Mellow Yellow” George Othello, along with rising star Strong AF to take them on. 

Harrison and Heavy Artillery are out first with one spotlight solely for the former actor. He heads to the ring with one of BRAZEN’s top teams behind him, smirking for the crowd. Mace, Othello, and Strong AF head out next and get cheers from the crowd. The former member of the WrestleFriends, Jack Mace leads his trio down to ringside.  When they get there, Mace wants Harrison. And the actor is ready to fight as well…

Nah, just kidding, he tags in Bobby Horrigan. 

The crowd jeers, but Mace keeps his cool and gets into a shoulder tackle match with the 330-pound Irishman. He gets knocked back, but neither man gives any ground until Mace unexpectedly HURLS Bobby off his feet and puts him down with a huge slam on the mat! Othello gets the tag and works the arm of Bobby as best he can with a Cross Armbar! But when Bobby fights back, Strong AF makes a tag and the two work together with a sloppy, but effective spin kick by Strong AF followed by a running uppercut by Othello for two!

Strong AF tries putting down Horrigan with Deadly AF, but he fights out and DRILLS him with a headbutt, and then a roaring elbow! Roosevelt Owens tags in and then the two members of Heavy Artillery go to work and show off great tag team work, bullying the former silver-medalist Olympian powerlifter with big splashes in the corner. Harrison finally tags in and puts a boot on the chest of Strong AF, but he only gets a one-count. 

Harrison finally gets involved and teases Mace on the apron. The Wrestling Bear wants in, but he and Othello aren’t near to tag Strong AF, so Harrison rams into him with the Boom Shot (Spear) for a big two-count!

The tag back to Big Rose and the more massive half of Heavy Artillery comes in and steps on Strong AF’s back, getting screams of pain! And just to be a dick, Harrison climbs in behind the ref’s back, focused on Mace and Othello’s protests, and leaps onto Big Rose’s back for more damage! After that, Rosey finally looks to end it with The Big O running splash…


Strong AF moves and then gets out of the way, leading to him making the tag to George Othello, who catches Big Rose with the springboard flying uppercut he calls Uppercut It Out! And a cover, but only a two-count!

He tries his luck to lock in the Code Yellow Triangle Choke on Rosey, but the mountain of a man is too big and bucklebombs him loose! Harrison back in again with Dead Air for a two-count, followed by a The Spin Off (Standing Figure Four). He holds him in the hold and now the pressure is on him to survive, but the 21-year-old Weslhman is left in dire straits. 

Harrison keeps egging on Mace to try and get in to save his buddy, but he won’t break the rules as a product of his training with Oscar Burns, holding the rules in high regard. Instead, he wills on Othello who makes it to the ropes! He finally gets in there, but when Harrison tries to end it with the Cliffhanger, the double knee facebreaker gets countered when Othello hangs onto the ropes, allowing big Mace to tag in at long last!

He cuts through Harrison like a hot knife through butter, throwing him into both sides of the ring with a pair of massive corner clotheslines, followed by Mace hitting the Bear-Hug-plex! Bobby tries to cut him off, but gets a headbutt and then a flurry of Bear Paws (Double chops) followed by a big boot to Rosey, knocking him off the apron. He slams Harrison down then goes up top…





But just barely before Strong AF takes him out with a Spear! Rosey comes back and lands the Georgia Twister (Black Hole Slam!) But then a guillotine choke by Othello then both men go out!

Mace has Harrison set for the Big Friendly Bomb when Rosey tries to get back in, only for Mace to take him back out with a huge Dropkick… LOW BLOW BY HARRISON!





WINNER: Jesse Harrison and Heavy Artillery @ 13:51 with the Cliffhanger; Harrison pins Mace

Harrison jumps up and celebrates! He has pinned the former BRAZEN Champion! He leaps and applauds himself as Heavy Artillery joins him in the ring. The Lead takes in the jeers from the crowd and then stands over the fallen Jack Mace, loading the big victory tonight! The trio leave the ring and Harrison looks on smugly at the damage caused, putting himself one step closer to proving himself as the Lead of BRAZEN!

Card Subject To What Now?

Before the next match began, footage played for all to see on the DEFtron...

A whole lot of panicked staffers and trainers backstage, scurrying around. 

The D, the challenger for the BRAZEN Championship... 

Laying unconscious at the feet of the BRAZEN Champion, LET's Beast, Killjoy!

The defending champion of tonight's main event pops the bones in his neck and slowly stomps off...

Iris Davine:
Get help! Get help now!

She continues screaming while the silent monstere Killjoy now stands aside Archer Silver and High Flyer IV, the other members of Les Enfants Terribles.

Archer Silver:
Hey, Iris... why don't you tell Cappy that The D just went limp and he won't be able to perform tonight. 

HF IV taps the shoulder of Killjoy. 

High Flyer IV:
This belt's staying with us! We got the gold, we got the power. Let's go. 

The roving trio of assholes then walks off, BRAZEN Championship over Killjoy's shoulder as the camera closes in on a beaten and battered challenger... 

What does this mean for the main event?


The first of three title matches tonight would be the first official defense of the title on a CLASH card. As the new title was up for grabs, BRAZEN Onslaught title matches would be on EVERY BRAZEN-branded event unless otherwise notified and would be 15 minute title matches. Paul Dunson won himself a title match at the last CLASH special, winning the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY BATTLE CLUSTER in order to earn tonight’s match.

“The Golden Opportunist” Paul Dunson arrives on the scene with Richie, Todd and his nephew Finn Dunson. With a new blonde dye job and a golden robe on, he looks out to the crowd and heads to the ring. 

“Heart of a Champion” by Nelly plays next and out comes the champ! With his own entourage of Mr. Gustavo Salazar and stablemates Hugo Gonzalez and Corey Nunez, the leader of The Barrio Boys heads to the ring and then gets inside. The belt is handed over. Can the experience of Paul Dunson lead to his first singles title in BRAZEN or would Gerardo Villalobos continue his dominant run with the championship?

Villalobos wants to fight, but when he goes at Paul, he inches in between the ropes. Dunson orders the big powerhouse back. He climbs to the outside and tells Gerardo to come out and fight him, but Mr. Salazar tells him stay inside, but stalling will only do him so good because he is the challenger. He starts to go at him, but Finn Dunson climbs on the ring apron. Gerardo tries to get in, but Paul Dunson slides back in and tries a cheap shot on the champ…


Villalobos catches him and drills him with a massive body slam, then a trio of vicious elbow drops. He gets back up then throws Paul Dunson into a corner before launching him up using a big back body drop into the ceiling lights!

The BRAZEN Onslaught Champion continues dominating him with a delayed vertical suplex…

Holds it… 

Five seconds…

Ten seconds…

TWENTY seconds… 

And the slam!

The Barrio Boys cheer him on from their side while Villalobos waits, then runs him down using a massive shoulder block for a big two-count!

Gerardo then has him up on the shoulders for the big samoan drop, but this time Todd Dunson climbs on the ring apron. He takes a swing and misses, but this time Dunson gets the eyes followed by the DDT called A Walk Down Memory Lane!




Dunson angrily stomps away at big Gerardo and goes for the arms, the legs, the body, then drops a trio of his own knee drops on the head of Gerardo! He is down on his hands and knees when Dunson does the most dynamic move in his arsenal… a step-up enzuigiri! And then a small package on the big man!




Gerardo kicks out when he goes for the standing crossface chickenwing! The hold is locked in tight, but Gerardo gets willed on by his guys and then goes for the ropes until he gets it!

Gerardo fights back and goes to town on Paul Dunson with forearms and chops, leveling him and then taking him out of the corner with a big Samoan Drop!




By Todd Dunson!

The other members of the Barrio Boys have seen enough and go after them and attack! Fights break out all along ringside! The refere yells at them while Finn Dunson gets inside and tries for the Dunn Deal… NO! BOOT TO THE FACE!

He goes back to Paul… 


The gold-plated brass knuckles to the face ROCK  Gerardo and the fans jeer him as he goes for the cover. 




WINNER: And NEW BRAZEN Onslaught Champion, “The Golden Opportunist” Paul Dunson @ 12:31 with the Golden Opportunity on Villalobos!

Clan Dunson reunites in the ring as the rest of the Barrio Boys tend to the fallen Gerardo Villalobos! The crowd can’t believe what has to be a major upset as the patriarch of the dunson Clan now has title in his hands! Tears well up in his eyes… complete bullshit tears, but tears nonetheless as Finn, Todd and Richie hold him on their shoulders! The winner of the first-ever GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY BATTLE CLUSTER has won his first singles title in BRAZEN! 


Up next would be the next six-man tag of the evening! Former DEFIANCE and now BRAZEN member Jack Harmen rubbed the first-ever BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman with his mere appearance on the brand. Since then, victories had been exchanged in a series of tag matches. While Harmen himself has yet to be defeated since joining the BRAZEN brand, Hoffman recruited his old training buddies, Rhys Collins and Gunther Adler to help him. To that end, Harmen recruited old friend Eddie Cheno along with his own protege, the massive Tornado T-Rex Titilayo!

There was no time for entrances, we get to the fights quickly!

As Hoffman and company head down to the ring, The Wildcard (BITCHES!) makes the first move using a tope con hilo over the ropes down onto all three members of the oppositionth Harmen gets up and throws Rhys Collins into the ring where eats a HUGE uppercut from the former boxer Eddie Cheno, then an even BIGGER uppercut from the super-heavyweight Titalayo!

Harmen works over Rhys Collins with a springboard into a huge thesz press followed by a flurry of punches! Hoffman and Gunther eventually return to their corner, but they have Collins trapped in their corner. Chops from Harmen, the more jabs from Eddie, then a STIFF knee strike by Titilayo and a biel throw. He throws him over to get Gunther Adler. He makes the tag and then gets into the ring to try and deal with the giant with the MMA-style background, only to get snapped over and struck down with a quick clubbing blow to the chest!

The tag goes to Eddie Cheno and High Investigations now work him over with a big slam on Adler, then he slams his own partner onto Cheno! Cheno with a cover, but only gets a two-count! He rocks Gunther with a big bell clap, but when he comes back, he does not expect the big barefooted fighter to PLASTER him in the chest with a bicycle kick!

Now Reinhardt gets the tag… 


And then the tag to Rhys Collins… 

Basement dropkick by Rhys Collins! 

And a cover.



Cheno gets back up, but now Rhys goes for the knee with a Dragon Screw! And then Gunther Adler comes in, then STOMPS on the knee! He howls out in pain, then Reinhardt Hoffman comes in and slams his knee repeatedly into the mat!

The knee gets worked over some more while Harman and Titalayo both try to cheer him on. Reinhardt measures him up and then CRACKS Cheno with the knee trembler! 




Cheno fights back with right hands when Hoffman tries pulling him up. He goes for the right, then some jabs, but Hoffman kicks his bad knee out from under him, then goes with another Dragon Screw! 

He tries to get back to the leg and then tries for the Cross-Legged STF, but Titalayo rushes inside and then takes his head off with a massive clothesline to save his tag partner! The crow cheers on Cheno as he tries to get back, but Hoffman makes the tag to Rhys. He tries stopping Cheno… 

BONG HIT! (Superkick)

He crumbles to the mat after kicking him with his good leg while Titalayo and Harmen wait. He crawls over to the corner… 

Tag to The Wildcard!

He rushes at the corner like a rocket and CRACKS Hoffman with a corner dropkick! He picks up Rhys and then SPIKES him down with a big Michinoku driver, but it gets broken up by Adler! Adler slugs it out, but Titalayo climbs into the ring and then grabs him by the neck!


The gorilla gress powerslam ends Adler’s night!

Reinhardt tags in behind and kicks Titalayo out of the way…





WINNERS: Jack Harmen and High Investigations @ 15:19, Harmen over Hoffman with the Locomotive!


We were getting to the nitty-gritty of tonight’s card and right now caps a Best of Five Series between two of BRAZEN’s youngest and perhaps brightest future starts. 

Declan “DEC4L” Alexander - popular gaming vlogger turned wrestler. A man who has given FIST of DEFIANCE Mikey Unlikely a run for his money at one point, who made it to the finals with his mentor, “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy during TAG PARTY II!

Doug “Moonshine” Matton - also a participant of TAG PARTY II and B-Block finalist with “Black Out” Patrick Cassidy. A man who has logged himself a lot of wins in BRAZEN and has been on many radars as a future champion. Very technically skilled despite an outward, somewhat drunken exterior. 

Declan Alexander won match one with his Cutter called Play of the Game. Matton would take match two and three by way of a backslide counter to Declan’s finisher, and then tapping him out with his deadly Fujiwara Armbar called Whole LOTTA Buzz. It would be match four during the BRAZEN Double Shot weekend where Declan scored a Play of the Game OUTTA NOWH… er, off-guard to even up the score. Which brings to right now! Tonight, one would put themselves toward a future BRAZEN Championship opportunity!

And the match starts off with a lot of great mat wrestling on the part of Matton! Declan has himself a solid technical base and has a slight height advantage, but Matton being just a bit quicker takes him over with a series of rolling headlock takeovers to disorient the gamer, but also runs into him with a flurry of forearms to disorient the big man. A leg trip by Matton leads to him going to work early with a single arm DDT!

But moments later, Declan comes back in a big way, when Matton tries for a tornado single arm DDT out of the corner, Declan holds onto the ropes, sending Matton flying to the mat, followed by a big dropkick of his own, that knocks him over to the outside. The athletically-gifted prodigy of Lindsay Troy and Vivica J. Valentine climbs out to the ring apron and waits for Matton to get up before taking flight with a BIG Flying Clothesline! It’s back inside when Declan starts going to the top rope, hitting another big Flying Clothesline with his good arm for a big two-count!

Declan then takes control with chops in the corner… but the master of Drunk-Fu won’t be kept down! He turns Declan around and PLASTERS him with some open-handed chops of his own! He takes him out of the corner with a slam and then heads up top for a diving headbutt, but Declan moves!

Knee strikes follow by Declan, hitting one against the ropes, then one off the opposite side, leading to a Russian leg sweep in the middle of the ring followed by a leg drop with big hangtime for two! No ear-cupping here, brothers. 

Ol’ Shiner tries to fight back when Declan picks him up, using more open-handed chops to the chest, but an elbow smash by Declan keeps him down and then gets another two-count. Declan waits for the chance to catch him. 





Fool him once, shame on Declan, but the way he lost Match Two of the series would not get Matton the win on this occasion. Matton then goes with a double knee armbreaker, catching Declan hard on the left arm! From there, Moonshine grabs the arm and then leaps over the top rope, effectively snapping Declan’s left arm over the ropes!

Finally with a glaring weakness that he can take advantage of, Matton throws Declan to the outside and then goes nuts with an apron dive of his own, flying off the ring apron with a big cannonball! 

After the action on the outside, Matton goes inside, then out of the ring to reset the referee’s count so he can grab the arm and then DRIVE it into the ringside floor with a running bulldog-type move on the left arm!

With Declan now hurt and thrown back inside, Matton tries a pinfall. 



But when Declan gets the arm up, Matton grabs the arm and then goes to a keylock! He has him trapped in the middle of the ring, but the DEC4LLION are out in full force tonight and cheer on the gamer as he starts to try and fight his way out using his free arm, throwing elbows to the face of Matton until he gets free. Ol’ Shiner tries again, but gets caught with a roll-up by Declan using the good arm for a two-count!

When Declan is back up, Matton catches him with a kick and then takes him to the corner, flying off now with a tornado single arm DDT! He drives him down hard and then tries another cover. 




But quickly, Matton rolls Declan over and then tries to lock in Whole LOTTA Buzz, but before he can get it, Declan grabs the leg and then trips him up before CRACKING him upside the jaw with the Dragon Punch! After the rising uppercut connects, both men are down and the referee gets the ten-count going! Not the way both men want this series to end. Doug is up first, but barely while Declan favors his left arm. By seven, both men are on their knees, then back up by the count of nine!

Chops get traded between both guys, but it is Declan Alexander who gets the advantage and then blocks a chop, throwing a flurry of elbows before shooting Matton into the ropes for YEET… No! Matton grabs the arm again, but Declan fights him off. He charges, but Matton catches him with a thesz press followed by right hands! He gets up, drops a driving elbow into the chest of Declan, then picks him up to a seated position to hit LITTLE BIT O’BUZZ! (running knee strike!)




He goes for Whole LOTTA Buzz again, but this time, Declan is ready and shoves him away to the ropes. 

YEET~! (flapjack slam!)

Matton gets HURLED into the air and hits chest first, allowing Declan to hit….





WINNER: Declan “DEC4L” Alexander via pinfall @ 19:49 with the Play of the Game! Wins the Best of Five Series!

The crowd is on their feet for the performance by both men! Declan’s arm will definitely need some ice, but he goes to help Ol’ Shiner up with his good hand. The crowd waits to see how a slightly upset Matton will act… 

And he slaps away the hand! The crowd starts to boo, but then Matton goes in and gives him a big, friendly bro-hug! Matton starts to raise Declan’s left arm, but he stops him cause it hurts too much, then offers him the good one to raise. Ol’ Shiner and Alexander are happy to show themselves being among the top of the class of BRAZEN stars getting ready to break out. 

And sooner than later, that rise will come!


The coveted BRAZEN Tag Team Championships - currently held by the new Southern Heritage Champion “The Biggest Boy” Dex Joy and former BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye - won the tiles during a BRAZEN Double Shot outdoor show! Since then, they had been fighting champs on the most recent set of Double Shots in between Dex’s appearances on DEFIANCE culminating in winning the Southern Heritage Championship. Tonight, they would have to put that fighting champions moniker to the test as they defend against not one, but two teams!

Les Enfants Terribles - second and third-generation stars High Flyer IV and Archer Silver - have ruled the tag division since their arrival until they ran into a brick call called Dex and his best friend, Nathaniel. The first-ever BRAZEN Tag Team Champions want the belts back to complete their stranglehold on the top titles they held as their stablemate Killjoy holds the BRAZEN Championship. 

The DEFcepticons - a… unique act to say the least, but winning out seven other teams in a big gauntlet match. The tall Al Sparks and the stocky-built Ryan Knox looked great in their first appearance earlier tonight. And now, they would have a chance to win the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles in their debut for the BRAZEN brand if they could pull this off! Tonight, they had Septimus Tyne, Megan Krong and Starscream all at ringside cheering them on as they did earlier!

Three teams, only two men allowed in the ring at one time. First pinfall or submission wins the BRAZEN Tag Titles!

Ryan Knox was gonna try his luck with the new Southern Heritage Champion Dex Joy! Knox tries to run into Dex with a shoulder tackle at the start, but Dex doesn’t budge. He runs again, but second verse, same as the first. Dex now tries his luck, but Ryan Knox sets him up for a headlock instead before he can run! Knox has Dex controlled for a moment, but Dexy Baby shoves himself free, then bum-rushes Ryan Knox over. Both LET members watch the big men go at one another when Dex crushes in in the corner using a back splash, then tags Nathaniel Eye in to hit a dropkick from the middle rope! 

Ryan Knox gets worked over now with another kick to the spine, then a running back elbow smash by Eye, which he follows with an impressive kip-up! The former BRAZEN Champion has Ryan Knox down and the other DEFcepticons show concern for the big man. Al Sparks wants a tag, but Eye keeps him away so Joy can get the tag. They both work a double shoulder knockdown, then a double elbow drop, followed by double fist bumps and a double flex! You know, cause Biggest Best Boys! 

But as they pose down, Eye makes a mistake and HF IV tags himself in! Eye has to go back to the corner as he comes off the top with a springboard missile dropkick by the son of Jack Harmen! A standing moonsault follows for two! Archer gets the tag and the tall former kickboxing aficionado wails on Knox with kicks, but when he runs off the ropes, Knox PLANTS him with a big side belly to belly suplex!


The tag goes to Al Sparks and the DEFcepticons cheer as the two tallest men in the match exchange blows. Archer has the advantage there and goes for the leg with several big kicks, then runs off the ropes, kicking Sparks in the face. He goes into the ropes, but comes right back, knocking Archer down with an AMAZING leg lariat! Sparks and Knox get a great double-team shoulder block followed by a leg drop by Sparks, then a big splash by Knox. 



Only to save the Tag Titles for the Biggest Best Boys, Eye saves Archer and returns to the corner. Sparks and Knox continue to try and work over Archer, but the Prince of Pricks comes back with TWO eye claws, one for each DEFcepticon, then LEVELS Knox with a high kick to the head, then Al Sparks with a trio of shots to his big chest until he stumbles back in the corner. Archer tags in HF IV… 


A Running knee strike in the corner by Archer leads to a snapmare out of the corner, leading to a flying double knee strike by HF IV! That in turn gets followed up with a knee drop from Archer, then a standing moonsault double knee drop by the son of Jack Harmen!




When they set the big man up for the kick move known as Kicky McGee… both run… 


Sparks grabs Archer and then DRIVES him down with a flatliner!

As both go down, Eye makes the tag on Archer, then goes after Sparks with right hands, then a corkscrew elbow off the ropes, followed by another jumping elbow drop with great hangtime, but that only gets a two-count! He has Sparks down and goes for Eyes on the prize… But Starscream climbs on the apron to stop him… but Dex rips him off the apron… 

But then Sparks takes advantage and SLAMS Eye to the ground from off the mat!

Now in control, Sparks and Knox continue looking great as a team when Sparks and Knox hoist Eye up…


The double-team bomb drops the former BRAZEN Champion, but the unlikely High Flyer IV saves him with a double stomp to the back of Knox as he tries to make the cover! With help from Archer, they both drag him over… so Archer can now tag in and work over Eye…





A series of vicious kicks in the corner of the former BRAZEN Champion soften him up as Dex Joy is forced to look on. HF IV makes the tag and then gets a corner dropkick on Eye!




The DEFcepticons have no legal men in the ring right now and have to watch LET as well try and pick apart Eye. They both set him up for a double team… 


Archer comes to the aid of his partner by booting Eye as he gets up, but he reverses a whip into a huge spinebuster! 

Both members of LET are down and Eye has a clear path…


And it’s splashes galore for both Archer, then HF IV. Then Archer. Then HF IV! 

A big samoan drop catches Archer, then HF IV gets dropped with a big swinging sidewalk slam, then makes a cover!




Sparks takes the fight to The Biggest Boy, but when he comes back off the ropes, Dex heads off the ropes and drops him with the Pounce called Dexy’s Midnight Runner! Sparks goes flying! 

The tag goes back to Eye as HF IV is down. He goes up top… EYES UP HERE!




The running punt kick to the side of the head connects and Dex comes to the aid of his buddy, but as HF IV is down, Ryan Knox makes the tag…






WINNER: And NEW BRAZEN Tag Team Champions… The DEFcepticons (Al Sparks and Ryan Knox) @ 21:14 with the Rhino Smash on Eye, following #GOALS from Archer Silver!

Dex Joy can’t believe it and neither can Les Enfants Terribles, not even involved in the decision! But referee Hector Navarro hands the titles over and the DEFcepticons are cheering amidst a mixed reaction from the crowd for the title change, but it coming from the unlikely sources! Sparks and Knox are given the belts and the entire group enters the ring to celebrate! HF IV is helped out of the ring by an angry Archer Silver while Dex Joy goes to help his buddy in the ring. But tonight, as the DEFcepticons celebrate perhaps one of the most successful debuts in BRAZEN, one thing is for sure… 

When it comes to tonight…

They are more than meets the eye.

...I’ll see myself out. 


Originally slated to be perhaps one of the biggest David vs. Goliath battles in BRAZEN history between the monstrous BRAZEN Champion Killjoy and the equal-parts arrogant, but gutsy PCP member The D… that match was now very much in doubt as we are about to get to the main event. Earlier tonight, The D was viciously assaulted backstage by Killjoy.

And as Killjoy makes his way out to the sounds of “Seizure To Power” by Marilyn Manson, the 6’10” and 391-pound monster had taken the belt from Nathaniel Eye a little over three months ago and has not been stopped since. Defeating anyone who has challenged him so far, the Native American monster has dominated all in his path, until The D decided to make the challenge. 

But now, who was it?

Killjoy paces around with the title and shows no emotion as he waits for his opponent. 

If there is one. 

It takes a few moments… 

Then Cappy makes his way out! The BRAZEN Matchmaker who was victorious with his team in a big, vicious brawl to start the show, stands on the stage with a taped up head. He says he’s still feeling a throbbing headache after kicking Cul’s ass, but tonight he promises he’s found somebody to take on the monster. A man who can’t be boxed in any longer and a man who wanted this match after what happened to The D?

But who was it?

“Man In The Box” by Alice in Chains!

Fellow PCP member Klein, that’s fuggin’ who! The man that actually fought Killjoy to a no contest during one of the recent BRAZEN Double Shots now has a chance to even the score. The box comes off and he heads towards the ring… 


He blitzes the big monster with a flurry of big right hands, rocking him back to the ropes! Klein is a house of fire as he continues to bombard the big monster with punch after punch!

The crowd roars in approval for Klein pacing around the ring while he has the massive Killjoy actually backed into a corner! He rushes at him once and strikes him with a splash in the corner, then another for good measure! He tries to body slam the massive Killjoy… 

But he elbows his way free… then BLASTS Klein with a nasty headbutt to the face!

Now the crowd is jeering as Klein is left seeing stars while the monster of Les Enfants Terrible paces over him. He grabs him a second time and then leans back…


Another NASTY headbutt drops him back to the canvas and it even appears Killjoy is bleeding a bit from the shot. He has a sadistic smile now as he picks Klein up and then launches him outside the ring, tossing him to the floor. 


The massive Killjoy doesn’t waste time preening for the crowd. He climbs over the ropes and then lands on the floor where Klein is still out of it, now also bleeding as well from just above the bridge of his nose, presumably from the two headbutts to the face. He stumbles about and into the grip of Killjoy, who picks him up and then DRIVES him down with a huge body slam right on the floor. The Boxman arches up in pain while Killjoy seems to be having fun with this. 

Slowly, Klein is pitched back inside the ring before Killjoy climbs back up and then steps over the ring ropes, practically stalking Klein. He grabs him by two handfuls of hair…

But gets stopped with a right!

...Or does he?

The blow grazes Killjoy, but he snaps his head back and then pitches Klein over his shoulder before driving him down with a big front powerslam! 




Klein kicks out, but Killjoy takes his time. He pitches Klein back to his feet and then grabs him by the throat with both hands before pitching him into the corner. He charges…

But gets an elbow to the face!

Killjoy stumbles back for a moment, then rushes again… 

This time, Klein’s boot! 

The two stops only anger Killjoy some more, but he doesn’t have time to react because Klein comes off the second rope with a huge flying shoulder tackle to finally knock down the monster!


The chants come, but LET’s Beast is already starting to stand again while Klein tries his best to get back into the swing of things. The non-Flex Kruger powerhouse of PCP rushes at Killjoy and tries taking him down with a big clothesline, but only gets rocked! He charges off the adjacent ropes and swings again, but it doesn’t knock him down! Klein finally rushes at the ropes and ducks under a wild elbow from Killjoy going one way, then a clothesline off the ropes…


And finally, Killjoy goes down! Klein with the cover!



Not even a full two-count and Klein gets shoved off by Killjoy! The monster is already sitting up when Klein panics a little bit. He waits as Killjoy tries to get up, then tries to get him on the shoulders for Think Outside… NO! Killjoy gets out… 





Klein kicks out again, now angering the beast of LET. He slowly runs a thumb across his throat and then has Klein in a suplex position… 

FreeFall… NO!

Klein slips out behind him…


He gets tossed backwards, but hits the referee! Referee Rex Knox is down! Klein looks around, all alone as he waits for Killjoy to stand. He tries again to get him up for Think Outside… 

Almost has him up…



The Faithful go crazy as Archer plants a big boot between the eyes of Klein, followed by High Flyer IV coming out and allowing both men to put the boots to Klein! They continue stomping away until Killjoy motions for the two stablemates to back off so he can finish the job… 



And into the ring where he CLOBBERS both Archer Silver and HF IV with double clotheslines!

The former BRAZEN Tag Team Champions scatter from the ring while Flex celebrates with the crowd… 

But gets SPEARED out of his boots by Killjoy! The monster then boots Flex from the ring, then taps Rex  Knox who starts to get back up. He goes to pick Klein up… 

FreeFall… NO! 


The third time is a charm! He finally drops the massive monster with the TKO variation and tightly stacks BOTH legs on the cover!






The Faithful are going INSANE! 

WINNER: and NEW BRAZEN Champion… KLEIN @ 15:56 with Think Outside!

The dominant beast called Killjoy has just been felled by Klein! He can’t believe it! Klein can’t believe it! Nobody can believe it!

Killjoy lets out a roar and rolls out of the ring before he starts TRASHING the ringside area! Archer and High Flyer IV both try to get back up and calm him down!

Back inside the ring, Flex Kruger is back up and has a chair in hand just in case Killjoy thinks of coming back while Klein is now handed the BRAZEN Championship! The former Trios and Tag Team Champion now has his first singles title under the DEFIANCE banner and celebrates with the crowd! 

Up on the ramp, Killjoy is HURLING a piece of the barricade up the aisleway, still in disbelief that he was stopped by a very unlikely and unexpected challenger!

CLASH now comes to a close. 

All three titles changing hands tonight and history being made!

Especially in the form of a new BRAZEN Champion in Klein!

Happy CLASHgiving, folks. 




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