BRAZEN Presents: 7/9 and 7/10 Results!

Posted by Lance Warner on 11 Jul 2021

Another weekend and Anorher Double Shot of BRAZEN action! All titles were defended! Night One was capped off by a HUGE 2/3 Falls Eight-Man Tag between Les Enfants Terribles against the team of Declan "DEC4L" Alexander, "Bantam" Ryan Batts and The (New) Rain City Ronin! Night Two would see LET's Archer Silver and High Flyer IV defend the BRAZEN Tag Team Titles against the Ronin! Who won out? Check ahead for all news and notes including matches already announced for the Double Shot at the end of the month!

JULY 9TH, 2021

1. Leyenda de Ocho defeated Lee Laz @ 7:15 with The Actualizer (Springboard Corkscrew Quebrada)

2. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: "Wingman" Titus Campbell defeated MASSIVE Cowboy @ 9:15 with The Hookup (Elevated underhook facebuster)

3. Michael Van Warren defeated Somchai @ 6:25 with Limit Breaker (seated kata hajime choke)

4. Luke Ali'i and High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) defeated The Dunson Clan (Paul, Richie and Todd Dunson w/Finn Dunson) @ 11:05 with Impact Crater (Fireman's carry powerslam, Ali'i pins Paul Dunson)

5. BRAZEN Star Cup: "One Shot" Jack Halcyon defeated Dan Leo James 2-1 @ the 15:00 limit

-First Fall won by Halcyon with On Tilt/calf crusher submission

-Second fall won by James with The Padlock/Inverted Boston Crab 

-Third Fall won by Halcyon with the Sit N Go Frog Splash 

6. Team Strong/Bad (Strong AF and BRAGG) defeated To The Maxx (Exclusive Eric Wilson and Lovely Lance Mingle) @ 5:15 with The Baddest Strongest Finish Ever (KO Right Hook by BRAGG into Deadly AF Jackhammer on Mingle, Strong AF pins Mingle)

7. Jesse Harrison defeated JJ Dixon @ 5:19 with the Cliffhanger (Double Knee Facebreaker)

8. Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) defeated The Barrio Boys (Gerardo Villalobos and Corey Nunez w/Hugo Gonzalez) @ 7:41 with The Big Guns (Frog Splash by Horrigan followed by running Splash from Owens, Owens pins Villalobos)

9. 2/3 Falls Match: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander, "Bantam" Ryan Batts and the (New) Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and "Iceman" Leo Burnett) defeated Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, HF IV, Kazuhiro Troy and Killjoy) @ 22:46

-First fall won by pinfall (Kazuhiro Troy over Leo Burnett with Royal Treatment/double underhook piledriver) @ 5:16

-Second fall won by submisson (Batts over Silver with Fastest Armbar in the West) @ 13:15

-Third fall won by pinfall (Daymon over HF IV with a Japanese leg roll-up) @ 22:46

JULY 10TH, 2021

1. Tean Strong/Bad (Strong AF and BRAGG) defeated The Atomic Punks (Little Boy and Fat Man) @ 4:56 with The Baddest Strongest Finish Ever on Little Boy (BRAGG pins Boy)

2. Jesse Harrison defeated Kenny Yi @ 7:05 with The Cliffhanger 

3. Leyenda de Ocho and Luke Ali'i defeated Cristiano Caballero and David Hightower @ 6:55 with the Impact Crater followed by the Actualizer on Caballero (de Ocho over Caballero)

4. "Bantam" Ryan Batts defeated Finn Dunson @ 9:05 with the Batter Up (Running Headbutt) 

5. BADASS (Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome), "Mellow Yellow" George Othello and Nathan Cross defeated To The Maxx (Exclusive Eric Wilson and Lovely Lance Mingle), Kyle Kirby and "Cunning" Curt Cunning @ 10:19 with Othello's Code Yellow (Triangle Choke, Othello over Cunning)

6. Kazuhiro Troy defeated Doug "Moonshine" Matton @ 6:32 with the Heretic's Fork (Koji clutch)

7. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated "Golden Opportunist" Paul Dunson @ 11:45 with the Play of the Game

8. The DEFcepticons (Ryan Knox, AL Sparks, Septimus Tyne and Megan Kron w/Starscream) defeated The Midcard Experiment (Walter Levy, CAGE! and Hijo del Fishman Deluxe) and MDM4 @ 10:05 with a top rope splash from Kron to CAGE

9. BRAZEN Championship: Killjoy defeated Eddie Cheno @ 9:18 with The FreeFall (Vertical suplex into sitout piledriver)

10. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and High Flyer IV) defeated The (New) Rain City Ronin (Zack Daymon and "Iceman" Leo Burnett) @ 17:05 with Kicky McGee/Gamengiri and Yakuza Kick combo on Daymon (HF IV pins Daymon)



--After Halcyon successfully defended the BRAZEN Star Cup against Jack Halcyon, Jesse Harrison attacked him on stage and called his shot! During the Double Shot on July 31st and August 1st, he challenges "One Shot" to a match for the BRAZEN Star Cup!

--In the Onslaught division, "Wingman" Titus Campbell successfully defended the title against MASSIVE Cowboy in a hard hitting match that had the attention of the fantasy! The current #1 Contender, Michael Van Warren, watched on unimpressed while Titus celebrated in the crowd! He will also get his shot in two weeks for the title at the next Double Shot following Maximum DEFIANCE! Michael Van Warren also defeated the big man from Thailand, Somchai! 


--Night One had a 2/3 Falls Match that had to be seen to be believed! In the match of the weekend, Les Enfants Terribles fell to the team of "Bantam" Ryan Batts, Declan "DEC4L" Alexander and The (New) Rain City Ronin won out two falls to one! However on Night Two, Les Enfants Terribles rolled on by retaining their BRAZEN Tag Team Titles against the VERY game team who many say had a star-making performance over the weekend! 


--Killjoy defeated ever-popular one-half of High Investigations, Eddie Cheno, to retain the BRAZEN Title on Night Two... but the match has also been made! Declan "DEC4L" Alexander finally gets his shot at the next Double Shot! Can the vlogging sensation get to the top of the mountain? 


--Big matches everywhere! Team Strong/Bad continue to roll on with two more tag wins! Strong AF has been the wacky half of the duo, promising to WRECK fools and while a more serious BRAGG just wants to hurt people... but they have run into trouble! They were challenged to a match by none other than BRAZEN's monster duo, Heavy Artillery! Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens demanded a match to prove who the strongest team in BRAZEN is and they'll get it!


--The DEFceptions scored big in an eight man tag! And following that, the team of Megan Kron and Septimus Tyne challenged for a BRAZEN Tag Title rematch and later it was granted by BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment! The next Double Shot is shaping up to be the biggest one yet!



-Leyenda de Ocho and Luke Ali'i piled on the wins as well! Ocho seems to be wanting to make another play at the BRAZEN Star Cup himself while the stoic Hawaiian Ali'i has been mum over what title he may challenge for. Some feel he could match up well in either the Onslaught or even the BRAZEN Championship.

-"Bantam" Ryan Batts took part in two big wins himself, even submitting one-half of the BRAZEN Tag Team Champions Archer Silver. And making things interesting is that new BRAZEN Coach and Archer's uncle, Sonny Silver, has been mentoring Batts. One wonders if that may come into play.

-Nathan Cross and "Mellow Yellow" George Othello both impressed and are both looking toward gold themselves. Dan Leo James may have lost two falls to one against Jack Halcyon but the young Utah native has gotten many looks by DEF and BRAZEN brass based on size and skill. 

-Kazuhiro Troy proved his effectiveness scoring LET's fall in the 2/3 match as well as a win over Doug "Moonshine" Matton! 

And on the next Double Shot following Maximum DEFIANCE, the following matches have been signed!

BRAZEN Championship: Killjoy (c) vs. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander

BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and High Flyer IV) (c) vs. The DEFcepticons (Megan Kron and Septimus Tyne)

BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: "Wingman" Titus Campbell (c) vs. Michael Van Warren 

BRAZEN Star Cup: "One Shot" Jack Halcyon (c) vs. Jesse Harrison

SPECIAL HOSSFITE TAG TEAM MATCH PLAYA: Team Strong/Bad (Strong AF and "The Big Bad" BRAGG) vs. Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens)

We will see you on July 31st and August 1st! Tickets now available on

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