BRAZEN: Clash of the BRAZEN X

25 Jun 2021

DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex, New Orleans, Louisiana (seats 4,000)


Before the CLASH of the BRAZEN is set to hit the air, the fans are greeted to two pre-show matches! The first features the next wave of the former Rain City Ronin tag team of Rocky Daymon and current DEFIANCE mainstay Kerry Kuroyama. The crowd is introduced to The (New) Rain City Ronin of “Iceman” Leo Burnett and the son of Rocky Daymon, “Skyfire” Zack Daymon!

The Brutal Attack Force combination of Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett tried to show young’uns, what’s up, but they were taken to task quickly and blitzed with stereo suicide dives from the (New) Rain City Ronin! They already had the crowd on their feet as Burnett and Daymon worked over Grendal with a German Suplex/superkick combo by the new kids! Eventually, the BAF took control when Daymon got over-aggressive and tried to go after Grendel on the outside, leaving himself open to a running penalty kick from the apron by Garrett. 

They worked over Daymon’s knee with double foot stomps by Garrett and a figure four by Grendel. Daymon made the ropes and then fought back with a big spinning elbow flurry on Garrett, letting Leo get the tag! The Iceman showed off his skills and hit a DDT/Stunner combo on both members of the team, then finished off Grendel with a Double Chickenwing Facebuster for the win! 

WINNER: (New) Rain City Ronin @ 4:55 with the Double Chickenwing Facebuster (Grendel pins Grendel)


The second pre-show match featured a rising star among BRAZEN! The 6’4” and 367-pound agile Hawaiian, Luke Ali’i against Kazuo Akamatsu. The hard-hitting Japanese star took the fight to Akamatsu early with chops and a corner big boot, but the stoic Hawaiian fought back with a HUGE double palm strike, sending him flying into the corner. 

Akamatsu fired off more chops, but Kazuo went to the knee with a pair of chop blocks and then a low-angled big boot for a one-and-a-half count. Kazuo tried elbows to wear down his opponent, but Kazuo shrugged them off and them fired back using a press slam into a cutter called The High Fall! Kazuo was wiped out quickly next with a big splash in the corner, then the running hip attack as Kazuo went down. Luke then carried him on the shoulders and planted him with the twisting fireman’s carry slam called the Impact Crater! The three-count was academic as Luke Ali’I got cheers from the crowd for making relatively quick work of his opponent!

WINNER: Luke Ali’i @ 2:24 with The Impact Crater


After the pre-show matches concluded, the crowd were treated to a video package for BRAZEN’s history, showing off clips of past title matches and champions… Jack Mace, Flex Kruger, Victor Vacio, Klein, Nathaniel Eye, Killjoy, Reinhart Hoffmans… 

And then clips of the Onslaught Title with Gerardo Villalobos, Paul Dunson, “The Big Bad” BRAGG…

The Tag Team titles… Les Enfants Terribles holding the title as the first tag team champions, the Biggest Best Boys of Dex Joy and Nathaniel Eye… and the DEFcepticons!

And now the arrival of the new Trophy… The BRAZEN Star Cup! And the four men tonight about to do battle for that title… 

“One Shot” Jack Halcyon.

Michael Van Warren.

Doug “Moonshine” Matton.

Leyenda de Ocho

And finally in the ring… with BRAZEN Matchmaker and former Team HOSS member, Capital Punishment! He welcomes the crowd to the show and the over two-thousand strong in the DEF-Plex are fired the hell up! Cappy thanks the crowd for being here tonight during Memorial Day Weekend. He runs down the card on the screen. 

Leyenda de Ocho vs. “One Shot” Jack Halcyon

Michael Van Warren vs. Doug “Moonshine” Matton

“The Big Bad” BRAGG © vs. “Wingman” Titus Campbell vs. “The Golden Opportunist” Paul Dunson


The DEFcepticons (Al Sparks and Ryan Knox w/Septimus Tyne, Megan Kron and Starscream) vs. Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and High Flyer IV)


Killjoy © vs. Torvald The Destroyer vs. “The Wildcard” Jack Harmen

With all that out of the way, it was time to kick off the first of two BRAZEN Star Cup matches to help crown the first-ever holder of the new BRAZEN Star Cup! The new trophy will be defended in fifteen-minute iron man matches to really test the mettle of the young stars! Tonight’s matches and the finals will operate under these same rules, so whoever wins the new Cup will have gone for thirty minutes to earn it! 


The first match of the two BRAZEN Star Cup Semi-Finals matches kicks off the show! Leyenda de Ocho comes out to a nice pop from the crowd as the video game-themed luchador takes his place in the ring. “One Shot” Jack Halcyon comes out next and though both men had the same size, Halcyon had an easy thirty pounds of bulk on the luchador.  Both men shakes hands, but when the bell rings… LEYENDA JUMPS ON HALCYON AT THE BELL!

A pair of dropkicks take Halcyon to the floor and then Ocho takes the fight to him by leaping onto the top turnbuckle and then WIPING HIM OUT on the floor with a somersault plancha to the outside! The crowd comes alive when he throws him back inside and then connects with a senton bomb for a two-count! The Cartridge Cruiser goes on using his speed to keep Halcyon at bay, but Halcyon fights back by hitting a standing hurricanrana and then sending LDO to the floor. The 8-Bit Legend gets wiped out with a huge suicide dive of his own! Back inside, he scores with the Sit-N-Go Frog Splash for the three-count at about five minutes in!

With a 1-0 advantage, Halcyon worked over the knee of LDO for the next couple of minutes, trying to keep him from using more of his high-flying against him and possibly get a submission in the process. He worked him over for a half-crab, but The 8-Bit Legend made the ropes! He tried to fight back, but Halcyon hit a big Olympic Slam for a big two-count! But when he tried again, he reverses the slam with an arm drag… then a Shining Wizard! He kicks him in the head and hits the Actualizer (Quebrada moonsault) for the pinfall! The score gets evened up 1-1!

Despite a bum wheel, LDO continues to fight back and almost gets a pinfall off a leaping hurricanrana twisted into a victory roll for a CLOSE two-count! When he tries to go up top, he heads up back and then a big top rope frankensteiner for a two-count of his own! The clock runs down, but when Leyenda tries a shining wizard again, Halcyon locks in the Calf Crusher called On Tilt! Leyenda tries to hold on with one minute remaining… but he can’t… and he taps!

WINNER: Jack Halcyon wins 2-1, advances to the BRAZEN Star Cup finals!

Post-match, Halcyon makes it back up to his feet and then helps Leyenda de Ocho and shakes his hand in the process! The two men have definitely put themselves on the map after this display, but the man called “One Shot” will end up having one more match for a chance to become the first-ever BRAZEN Star Cup holder!


The equally outspoken and dangerous Michael Van Warren was the only man not considered a fan favorite to make it to the semi-finals, however a recent DEF Radio interview showed he will make the most of any opportunity given to him. MvW pays the crowd no mind and looks like he’s already got the BRAZEN Star Cup locked up, but Doug “Moonshine” Matton comes out and the crowd cheers the long-time favorite of BRAZEN. BRAZEN’s technical drunkard sips a beer then makes it to the ring.

At the bell, both men lock up, but the larger MvW bullies Matton down and rules the ring for the first minute or show, showing his strength advantage. 6’5” and 257 pounds of fierce determination would meet the 6’ and 233 pounds of git that Moonshine brings to the table. MvW turns up the aggression on Moonshine and doesn’t let him get out of the blocks as he hits a big shoulder in the corner and then a discus lariat called the Wakizashi Slasher for a near fall!

MvW continues to exert dominance over Moonshine until he goes for a shoulder in the corner, but hits the turnbuckle after Moonshine moves! Ol’ Shiner sees a target and goes right after the arm of MvW, working it over with a running single arm DDT! He tries to work him over, but MvW fights back and tosses him around with a big trio of vertical suplexes! MvW continues beating him down and at about seven minutes in, nails the Armiger Unleashed for the first fall!

The crowd jeer Michael Van Warren as he continues the assault by working over the body of Matton. Matton fights back and then finally hits a double knee armbreaker to the left arm doing anything that he can to work over MvW. He finally gets him out of the ring with a cactus clothesline and both men go to the floor. He climbs to the outside and then he leaps off the apron with Little Bitta Buzz (running knee to the face)! He gets him inside, but only gets a two-count! The buzzer is starting to run down and Matton even surprises a powerbomb attempt by MvW with a Beer-Can-Rana, but only gets a two-count!

With two minutes left, Matton tries to fight him with more rights, but another HUGE Zodiac Spear nearly breaks Matton in half! And to put the icing on the cake, he chokes him with The Limit Breaker… and when he isn’t responsive, the referee calls for the bell! MvW completely stomps him out with thirty seconds remaining. The crowd want Matton to get up… but at fifteen minutes… he does not!

WINNER: Michael van Warren wins 2-0, advances to BRAZEN Star Cup Finals!

MVW takes a microphone in the post-match and looks smug. He has gone the whole tournament so far without getting pinned. He beat Nathan Cross one fall to nothing and tonight, defeated one of BRAZEN’s rising stars 2-0. Tonight, he swears Jack Halcyon will go from One Shot to No Fucking Chance when he wins the BRAZEN Star Cup!


The former BRAZEN Onslaught Champion “Golden Opportunist” had his title taken from “The Big Bad” BRAGG during a house show and since that time, BRAGG has been battling every challenger. Long-time BRAZEN star “Wingman” Titus Campbell has been scoring wins, but when he attempted to win his first singles title, Paul Dunson and the Dunson Clan attacked both competitors and the eldest Dunson staked his claim to getting back the title that reinvigorated his career. Now, here we are. Three men, one title! 

Titus Campbell came out first and got cheers from the crowd! The charismatic big man from Florida has been pegged for big things, but tonight he needs to prove it. Paul Dunson comes out with Finn, Richie and Todd Dunson. The entire Dunson Clan are out here for their father. And finally, “The Big Bad” BRAGG! The local favorite who has been a fixture of the Gulf Coast for a few years before hitting it big in BRAZEN! The giant holds the title out to Wingman and The Golden Opportunist. The bell rings and Paul Dunson ducks out immediately to leave the giant to battle it out. 

Surprisingly, Titus did just that and attacked BRAGG right at the jump, using big clubbing blows in the corner while he goes crazy with shots… but BRAGG fights back and then throws a good knee to the stomach of The Wingman. He turns around and hits him with a huge Short-Arm Clothesline. And as he tries to fight his way back, Paul Dunson throws a cheap shot a Titus… But that move wakes Titus up and he BOOTS Dunson on his ass! But he leaves himself open for BRAGG to hit a release suplex on Titus, then Dunson tries to come in and steal the fall… only for BRAGG to grab him and then hit a release suplex on him!

The Big Bad goes to the middle rope, but with a cheering local crowd he looks to please them… and hits a HUGE rolling senton off the ropes, crushing Titus! But when he tries a cover, Finn Dunson throws his shirt at him! As he’s distracted, Richie helps Paul in to try and steal the win, but only gets a two-count! BRAGG sees it coming and lays him out with a big boot! 

Running splash for Titus! 

Running Splash for Dunson! 

But when he runs at Titus again, The Wingman moves! He his BRAGG with a big boot in the corner and then sets him up! And when Dunson tries to get him, Titus has him… 


The 6’7” and 290-pound Campbell gets roars from the crowd, then tries to get the cover on BRAGG, but he kicks out! Then he tries to pin Dunson, but Todd puts his foot on the ropes! By this point, Titus and BRAGG have both had enough. Titus runs to the outside and BRAGG follows, CLEANING HOUSE on the rest of the Dunson Family! Finn and Richie get laid outon the floor by BRAGG with Sorry About Your Jaw! Titus presses Todd Dunson and then THROWS him into the crowd, sending The Faithful into a frenzy! 

But when Titus tries to get back into the ring, Dunson hit a low blow as he kicks the ropes upon re-entry then uses a The Walk Down Memory Lane Double arm DDT! 



BRAGG crumbles to his knees, leaving attention on Titus. He tries… 

BIG BOOT TO PAUL DUNSON! Then Titus heads up top… 



WINNER: And NEW BRAZEN Onslaught Champion… ”WINGMAN” TITUS CAMPBELL @ 12:15 with The G6

The crowd cheer on the long-time BRAZEN star who put in the work to capture his first major title in BRAZEN! The Wingman celebrates for a moment until BRAGG STEALS the belt back… but as Titus looks shocked, BRAGG looks at the title and then does the right thing by giving the belt to him out of respect. BRAGG offers him a fist bump and Titus offers it back before he heads to the back. The Big Bad has had the longest run out of anyone to hold the title so far, but now…. 

It’s the era of the Wingman!


After the chaos of the Onslaught Title match was complete, Capital Punishment came out once again to thank the fans for coming out to BRAZEN's biggest show in some time. He was taking this opportunity to introduce one new person in the role of one of BRAZEN's new coaches... 


The crowd reacted well to the arrival of the Hall of Famer who entered the ring and was met with chants. The surly trainer mentioned that he had relocated to New Orleans to offer up his almost thirty years of wrestling expertise to anyone wililng enough to get it. He mentioned that in addition to that, he was going to take someone under his wing and help them get to the championship they had never held. With that, he brought out DEFIANCE's newest singles star... 


The crowd reacted loudly for the perennial underdog from DEFIANCE making a return to the BRAZEN brand! Batts took the microphone from Sonny and mentioned that after he spent some time admittedly struggling on the main roster as of late, he was looking for something to get that spark back... and that's when he came to Sonny. Sonny offered him his expertise in striking and submission-style wrestling and Batts jumped at the chance to returnt to the brand that made his career. 

But they were interrupted by Cristiano Caballero!

The pretty boy entered the ring and told them that he was a BRAZEN original... and that Sonny also made him cry doing stretches in May during a training seminar and was there for revenge. Batts responded by taking Caballero down to the delight of the crowd and then LOCKING him up with The Fastest Armbar in the West! He tapped out Caballero and to make matters worse... Sonny showed he still had it when he ran and CRACKED Caballero in the chest with one of the stiffest penalty kicks in wrestling, right to the moneymaker! The Silver Bullet!

Sonny raised the hand of the returning Ryan Batts as the crowd applauded! Cappy thanked them both for their contributions to BRAZEN going forward and wished for the fans to enjoy the rest of the show!


Two of BRAZEN’s best and brightest have been exchanging victories and attacking one another for months in a bid to become #1 Contender to the BRAZEN Championship and because of that, we are where we are now tonight. Jesse Harrison comes out first to the sounds of “Better Than You” by Metallica. The former actor walks to the ring taking in jeers from the BRAZEN Faithful. Following shortly, the DEC4ALLION all surge in cheer of the young vlogging and gaming sensation! Perhaps one of BRAZEN’s overall best won-loss records, along with Harrison. The two men meet in the ring to try and end this issue. 

The bell rings and Alexander unleashed a massive dropkick from the jump! He gets knocked over and when Harrison scrambles up, he runs and hits a second running dropkick, sending Harrison out to the floor! The crowd is all fired up when he climbs out to the ring apron and then looks out to the crowd, then climbs up and then takes flight with a HUH-UGGEE diving crossbody from the top turnbuckle out to the floor!

The crowd goes nuts right off the bat with Declan laying into Harrison with chops along the outside. As both men get close to being counted out, he goes after Harrison then throws him back inside. More chops follow, but Harrison ducks after a shot to the face then tries to throw him out, but Declan tries to stop him and gets back up. But what he doesn’t expect… 


The crowd gasps at the impact of the move as both competitors get wiped out. The referee starts to count again, but now it’s Harrison up first, then throws Declan in the ring for a VERY close two-count! Harrison strikes him down with a flurry of knee strikes and then takes his head off with a big spinning clothesline for another two count. 

The action gets more heated when Declan gets tossed back to back across the ring, then gets a backbreaker. Harrison focus on the rib cage and back of Declan and hits a flipping senton across the rib cage for another two-count. 


The BRAZEN Faithful try to cheer on Alexander while Harrison has another backbreaker put on him. He goes for a third one, then drops him again before looking out to the crowd. Declan gets CLOBBERED in the side of the head with The Pay Off (running knee)... but gets TWO!

He tries to set up for another one… 

BUT GETS YEETED! You know, courtesy of Declan’s move the YEET~!

Harrison gets thrown across the ring and then gets CLOCKED with the Ggez Kick for two! 

Alexander fights up and then goes for the Ace Cutter called Play fo the Game, but Harrison shoves him away and then NAILS him with Dead Air on the comeback! The impaler connects…




Harrison can’t believe it so he goes over to take off the turnbuckle padding, but the referee stops him. Harrison then sets up a pair of brass knuckles on his hand to the jeers of the crowd… but Declan surprises him with a DRAGON PUNCH! The uppercut rocks him and makes him drop the knuckles, then sets him up… 





Declan “DEC$4L” Alexander gets the win! After months of the two trading back and forth, The leader of the Dec4llion gets a massive win and can now finally look ahead to trying for the BRAZEN Championship against whoever wins tonight’s triple threat match!

WINNER: Declan “DEC4L” Alexander @ 15:56 with Play of the Game.

DEFcepticons ARE GO

Backstage with Jamie Sawyers.

Jamie Sawyers:
Up next, the BRAZEN Tag Team Champions will defend their titles against LET! The five of you have been holding the gold for over two-hundred days! That is a great accomplishment.

Before Jamie can go on, Septimus pulls Sawyers' hand down to his 4'7" frame. The camera lowers, too.

Septimus Tyne:
Heck ya, Jamie! And we will win tonight, too. Yay!

The Rest of the DEFcepticons:

Septimus Tyne:
Les Enfants Terrible, Archer Silver and High Flyer IV may be good but they are what we think they are. They are kids of fathers. Star fathers. Fathers who all Hall of Fame worthy. Those are impossible shoes to live up to. They won't be able to do it!

Tyne looks into the camera and raises his voice.

Septimus Tyne:
We on the other hand, are different! We are DEFcepticons! There's always more than meets the eye, Jamie! We are going on two-hundred days as BRAZEN Tag Team Champions! No one even gave us a day, Jamie, a day! HA!! We were also on the biggest DEFIANCE show of the year, DEFCON! Thank you Mother Teresa!

Tyne pauses, turns and starts smacking his teammates on the chest.

Septimus Tyne:
DEFcepticons. Are. GO!

He rallies the tropes as he walks off-camera. Everyone follows, except for Starscream who mistakenly walks in the other direction.


The team of Les Enfants Terrible - sons and nephews of wrestling legends - Archer Silver and High Flyer IV hold the distinction of being the very first BRAZEN Tag Team Champions and held the record of longest reign… until the pesky DEF-cepticons came in out of nowhere to not only win a Golden Opportunity Battle Royale, but also beating The Biggest Best Boys of Dex Joy and Nathaniel Eye to win the belts! Since then, LET have sought another title shot which they finally have tonight. 

The sounds of a new theme of “Good L_ck, Yo_’re F_cked” by Celldweller played out the challengers. The BRAZEN Champion Killjoy was not at ringside due to preparing for his match later, meaning that Archer and HF IV would go tonight’s match alone. Unlike the champions coming out to the crowd singing along with “New Divide” by Linkin Park cause why not? Al Sparks and Ryan Knox have the BRAZEN Tag Titles while Septimus Tyne, Megan Kron and Starscream cheer them on. The fans are rowdy for what is to come!

HF IV takes on the tank known as Ryan Knox. Same height at 5’11” but Ryan Knox has close to 90 pounds on HF IV. Hf IV outmaneuvers him in the early going with high flying, but Ryan Knox BOWLS him out of the sky with a big body block. Al Sparks and Ryan Knox both take turns roughing up HF IV with a number of power moves including a double shoulder tackle and a huge double suplex, broken up by a stomp from Archer to the back of the head. Archer gets tagged in and he and Sparks get into a kicking battle! The crowd cheers on both men until Sparks gets a huge spinning heel kick from the 6’9” beast! 

Rolling to the outside, Archer stumbles around and grabs one of the BRAZEN Tag Title belts while HF IV yells at the ref. He throws the belt at Starscream and dares him to hit him, but as he turns, referee Hector Navarro catches him and BANS the rest of the group from ringside, forcing a HUGE chorus of jeers to erupt in the DEF-Plex! Megan Kron and Septimus Tyne each slap the crap out of Starscream for falling for such an obvious ruse as they are kicked out of the ringside area. 

Now down to a two-on-two situation, HF IV takes to the skies and WIPES OUT both big men with an AMAZING 450 suicide on the outside! 

The crowd gets to see the replays as Archer and HF IV now get to work over Ryan Knox. Archer goes after the leg like a fiend, delivering a huge kick to the back of the head, then a double foot stomp to Knox’s knee! HF IV follows it up with a huge frog splash to the knee! The leg continues getting worked over and no matter what Ryan tries to do, the LET gents won’t let him off his back. 

Archer hits a HUGE kick to the leg and goes for #GOALS… but before can finish the punt kick, Ryan Knox lunges up and WIPES OUT Silver with a massive lariat! 


And the giant heads into the ring and levels Archer Silver with a huge spin kick! HF IV tries a springboard crossbody, only to get caught and tossed across the ring with a release northern lights suplex! Sparks is back and throws both men out of the ring. He poses for the crowd and takes flight with the power of the almighty Allspark itself… 


The crowd goes nuts and they are fully behind the DEF-cepticons as Sparks throws Archer back inside, then gets ready for a boot… but a pair of legs grabs him and it’s High Flyer IV! He stops him and Archer CRACKS Al Sparks with the Silver Bullet (Running Gamengiri) followed by HF IV joining him for hitting All The Knees… 




HF IV hits him with a superkick and both he and Archer set up Kicky McGee, but Al Sparks grabs both the knee of Archer and the boot of IV and throws them aside! Sparks gets up and then hits HF IV with DEFeated!




Archer pulls the referee off the cover! He yells at Archer, but he backs off… but as this happens… a new individual enters the ring and WHACKS Al Sparks with the title belt! He runs out of the ring as Archer tags in... 

#GOALS to Al Sparks! 

HF IV wipes out Knox with another huge corkscrew plancha to the outside and Archer goes for the cover. 





The booing fills the arena, but at the end of the day, the long and dominant reign of the DEFcepticons is all over, thanks to Les Enfants Terrible and their new ally!

WINNER: and NEW BRAZEN Tag Team Champions, LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES @ 19:52 with #GOALS on Al Sparks (Silver pins Sparks). 

HF IV and Archer take a microphone. Archer Silver tells the crowd not only are they the first-ever men to hold the belts, they are the first-ever TWO TIME TWO TIME BRAZEN Tag Team Champions! And with them, HF IV introduces LET’s newest member… Kazuhiro Troy! He smirks at the crowd and then leaves as a disappointed DEFcepticons leave the ring, albeit getting huge cheers from the crowd for an amazing title run.


After two big title changes so far tonight with the Onslaught and Tag Team Titles, we now get to the finals of the BRAZEN Star Cup! Earlier tonight, Jack Halcyon scooted by Leyenda de Ocho. Michael Van Warren had a dominant 2-0 win over one of BRAZEN’s more popular young stars, Doug “Moonshine” Matton and had not dropped a single fall in either of his prior opening round or semi-final match, giving him an advantage tonight. The BRAZEN Star Cup rests at ringside, ready to be presented to the winner. One last 15-minute Iron Man Match. Pinfalls, submissions, disqulaifications, and countouts all count for falls. The winner with the most falls will become the first-ever BRAZEN Star Cup winner and will defend it on a regular basis in matches just like these!

Michael Van Warren is out first and looks ready to win, taking in the jeers. The aggressive, young wunderkind to BRAZEN has been raising eyebrows and tonight he gets the chance to make history. On the other side of that, the popular underdog, “One Shot” Jack Halcyon makes his way out next and then eyes down the trophy, then the big man in front of him. The crowd is very pro-underdog. One man will make history. The bell rings… 


A HUGE big boot and he tries to go for a cover, but only gets a two-count on Halcyon off the bat! But before Halcyon can get back into the fight, he gets thrown outside the ring into the steel steps! And into the ringside barricade! The crowd jeers as the vicious Van Warren throws him back inside, then CUTS HIM DOWN with a huge Zodiac Spear…


MvW’s eyes go wide as about three minutes have lapsed, but he goes outside and grabs a chair. In full view of the referee, he grabs it and SLAMS the chair into his rib cage, then to the back! He gets disqualified, meaning that Jack Halcyon is up one fall to nothing. But MvW doesn’t seem to care when the match is only four and a half minutes in. He WHACKS him with the Masamume Driver (Dynamite Plunger)... 




It’s one fall a piece now and the crowd BOOS Van Warren as Halcyon rolls to the outside. MvW leans back and watches Halcyon on the floor. A countout loss would give Michael another fall so he counts along with the official. The crowd is waiting with baited breath as he makes it to five… 

Six… seven… eight… nine…


MvW goes after him again and buries some shoulders in the the corner, then hits a pair of corner clotheslines from both side of the ring, rag-dolling One Shot. He lines him up for another Zodiac Spear… 


Halcyon finally has a chance to fight back and he takes flight using a HUGE somersault apron dive at nine minutes! It takes what feels like forever and a day for Halcyon to fight his way back, but he gets back up slowly with the crowd cheering him on and guts out the pain. It’s back inside the ring, then he takes MvW off his feet a second time using a huge suicide dive! Two big dives by Halcyon seem to turn the tide his way. MvW stumbles his way back to the ring to prevent a countout as Halcyon leaps up and hits a springboard missile dropkick for his first cover of the match




Halcyon tries to get back into it and tries an Olympic Slam, but he elbows his way free. MvW tries to pick him up again for another boot in the corner and then goes for the Armiger Unleashes… but Halcyon squirms his way out until he escapes! He lands on his feet and he tries for the Wakizashi Slasher (discus clothesline), but he ducks and drops him with the huge Olympic Slam! 

The crowd cheers Halcyon on as he goes for broke… 

Sit-And-Go Frog Splash!




But Halcyon doesn’t let that stop him! He goes up top again…


He keeps Halcyon down…





HALCYON IS UP 2-1! He rolls off of Van Warren with literally seconds left… 


WINNER: And first-ever BRAZEN Star Cup Winner… ’ONE SHOT’ JACK HALCYON!!!

The underdog throughout the tournament made it all the way through the end, gutted out a very game Michael Van Warren’s attack and survived to hold the distinction of the first-ever holder of the BRAZEN Star Cup! BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment arrives to present the trophy to young Jack Halcyon! He holds up the cup and celebrates with a very game crowd cheering him on! As the newest addition to the ever-growing list of championships in BRAZEN, it opens up a new league for the youngest talent to really test their mettle. The new cup will be defended on shows under fifteen minute Iron Man Rules, meaning it will take a great level of athlete to contend for the new cup. 

But tonight showed the future was bright not just for Jack Halcyon, but the very dangerous Michael Van Warren as well. 


And in BRAZEN's Main Event, the Faithful had yet to find out that Jack Harmen would align himself with Arthur Pleasant. He was the Faithful's hero, and he was sent to conquer two monsters.

Torvald entered first, flanked by Cul, who continued to hype the living monster. Jack Harmen entered next, wearing a BRAZEN themed LUNATIC t-shirt. Killjoy entered last. He lacked pageantry, but made up for it with menace. 

Killjoy handed the championship over to the Referee, who noded and raised it above his head. The bell rang, and Harmen charged, catching Killjoy, but only grazing him with his patented Locomotive. Harmen's eyes went wide, as Killjoy lifted him, and hit the Freefall.

It would have been three if Torvald didn't grab Killjoy at two, lifting him up. The two brutes battered each other with clubbing forearms and elbows. They battled into a far corner, brawling, each slamming the other with giant razer palm chops to the chest. The two tried to leverage each other, as Killjoy would give enough space to start hitting knees to the Destroyer. Torvald tried to lock in a bear hug, but Killjoy slammed double ax handle after more to break it. Torvald went high, but Killjoy sidestepped and shoved him into the far corner, and then squashed him.

Only for Harmen to pop up and locomotive both men in the corner. 

Harmen ran off the far ropes and caught Killjoy with another locomotive, sending the brute into Torvald, and then up and over the top to the outside. Harmen off the far side again, and knocks Torvald down! He dove on top, only for his own son, the new half of the tag team champions HF IV, to pull him off the cover. He shrugs, only for Killjoy to pull him completely out of the ring, into a gorilla press, and then just tossed Harmen face first into the ringpost like a lawn dart. The impact is a sick metallic thud as Harmen does a 180 and lands on his face.

Killjoy enters, blocks a claw attack from Torvald, then locks in his own, and then wraps his other hand around the neck to chokeslam the Destroyer in the center of the ring. Dazed, Torvald gets to his feet, only for Killjoy to lift him up and hit the Freefall. Killjoy d. Torvald (via pinfall) & Jack Harmen @ 12:02.

After the match, Archer Silver hopped the barricade and told Cul to bounce. HF IV grabbed his father and tossed him in under the bottom rope. .As Killjoy was given his championship, HFIV tossed his father at the monster's feet. HF IV grabbed a mic, and shouted. "YOU'RE NOT WELCOME IN BRAZEN!"

Killjoy hit the Freefall. Then he picked Harmen up, high above his head...

... and tossed him to the Faithful.

The show ended with Killjoy holding the BRAZEN championship high, Archer and HF IV on either side with their freshly won Tag Titles around their waist.

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